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Food waste: national campaign aims to stop the rot by 2020

The Guardian - Food producers, retailers, restaurants and consumers are being urged to join forces to secure a ban on all food waste going into landfill by 2020, in a bold national campaign.

11 November 2013more >>

Abbott government rethinks emissions reduction pledge

The Guardian - The Abbott government appears to be reconsidering its longstanding policy to reduce Australia's emissions by between 5% and 25% of 2000 levels by 2020 %u2013 a crucial and internationally-scrutinised goal which had retained bipartisan support since 2009, throughout Australia's tumultuous political debate over climate policy.

10 November 2013more >>

Port development threatens Jamaican Iguana comeback

Environmental News Network - The story of the Jamaican iguana (Cyclura collie) is one of adversity and resurgence. Once believed extinct, the species has made a remarkable comeback over the last two decades. However, according to concerned scientists, a new plan to build a massive port in the iguana's habitat could push the species back to the edge of extinction.

9 November 2013more >>

Eco-Fruit Farming: Reducing Pesticides while Promoting Best Farming Techniques

Environmental News Network - In a 2005 study conducted by the Pesticide Data Program (under the US Department of Agriculture), out of 774 apples that were analyzed in the United States, 727 samples detected residues of pesticides - that's a whopping 98%!

8 November 2013more >>

Plan It for the Planet! November 15th America Recycles Day

Environmental News Network - So maybe America Recycles Day isn't as well known as Thanksgiving, New Years or the Fourth of July, but it is potentially becoming equally as significant for our planet's future! While our national recycling rate has increased each year for the past 30 years there is still great opportunity for recycling.

8 November 2013more >>

We can cut emissions without a global deal

New Scientist - A slowdown in the pace of our emissions shows that nations can make cuts without a UN agreement and without jeopardising economic growth.

7 November 2013more >>

First sign that humanity is slowing its carbon surge

New Scientist - The ever-faster rise of carbon emissions worldwide slackened in 2012 %u2013 and that might signal a lasting trend.

6 November 2013more >>

An oil crash is on its way and we should be ready

New Scientist - The financial crisis was bad, but wait until you see what's coming down the pipe from the fossil fuel industry, warns social entrepreneur Jeremy Leggett.

4 November 2013more >>

Should we give the green light to geoengineers?

New Scientist - There's no legal bar to field tests of technology that might cool the planet %u2013 perhaps that's for the best.

2 November 2013more >>

Solar activity heads for lowest low in four centuries

New Scientist - The sun's activity is in free fall, says a leading space physicist, which may slow global warming due to climate change.

1 November 2013more >>

Emission admission: New Zealand to fail carbon target

New Scientist - Despite a trading scheme that should cut its production of greenhouse gases, New Zealand looks set to emit three times its 2050 target.

31 October 2013more >>

Ethiopia switches on Africa's largest wind farm

New Scientist - The country's green economy is booming, but it will be a while before most Ethiopians feel the benefit.

29 October 2013more >>

Solar Schools Can Help Educate Kids About Clean Energy (Video)

CleanTechnica - Originally published on The Inspired Economist. How can schools cut their energy costs, while at the same time helping communities to diversify their energy sources and support clean renewable energy?

27 October 2013more >>

Protected areas in the ocean now exceed size of Europe

New Scientist - Efforts to create marine protected areas seem to be picking up speed, but the good news is clouded by lax enforcement and permitted mineral exploration.

25 October 2013more >>

Breakthrough in CO2 conversion to useful forms of carbon

Environmental News Network - CO2 is an important air pollution emission contributing to climate change. Researchers around the globe are looking at ways to remove CO2 from flue gasses and to store it (sequestering) or to in someway use it.

25 October 2013more >>

Is Capitalism 2.0 the Answer to a Sustainable Economy?

Environmental Leader - Since the collapse of communism, more than twenty years ago, capitalism has been, more or less, the only show in town. As a system for running our economies, it is widely acclaimed for having delivered an era of unprecedented growth and prosperity.

24 October 2013more >>

Gold leaves mark the spot for buried treasure

New Scientist - Tiny amounts of gold can be sucked up from deposits and stored in the leaves of plants, giving us an easy way to detect precious treasure.

22 October 2013more >>

Record hot year causes fire emergency in Australia

New Scientist - The hottest 12 months on record in Australia have resulted in some of the most dangerous fires the country has seen in decades.

21 October 2013more >>

Saving the planet from short-termism will take man-on-the-moon commitment

The Guardian - JFKs lunar vision is needed if business is to see the long term benefits of greening the economy as well as the short term costs.

20 October 2013more >>

Second 'sea serpent' in a week washes up in southern California

The Guardian - Fourteen feet long deep sea oarfish attracts gawkers to beach while rare sabre tooth whale is found dead further up coast.

19 October 2013more >>

No More Trick to the Wrapped Treat

Environmental News Network - Halloween wouldnt be the same without a candy treat. Indeed we buy more candy at Halloween than we do for any other holiday. The National Confectioners Association estimates that consumers will spend $2.4 billion in candy this year for Halloween. The trick is that most of these candy wrappers will end up in a landfill.

18 October 2013more >>

What is the future of sustainable farming? - video

The Guardian - This animation from SABMiller looks at some of the pros and cons of different-sized farms in a bid to stimulate an informed debate about the future of farming.

16 October 2013more >>

Meeting Sustainable Business Goals

Environmental News Network - More than two thirds of CEOs (67 percent) believe that business is not doing enough to address global sustainability challenges, while the same percentage report that the private sector is not making sufficient efforts to address global sustainability challenges, according to a survey by the United Nations Global Compact and Accenture.

15 October 2013more >>

Energy bills: Huhne accuses Osborne of 'utter hypocrisy' on green levies

The Guardian - Former Liberal Democrat energy secretary Chris Huhne has accused George Osborne of "utter hypocrisy" over green levies on energy bills, saying the chancellor himself added an unnecessary green tax simply to raise revenue.

14 October 2013more >>

Investing In Green Properties In Dubai

Ecoki - Dubai has been one of the major global centers for real estate investment and development in recent years. A bustling commercial center, it has grown to become an essential destination for both business and leisure. At the same time, the drive for greener, more energy efficient homes worldwide has helped raise consciousness of our individual.

13 October 2013more >>

Australia Officially Bans Imports of Illegally-Logged Timber

Environmental News Network - Australia has passed long-debated laws to prohibit the import and trade of illegally logged timber.

13 October 2013more >>

Time to standardize EV charging in America

Environmental News Network - Hard data collected from plug-in vehicle owners shows that the majority of EV charging takes place at home. Still, the ability to charge an electric car along the road%u2014even if infrequent%u2014can extend the distance each car can travel over the course of a day.

12 October 2013more >>

Weighing the Benefits of Wind

Environmental News Network - There%u2019s a new wind blowing across Europe. Windpower is predominantly located in Germany, Denmark and Spain, and a recent European Union report predicted wind will power Europe%u2019s demands several times over before 2020.

11 October 2013more >>

Rogers Family Launches 97% Biodegradable Single-Serve Coffee Cup

Environmental Leader - Rogers Family Company has developed a single-serve coffee product that it says is 97 percent biodegradable.

8 October 2013more >>

UN Body Approves ‘Historic’ Airline Deal

Environmental Leader - The UNs aviation body has approved a plan for a market-based program to cut airline industry emissions, in a move Bloomberg described as unprecedented for a single global industry.

7 October 2013more >>

How ethical are high-street clothes?

The Guardian - Six months after the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse in Bangladesh, Lucy Siegle questions high-street retailers on how they are improving their supply chains.

6 October 2013more >>

Worldwide vigils for Greenpeace activists held by Russian authorities

The Guardian - Russian authorities shrug off controversy, saying groups protest at Arctic oil platform was pure provocation.

6 October 2013more >>

China's Dam Environmental Problem

Environmental News Network - Although the Chinese government has acknowledged the extensive environmental issues resulting from the Three Gorges Dam, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has given the green light for construction for another massive hydro project. As the global leader in hydropower, China must adopt environmental policies that account for methane and carbon emissions as well as ecosystem disruptions and erosion potential.

4 October 2013more >>

Australia and Canada Conservation

Environmental News Network - At first glance, Australia and Canada could not be more different. They are separated by more than 7,500 miles (12,000 km). One country is known for its hot, dry lands and kangaroos, and the other is known for its cold, wet forests and caribou.

4 October 2013more >>

Government Shutdown Leaves Farm Bill on Table

Environmental News Network - By now, you've probably heard that the US government has shutdown, as members of Congress have not been able to agree on a spending plan for the fiscal year. While big media topics include healthcare and fiscal issues, another item on the table is the Farm Bill.

3 October 2013more >>

Phasing Down HFCs with the Montreal Protocol

Environmental News Network - On September 27, U.S. President Barack Obama met with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to discuss how to improve ties on a number of issues between the countries, including how to support efforts to phase-down the super greenhouse gases HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons).

3 October 2013more >>

Elephant ivory could be bankrolling terrorist groups

New Scientist - The ivory trade may be helping to fund terrorist groups like al-Shabaab. Now an $80 million initiative will scale up the fight against elephant poaching.

2 October 2013more >>

IPCC digested: Just leave the fossil fuels underground

New Scientist - Amid all the discussion of the details of the latest IPCC report, we must not forget the bottom line.

30 September 2013more >>

What are the prospects for the polar regions?

New Scientist - Not good. The Arctic could be virtually ice-free in September before mid-century.

27 September 2013more >>

HP Supply Chain Goal: 20% GHG Cut by 2020

Environmental Leader - Hewlett-Packard says it will decrease its first-tier manufacturing and product transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions intensity 20 percent by 2020, compared to 2010. .

24 September 2013more >>

What is the business value in driving sustainable lifestyles?

The Guardian - A new survey shows business leaders predict exponential growth in consumer demand for sustainable living within five years. But is the case for business action there?

24 September 2013more >>

Disney Upgrades its 2013 Carbon Offsetting Goals

Environmental News Network - Carbon offsetting has been a major focus for the Walt Disney Company for years. In 2011, the entertainment leader made news by voluntarily setting a price for its own carbon emissions as part of an ambitious effort to reduce its own greenhouse gases.

23 September 2013more >>

Green energy pays for itself in lives saved from smog

New Scientist - Switching from fossil fuels could save as many as 1.3 million people's lives a year by 2050, allowing them to continue contributing to society.

22 September 2013more >>

Colorado floods: low risk from fracking chemicals

New Scientist - Residents near flooded fracking sites should be more concerned about sewage and toxic waste from mining for gold and silver.

19 September 2013more >>

Australia's new government dumps science minister post

New Scientist - The move could be bad news for climate change, and big science efforts such as the Square Kilometre Array telescope.

17 September 2013more >>

Colorado floods rescue efforts threatened by new wave of rain

The Guardian - Up to 2in of rain expected on Sunday as four confirmed dead and military helicopters expand search of mountain areas.

15 September 2013more >>

Shoppers in England to be charged for plastic bags

The Guardian - Nick Clegg to unveil new 5p cost of bags in supermarkets and large stores to cut use of environmentally damaging products.

14 September 2013more >>

Adopting Healthy, Sustainable Diets

Environmental News Network - Those who want to eat healthy tend to have a sustainable diet, and those who want to eat sustainably are often drawn to healthier foods. These two diet tracks go hand in hand as we are learning that the way we eat not only affects our health, but affects our environment as well.

13 September 2013more >>

Studies Show Green Housing is a Solid Investment

Environmental News Network - As properties switch to new owners and people prepare their homes for sale, the value of sustainable building, technology, and labeling is an important consideration for everyone in the market.

13 September 2013more >>

Tropical storms stir up trouble for coral reefs

New Scientist - The ocean becomes more acid when a tropical storm passes through, posing an additional threat to stressed coral reefs.

10 September 2013more >>

Australia rips up climate-change policies

New Scientist - Australia's new government is scrapping the country's main carbon reduction policies and replacing them with a strategy that experts say is likely to fail.

10 September 2013more >>

US to destroy ivory stocks in effort to stop illegal elephant poaching

The Guardian - White House to crush 6m tons of seized ivory as it tries to elevate wildlife trafficking to an urgent national security concern.

9 September 2013more >>

10 ways to build a sustainable future

The Guardian - Urban planners need to think more strategically about how cities are designed to promote development. Our panel of experts offers some insights.

9 September 2013more >>

We are underestimating climate change and underfunding innovation

The Guardian - The destructive power of extreme weather events, such as the Calgary floods, reduces our ability to invent, build and invest.

9 September 2013more >>

Stop global warming and save biodiversity? Yes, we can

New Scientist - We have the tools to preserve biodiversity and keep global warming in check by shrinking farms and providing economic incentives to keep wild lands.

4 September 2013more >>

Turn ON the dark!

Environmental News Network - As evidence mounts that excessive use of light is harming wildlife and adversely affecting human health, new initiatives in France and elsewhere are seeking to turn down the lights that flood an ever-growing part of the planet.

28 August 2013more >>

The anger over fracking is real: but the truth is, we can't manage without gas

The Guardian - It is easy to sympathise with the Balcombe protesters. But the hard reality is that local shale fuels, if they can be extracted safely, are better for the environment than imported ones.

24 August 2013more >>

Solar-powered travel: opening up new routes across sky, sea and land

The Guardian - A new generation of solar-powered vehicles is making extraordinary journeys around the world and pushing the boundaries of technical knowledge.

24 August 2013more >>

Greens leader Christine Milne calls for inquiry into treatment of refugees

The Guardian - Party taps into outpouring of disgust and anger towards the atrocious, cruel policies of Labor and the Coalition.

23 August 2013more >>

Old Concrete can have Second Life Protecting Nature

Environmental News Network - Usually we think of demolished concrete walls and floors as environmental contaminants, but in fact this material may turn out to be a valuable resource in nature protection work.

22 August 2013more >>

US Department of Interior criticises State over Keystone XL impact report

The Guardian - Letter calls draft environmental impact statement on controversial transnational oil-sands project inaccurate.

20 August 2013more >>

How an ocean went into hiding in Australia

New Scientist - A climate triple whammy meant that a chunk of ocean took a wrong turn in 2011, so much water got locked in Australia that global sea levels plummeted

20 August 2013more >>

Swifter, higher … tidier: Rio cleans up before Brazil Olympics and World Cup

The Guardian - Rio de Janeiro unveils 'zero waste' clampdown on litterers, with big fines and offenders' ID cards marked.

20 August 2013more >>

Never mind the economic deficit. What about the environmental one? | Andrew Simms

The Guardian - Today is Earth Overshoot Day, when we've consumed more natural resources than our biosphere can replace over a year.

20 August 2013more >>

Green deal: just 133 households have signed up for energy efficiency scheme

The Guardian - BusinessGreen: New government figures show first green deal plan has been completed, with a further 418 in the pipeline.

20 August 2013more >>

Light Ordinance in France has Benefits for Wildlife

Environmental News Network - Last month, France implemented one of the world's most comprehensive "lights out" ordinances.

19 August 2013more >>

Big oil attacks ethanol industry with misleading claims

The Guardian - For the second time in 90 years, the oil industry is seeking to prevent the emergence of a more sustainable alternative.

14 August 2013more >>

Making green industries central to the economy

The Guardian - China's State Council announces plans to make green industries central to the economy by 2015.

14 August 2013more >>

Breakthrough technology in diesel combustion results in cleaner engines

Environmental News Network - Diesel and gasoline emissions have become some of the leading concerns regarding greenhouse gases and global climate change. While diesel engines are more efficient than gasoline-powered engines, they have serious emissions problems. A breakthrough in diesel combustion technology may soon lead to cleaner diesel engines.

13 August 2013more >>

Hope rises as new malaria vaccine shows promise

Environmental News Network - Last week U.S. scientists with the biotech company, Sanaria, announced a possible breakthrough on an experimental malaria vaccine: an early trial led to a success rate of 80 percent for the two highest doses.

13 August 2013more >>

Coral Reefs in danger of disappearing

Environmental News Network - Urgent cuts in carbon emissions are needed if Caribbean coral reefs are to survive past the end of the century, scientists have warned.

13 August 2013more >>

Global warming, Arctic ice loss, and armchair scientists | John Abraham

The Guardian - Armchair scientist Neven provides valuable insights into the rapid decline of Arctic sea ice.

12 August 2013more >>

Ecosystems still feel the pain of ancient extinctions

New Scientist - By wiping out massive plant-eaters like giant ground sloths, humans inadvertently deprived modern ecosystems of essential nutrients.

11 August 2013more >>

2012 was a bad year for the Arctic

Environmental News Network - During 2012, the Arctic broke several climate records, including a level of unprecedented warmth that created rapid ice loss.

10 August 2013more >>

Adapting to climate change – one ecosystem at a time

The Guardian - Climate change doesn't just affect the natural environment but the whole ecosystem that depends on it. Successful adaptation then, needs to put local communities at its centre.

7 August 2013more >>

Improving worker conditions in the global supply chain is good business

The Guardian - Reports on Apple's China factory reveal an urgent need for global manufacturers to improve worker conditions. A new study says it makes financial, as well as moral, sense.

7 August 2013more >>

Google - leading the way on renewable energy

The Guardian - Despite controversial funding of climate deniers and a management team with a fleet of jets, Google is leading the way on greening its energy supplies.

5 August 2013more >>

The rise and rise of American carbon

The Guardian - Shale gas fracking has helped US carbon emissions to fall. But American carbon extraction is still rising, undermining progress and increasing emissions overseas.

5 August 2013more >>

Fuel from water advances

Environmental News Network - Fuel from water? A form of Alchemy? Researchers have been trying for years to find a limitless, environmentally benign source of fuel.

3 August 2013more >>

Iraq creates first National Park

Environmental News Network - Iraq's Council of Ministers has approved the designation of the country's first national park, in the Mesopotamian Marshes of southern Iraq. Once the third largest wetland in the world, the Mesopotamian Marshes are widely thought to be the original Garden of Eden.

2 August 2013more >>

Methane catastrophe based on new observations

The Guardian - Last week, the journal Nature published a new paper warning of a $60 trillion price tag for a potential 50 Gigatonne methane pulse from the East Siberian Arctic Shelf (ESAS) over 10-50 years this century. The paper, however, prompted many to suggest that its core scenario - as Arctic permafrost thaws it could increasingly unleash dangerous quantities of methane from sub-ice methane hydrates in as quick as a decade - is implausible.

31 July 2013more >>

Woolly mammoth DNA may lead to a resurrection of the ancient beast

The Guardian - The pioneering scientist who created Dolly the sheep has outlined how cells plucked from frozen woolly mammoth carcasses might one day help resurrect the ancient beasts.

30 July 2013more >>

BP's profits still being buffeted by Gulf of Mexico oil spill

The Guardian - Oil company's shares look stuck around the 450p mark as Louisiana lawyers take bites out of near-depleted $20bn trust fund.

30 July 2013more >>

Nepal's tiger population on the rise

The Guardian - Tigers are more numerous in Nepal than at any time since the 1970s, a new census has revealed, giving conservationists hope that the big cats, whose numbers have been dropping across south Asia for 100 years, can be saved.

30 July 2013more >>

The green movement is not pro-science | Robert Wilson

The Guardian - Do many environmentalists hold anti-scientific positions? This idea, put forward by environmental journalist Fred Pearce and others, may have received some pushback (eg Anne Chapman earlier in this series) but for me, it is merely a statement of the obvious.

30 July 2013more >>

Developing World Will Significantly Contribute to Global Energy Use

Environmental News Network - According to International Energy Outlook 2013 (IEO2013) which was released today by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), world energy consumption is projected to increase by 56 percent over the next three decades!

29 July 2013more >>

Space-age architecture in the coldest place on earth

New Scientist - Sleek, high-tech bases are springing up all over the Antarctic, offering comforts that early explorers could never have dreamed of.

26 July 2013more >>

Alive! Mammals survived Toba's super-volcanic winter

New Scientist - Of 19 mammal species surveyed, only two showed signs that their population dwindled around the time of the Indonesian eruption.

25 July 2013more >>

Louisiana drilling rig blowout causes evacuation of 47 workers

The Guardian - Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement says natural gas flowed uncontrolled from well off coast.

23 July 2013more >>

Five of 'big six' energy companies drop green tariffs

The Guardian - Campaigners fear the move to scrap tariffs for new customers could undermine national drive to tackle climate change.

23 July 2013more >>

Energy companies are paying a heavy price for shunning renewables

The Guardian - The argument for green solutions is not just about climate change %u2013 traditional sources of power will soon cost more.

21 July 2013more >>

Bombs dropped on Great Barrier Reef marine park

The Guardian - Two American fighter jets dropped four unarmed bombs into Australia's Great Barrier Reef Marine Park last week, when a training exercise went wrong, the US Navy said, angering environmentalists.

21 July 2013more >>

Gimme swelter: we explain the UK and US heatwaves

New Scientist - High-pressure zones are blocking the jet stream, bringing a heatwave to the normally lukewarm UK. "Blocking highs" are an increasing theme of North American weather reports too.

20 July 2013more >>

Barack Obama urged to act on deal for global aviation pollution

The Guardian - Member of European parliament wants US president to live up to climate change rhetoric by helping to advance carbon deal.

19 July 2013more >>

BP effort to shut down Gulf compensation program blocked by judge

The Guardian - Oil giant had argued that payments to victims of Gulf oil spill be suspended because of allegations of fraudulent claims.

19 July 2013more >>

Mandatory carbon reporting: can it address climate change?

The Guardian - Can new regulations obliging listed companies to report emissions really tackle the risks and complexities of climate change? Experts give their views.

19 July 2013more >>

Renewable Energy Sources On the Rise

Environmental News Network - Each year the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) releases energy flow charts in an effort to track the United States' consumption of energy resources. So what seems to be the trend from the past couple of years? Well, renewable energy is on the upswing. Compared to 2011, Americans used more natural gas, solar panels and wind turbines and less coal to generate electricity in 2012, according to the LLNL charts.

18 July 2013more >>

Charles Krauthammer's flat-earther global warming folly | Dana Nuccitelli

The Guardian - Krauthammer gets climate science and policy wrong in calling President Obama a flat earther.

9 July 2013more >>

Fundraiser for climate denying US senator

The Guardian - Proceeds of the lunch, priced at $250 to $2,500, will benefit the Republican Jim Inhofe, who calls climate change a hoax.

9 July 2013more >>

US has failed to protect marine life, say conservationists

The Guardian - IPS: WildEarth Guardians files petition saying US government has not put safeguards in place for 81 species.

9 July 2013more >>

Growing demand for US ginseng the root cause of latest hunting ban

The Guardian - Maryland to become the latest to outlaw gathering of plant on state land after study reports rapid decline in numbers of plants.

9 July 2013more >>

Gasland II to expose power politics of fracking in the US

The Guardian - Sequel of Oscar-nominated film on natural gas boom puts focus on climate change, oil lobby and the US government.

3 July 2013more >>

Will electric cars ever enter the mainstream?

The Guardian - Unless battery prices come down and performance goes up, there will be no compelling reason to go electric.

3 July 2013more >>

We keep moaning about population, but ignore consumption habits

The Guardian - Sharing planet Earth's finite resources in a better way is a more practical way of managing the needs of a rising population.

3 July 2013more >>

Climate change can't be ignored in wildfire firefighting

The Guardian - Tragic death of 'Hotshot' firefighting team in Arizona renews debate about global warming's influence on wildfires.

3 July 2013more >>

Texas A&M University plans huge solar project

Environmental News Network - The proposed "Center for Solar Energy" at Texas A&M University's Central Texas branch will make the school the world's first all-solar university. The university has come up with this innovative project to save power costs and reduce its carbon footprint. It will utilize nearby unused land for the world's biggest solar test farm.

2 July 2013more >>

Greens want a fast track to clean energy

The Guardian - Under the party's 'clean energy road map', the renewable energy target would increase to 90% by 2030.

2 July 2013more >>

Obama to launch major initiative to curb wildlife trafficking

The Guardian - President used second executive order this week to launch task force which will draft strategy to curb $10bn illegal trade.

1 July 2013more >>

Letters: Practical tips on the green deal for homes

The Guardian - If householders are reluctant to embrace green deal improvements (Round table discussion, 1 July), it could be because dry-lining walls is a disruptive process. Solar panels stuck on top of roofs look dreadful in most cases. And even having the loft insulation deepened can cause a mess. Not once in the discussion did anyone look at the point of view of the householder.

1 July 2013more >>

Is Obama's climate plan enough to 'stop the planet being beyond fixing'?

The Guardian - Barack Obama has laid out his 'climate action plan', but will it be enough to halt the rise in carbon emissions?

26 June 2013more >>

Colorado wildfire doubles in size as it threatens popular summer retreat

The Guardian - Blaze in drought-stricken Rio Grande forest forces evacuations in South Fork while 800 firefighters try to gain control.

24 June 2013more >>

Better air quality linked to worse hurricanes

The Guardian - Reduced atmospheric pollution may have increased the ferocity and frequency of hurricanes.

24 June 2013more >>

Zoo breeding programme for devils

The Guardian - The state has launched a pilot program to send Tasmanian devils to zoos in New Zealand and the US.

24 June 2013more >>

Hydropower must win hearts and minds in local communities | Lou Del Bello

The Guardian - No one doubts hydropower's green credentials, but to gain acceptance it must bring direct benefits for local people.

20 June 2013more >>

Are Coffee Pods a Recycling Problem?

Environmental News Network - As the consumption of coffee pods surges in the U.S., so do the questions about their disposal and recycling. Although using a pod to make a cup of joe takes about the same amount of time as it does to fire up some water and then make a French press of coffee, the popularity of the single-serve coffee pod machines has taken off.

20 June 2013more >>

After Fukushima, Japan beginning to see the light in solar energy

The Guardian - Government subsidies raising interest in renewables, but higher bills could complicate Shinzo Abe's economic recovery plan.

18 June 2013more >>

Google X working on green energy project

The Guardian - Google's innovation unit Google X is working on a green energy project which its top executive Astro Teller believes could "have an important part to play in the future of the world energy production".

18 June 2013more >>

Is sustainability a key part of education? | Katherine Portilla

The Guardian - Downplaying the discussion of climate change and sustainability in education may be a mistake.

17 June 2013more >>

Mongolia shows the birthing pains of a green economy

New Scientist - Wind farms and intensive mining: Michael Slezak sees contrasts in Mongolia that reveal the obstacles in a green path to rapid economic growth.

14 June 2013more >>

Up to half of all birds threatened by climate change

New Scientist - The most comprehensive assessment of animals' vulnerability to global warming reveals a big proportion of species are in danger.

13 June 2013more >>

Sunflower mirrors power California's desert farm

New Scientist - The Ivanpah solar power project is taking shape in the Mojave Desert and should eventually produce enough electricity to power 140,000 homes.

10 June 2013more >>

Airlines Agree to Curb their Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2020

The Guardian - International airlines have agreed for the first time to global curbs on their greenhouse gas emissions %u2013 but fell well short of the measures to combat climate change that green campaigners had demanded.

4 June 2013more >>

Could Climate Bonds Become a Major Force in Green Finance?

Environmental Leader - So-called 'green bonds' bonds, being issued by a number of financial institutions and state governments as a means of generating funding for sustainable development and clean energy technology, are becoming increasingly popular and could become a major new force in the green investment world, according to the Globe-Net.

3 June 2013more >>

How to Leverage Social Media for Sustainability Reporting

Environmental Leader - Just having a robust social media platform to communicate a company%u2019s sustainability reporting is not enough; firms need to incorporate social media into an overall communications strategy and have top management plug the efforts to boost authenticity, says a Business of Social Responsibility article by Guy Morgan.

3 June 2013more >>

Green Business Engagement Programs Join Forces

Environmental Leader - Representatives from green business engagement programs are working to create a national association to help companies reduce greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen the coordination and impact of these types of programs across the US. Representatives from 21 such programs met for a first-ever national summit in Boston last month.

3 June 2013more >>

3 Steps to Smarten Up Your Green Marketing

Environmental Leader - We%u2019ve heard the rumors, read the blogs, and saw the headlines that said green marketing is dead.

3 June 2013more >>

Ending Poverty, Environmental Protection Strongly Linked

Environmental News Network - Taxes, incentives, regulations, subsidies, trade and public procurement need to be realigned to favour sustainable consumption and production patterns if the world wants to end poverty, according to the UN High Level Panel charged with setting the new direction for global development.

2 June 2013more >>

Whole Foods, Safeway, Trader Joe's Top Sustainable Seafood List

Environmental Leader - Whole Foods, Safeway and Trader Joe's are the only three grocery chains to earn a green rating in Greenpeace's annual report, which evaluates and ranks supermarkets on their sustainable seafood policies.

31 May 2013more >>

To Green the Deserts, just Add... Seawater?

New Scientist - Can desert be turned into fertile oases using nothing but seawater and sunshine? Yes, discovers Fred Pearce on a trip to Qatar %u2013 but at a price.

30 May 2013more >>

Which Clothing Labels are Greener?

The Guardian - If you pay more for clothes does it guarantee they are made in decent conditions?

26 May 2013more >>

Why Worrying about Food Miles is Missing the Point

The Guardian - Getting your lamb from New Zealand isn't hurting the planet and buying your potatoes from the other end of the country is fine. Jay Rayner says food miles are not the problem.

25 May 2013more >>

The Tesla Model S

Environmental News Network - The new all-electric Tesla S sedan is not just the favorite of car magazines, now Consumer Reports calls it the best car they%u2019ve ever driven, scoring 99 points of 100 and beating out the Lexus LS460 that held the previous record back in 2007. What does this massive battery-powered EV have that no others do?

24 May 2013more >>

Memorial Day Travel will Cost Americans over $1 Billion on Gasoline

Environmental News Network - Memorial Day not only marks the day we pay tribute to those who have served in the United States Armed Forces, but it also marks the first unofficial weekend that kicks off the summer.

24 May 2013more >>

Free Range Milk?

Environmental News Network - Free-Range Dairy is a new initiative that could reverse the trend towards industrialised mega-farms.

24 May 2013more >>

A Second Chance to Save the Climate

New Scientist - The latest data on the climate suggests it will warm slightly less, and more slowly, than expected %u2013 giving us a chance to avoid the worst effects.

22 May 2013more >>

Climate change will push up New York's heatwave deaths

New Scientist - There will be more deaths in summer and fewer in winter as climate change begins to bite in New York City.

21 May 2013more >>

Oklahoma tornado: is climate change to blame? | Harry Enten

The Guardian - The Oklahoma twister was a 'classic look', but the data shows we are experiencing more volatility in the US tornado season.

21 May 2013more >>

Climate Extreme Prediction

Environmental News Network - It seems that there is always another opinion on how the climate is or will be changing. A new study led by Oxford University concludes that the latest observations of the climate system's response to rising greenhouse gas levels are consistent with conventional estimates of the long-term climate sensitivity, despite a warming pause over the past decade.

21 May 2013more >>

Letters: How 'fair trade' could tackle sweatshops

The Guardian - The problem could be addressed at the other end of the supply chain. Western retailers should be required to display details of their full supply chain to consumers and invest in monitoring conditions at all stages.

16 May 2013more >>

Why Conservation Needs Emotion

The Guardian - Wildlife experts will debate the importance of emotion in conservation science for the annual Earthwatch lecture on Thursday.

16 May 2013more >>

Mackerel Returns to the 'Fish to Eat' List

The Guardian - The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) on Thursday upgraded its rating for British and European mackerel caught from the most sustainable fisheries to "yellow", meaning people can eat it occasionally without endangering the species.

16 May 2013more >>

Survey Finds 97% Climate Science Papers AgreeWwarming is Man-Made

The Guardian - Overwhelming majority of peer-reviewed papers taking a position on global warming say humans are causing it.

16 May 2013more >>

Keeping Produce Fresh Longer

Environmental News Network - Billions of dollars of fruits, vegetables, and flowers are thrown away each year as produce ripens too quickly and starts to rot in different markets before public buyers even buy them.

15 May 2013more >>

Should We Change the Climate If We Could?

Environmental News Network - Geoengineering is the deliberate and large-scale intervention in the Earth%u2019s climatic system with the aim of reducing global warming. Who should do it and when?

15 May 2013more >>

Join the debate: America's first climate refugees

The Guardian - Have your say on the fate of native Alaskan communities under threat from climate change.

13 May 2013more >>

Sustainability Highly Important to 42% of Supply Chains

Environmental Leader - Less than half of executives say sustainability is highly important to their company's supply chain, according to a PwC survey.

13 May 2013more >>

Bayer, Syngenta, Rapeseed Producers Possible Bee Vote Losers

Environmental Leader - Dow Chemical may see an uptick in sales of its pesticide sprays as a result of the European Union ban on neonicotinoids, a class of pesticides linked to bee decline that are produced mainly by Bayer and Syngenta, Reuters reports.

13 May 2013more >>

Are Plastic Jars Worse for the Environment?

The Guardian - Several grocery products I used to buy in glass jars are now in plastic. Is this ethically better or worse?

12 May 2013more >>

BMW Slams EU Emissions Targets

Environmental Leader - BMW chairman Norbert Reithofer says the European Union%u2019s strict vehicle emissions standards are %u201Cimpossible to meet,%u201D Drive.com reports.

10 May 2013more >>

App Turns Smartphone Sensors into Weather Stations

New Scientist - The latest smartphones can tell you a lot about the conditions around you and then upload that info to build a real-time crowdsourced weather map.

8 May 2013more >>

US Honeybees Threatened as 31% of Colonies Died out in 2012, Report Shows

The Guardian - Bee keepers lost 31% of their colonies in late 2012 and through the early months of this year %u2013 about double what they might expect through natural causes, survey found.

8 May 2013more >>

World Bank Urges CO2 Price

Environmental Leader - World Bank President Jim Yong Kim has urged the world's environmental ministers to combat climate change by implementing a five-point plan that includes putting a price on carbon dioxide emissions, improving agricultural practices and ending fossil fuel subsidies.

8 May 2013more >>

Firms Need Stronger Sustainability-Related Risk Response, Study Says

Environmental Leader - Companies are increasingly recognizing sustainability-related risk %u2014 but not adequately aligning risk response to the scale of sustainability challenges, according to an Ernst and Young study.

8 May 2013more >>

Managing an eco-business: the basics

Ecoki - There are plenty of ways to either create an eco-based business or turn your existing business into one. By having a business that is focused on green ethics, you can reduce your environmental footprint and preserve nature and the earth at the same time.

7 May 2013more >>

BASF, DuPont, Other Chemical Manufacturers Pledge Product Safety

Environmental Leader - BASF, Dow, DuPont, Honeywell and the rest of the American Chemistry Council%u2019s member companies have pledged to implement 11 industry best practices to evaluate and improve their product safety performance.

7 May 2013more >>

Carbon Dioxide and Rainfall

Environmental News Network - Carbon dioxide is the prime culprit in global warming but how twill that affect other aspects of climate such as rainfall?

3 May 2013more >>

The New Normal

Environmental News Network - While Webster%u2019s Dictionary has not yet caught up to the term the "new normal", it is more than a television program on NBC. The new normal may refer to the economy, health, or lifestyles, but for government, the new normal primarily refers to how our lives will routinely be affected by the impacts of climate change.

3 May 2013more >>

Sustainable Packaging Roundup: Novelis, Mars, Monadnock

Environmental Leader - Novelis has announced the commercial availability of what it says is the industry%u2019s first independently certified, high-recycled content aluminum designed specifically for the beverage can market.

3 May 2013more >>

Four Eco-Friendly Mother's Day Gifts

Ecoki - Sure, showing mom you love her might be as easy as a warm hug or, if you're keen on it, making mom a nice meal, but when a gift is in order, eco-friendly is the way to go. Here are four of our favourite earth-inspired, sustainable gift ideas to give to mom this Mother's Day.

2 May 2013more >>

Guide Helps Fleet Owners Choose Exhaust Gas Scrubber

Environmental Leader - Fleet owners should consider factors including vessel type, trading patterns and local conditions when choosing an exhaust scrubber for their vessels as a way of helping meet upcoming regulations, according to an American Bureau of Shipping report.

2 May 2013more >>

What to do with Radioactive Waste

Environmental News Network - Nuclear power plants do have a waste management problem because radioactivity takes a long time to dissipate and turn the radioactive waste into just a non-hazardous waste.

26 April 2013more >>

AB InBev Sustainability Report: Waste Down 55% in a Year

Environmental Leader - Anheuser-Busch InBev cut the amount of waste it sent to landfills by 54.8 percent year-on-year, from 104,946 metric tons in 2011 to 47,341 in 2012, according to its 2012 Global Citizenship Report. The brewer says it managed this achievement even though its overall materials use increased slightly.

26 April 2013more >>

Ladybugs Used as Natural Pest Control Inside Mall of America

Environmental News Network - Why is it that we swat away every other bug that happens to land or crawl on us, but when a ladybug finds us, most of us observe it, count its spots, and maybe even blow it away and make a wish?

26 April 2013more >>

RSK Tool Helps Construction Companies Manage Environmental Risk

Environmental Leader - RSK Business Solutions has launched a web-based tool to help UK-based construction companies mitigate environmental risk, drive legal compliance and enhance their key performance indicator (KPI) reporting to avoid environmental related fines and penalties through failing to comply with the ISO14001 environmental management standard.

26 April 2013more >>

Women are 'Key Drivers' in Climate Change Adaptation

Environmental News Network - Plans to protect ecosystems and help people adapt to climate change - also known as ecosystem-based adaptation (EBA) - must involve vulnerable groups, including women and communities greatly hit by global warming if they are to succeed, according to scientists who met in Tanzania last month (21-23 March).

25 April 2013more >>

Bacteria Churn Out First ever Petrol-like Biofuel

New Scientist - Inserting the right combination of genes into E. coli makes the bacterium produce fuel that would be compatible with most modern engines.

24 April 2013more >>

'Carbon Bubble' Threatens Climate Negotiations

New Scientist - If a binding global agreement were made to stop dangerous climate change, the value of major oil and gas companies could be slashed by up to 60 per cent.

23 April 2013more >>

Shell Sustainability Report: GHGs Drop 2.7%

Environmental Leader - Shell%u2019s total direct GHG emissions were 72 million metric tons CO2e last year, down 2.7 percent from 74 million in 2011, according to the company%u2019s 2012 sustainability report.

19 April 2013more >>

Study Suggests Community Gardening May Produce Health Benefits

Environmental News Network - There are many benefits to community gardens. From greening urban ecosystems, to offering education and cultural opportunities, community gardens provide a venue for people to come together and stimulate social interaction. For individuals, these gardens also provide a venue for exercise, food production, and improved diets. These potential benefits have lead to a new study that reveals those who participate in community gardening have a significantly lower body mass index and have lower odds of being overweight or obese compared to their non-gardening neighbors.

19 April 2013more >>

Cigarette Butts Litter Waterways, Create Toxic Aquatic Ecosystems

Environmental News Network - What would you say is the most littered item on US roadways? I think of two things: gum and cigarette butts. But let's focus on cigarettes for now.

18 April 2013more >>

Sony Pictures to Cut Carbon Footprint 15% by 2020

Environmental Leader - Sony Pictures Entertainment has set new environmental goals targeted for completion in 2020 including reductions in operational carbon emissions by 15 percent, compared to 2012 levels.

18 April 2013more >>

The Cultural Imperative of Sustainability

Environmental Leader - Recently, we hosted a truly inspired interview on our Impact Series webinar program with celebrated author and philosophy professor Kathleen Dean Moore about the ethical, spiritual, and cultural imperative of sustainability.

18 April 2013more >>

Antarctic Ice Melting Faster than in Past 1000 Years

New Scientist - An ice core taken from the west Antarctic Peninsula shows ice is melting 10 times faster each summer than it did 600 years ago.

16 April 2013more >>

New US Education Standards put Climate in Spotlight

New Scientist - For the first time, national-level guidelines include climate science as a key topic for children to learn - but they are not enforceable?

10 April 2013more >>

US Lags in Sustainability Reporting Assurance

Environmental Leader - While more than half (53 percent) of all companies in the S&P 500 Index and Fortune 500 published sustainability reports in 2011 %u2014 up from 19 percent the year before %u2014 companies in the US are less likely to obtain third-party assurance than their global peers, according to a report by the Global Reporting Initiative.

8 April 2013more >>

Climate Change 'will lead to bumpier flights'

The Guardian - The shifting of the jet stream over Europe caused by global warming will lead to clear-air turbulence.

8 April 2013more >>

Sustainability at Kilroy Realty

Environmental Leader - Sara Neff, director of sustainability programs with Kilroy Realty, discusses the evolution of sustainability at the company, which owns and operates 12.5 million square feet of commercial real estate space on the West Coast.

8 April 2013more >>

Mythbusting: People buy from social enterprises purely on ethics

The Guardian - Social businesses must do more than simply convince consumers that they are ethical. Quality is essential, says David Floyd.

8 April 2013more >>

World Health Day

Environmental News Network - World Health Day, celebrated each year on the 7th of April, marks the founding, in 1948, of the World Health Organisation (WHO), and highlights a priority area of public health concern. Here at ARKive, we decided to find out more about the links between species and human health, and show you just how important the conservation of biodiversity is to the advancement of medical science.

7 April 2013more >>

U.S. CO2 emissions falls to lowest level since 1994

Environmental News Network - Carbon dioxide emissions from energy consumption in the United States during 2012 fell to the lowest level since 1994, finds a new report from the U.S.

5 April 2013more >>

US Starts Building First Nuclear Reactors in 30 Years

New Scientist - After a three-decade hiatus, work is finally under way on a new wave of reactors thanks to government funding %u2013 but China is already way ahead.

3 April 2013more >>

Product Stewardship: Working to Minimize the Environmental Impacts of Products

Environmental Leader - Recently, I spoke with a young man in his early 20s about recycling and the conversation moved to product stewardship. I asked him if he knew what the term meant. He thought for a moment, shook his head and said, %u201CProduct stewardship, what%u2019s THAT?%u201D

3 April 2013more >>

Oil Platform Effect on Fish

Environmental News Network - Fishes residing near oil platforms in southern California have similar contaminant levels as fishes in nearby natural sites, according to two recent reports by the U.S. Geological Survey, which were conducted to assist the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) in understanding potential consequences of offshore energy development.

3 April 2013more >>

Samsung, LG TVs Make EPEAT Debut

Environmental Leader - More than 50 television models from LG Electronics and 71 Samsung TVs are now rated on the Electronic Product Environmental Tool (EPEAT) global registry for greener electronics, which expanded yesterday to include televisions for the first time.

3 April 2013more >>

71% of Consumers Think Green When Purchasing

Environmental Leader - A record-high 71 percent of Americans consider the environment when they shop, up from 66 percent in 2008, according to research from Cone Communications.

3 April 2013more >>

Least Developed Countries Agree to Cut Emissions

The Guardian - In what could be a far-reaching move, the world's poorest countries say they are now prepared to commit themselves to binding cuts in their emissions of greenhouse gases.

3 April 2013more >>

Not All Ice Melts

Environmental News Network - Global warming means melting of polar ice and rising seas. Well not always it seems.

2 April 2013more >>

Eating Fish: it's Complicated

The Guardian - With all these tales of fishy labelling floating around, how can we tell the codliness or otherwise of our fish suppers?

2 April 2013more >>

Seven Essential SuperFoods

Ecoki - For foodies or for those looking to add a little oomph to your diet, here are some of our newest favourite superfoods.

31 March 2013more >>

Global Warming Predictions Prove Accurate

The Guardian - Analysis of climate change modelling for past 15 years reveal accurate forecasts of rising global temperatures.

27 March 2013more >>

Carbon Trading is Grow 14% in 2013

Environmental Leader - The volume of carbon traded globally will grow by 14 percent this year, reaching 12 gigatons of carbon dioxide equivalent despite depressed prices, according to analysis by market intelligence firm Thomson Reuters Point Carbon.

27 March 2013more >>

The 5 Commandments of Product Sustainability

Environmental Leader - Products are undoubtedly the best medium for companies to both manage their sustainability performance from within their own organization and from without.

27 March 2013more >>

International Paper Joins WWF Group

Environmental Leader - International Paper has joined the Global Forest and Trade Network in North America, one of World Wildlife Fund%u2019s initiatives focused on eliminating illegal logging and promoting environmentally and socially responsible forest management.

26 March 2013more >>

Eat Sustainable Easter Eggs, Save the Rainforest

Environmental Leader - Divine Chocolate and Booja Booja make the most rainforest-friendly Easter eggs, according to a survey of chocolate brands based on their use of palm oil, while Lindt, Thorntons and Guylian rank at the bottom of the list.

26 March 2013more >>

America's Cup Sets Carbon Neutral Target

Environmental Leader - The America's Cup has partnered with Offsetters Climate Solutions in an effort to make the 34th annual sailing event carbon neutral. This summer's San Francisco race will be the first in the America's Cup history to have an official carbon credit supplier, according to the America's Cup Event Authority.

26 March 2013more >>

The Environmental Impact of Paper in an Ever Expanding Digital World

Environmental Leader - We all have a need to communicate %u2013 to share and consume information.  For marketing and advertising professionals it is no longer a choice of how to spread dollars between print, radio and TV.

26 March 2013more >>

International Landmarks Switch off Lights for Earth Hour

The Guardian - The Eiffel Tower, Houses of Parliament and Times Square were among the landmarks taking part in Earth Hour 2013 by extinguishing their lights for 60 minutes.

24 March 2013more >>

Sinkhole Threatens Louisiana Community

Environmental News Network - Sinkholes have been making headlines in the news lately like when earlier this month, a Florida man was unfortunately pulled to his death because of the mysterious land collapse.

22 March 2013more >>

US Soldiers Sue Over Fukushima Radiation Exposure

New Scientist - Twenty-four US military personnel deployed to the Fukushima meltdown are claiming $2 billion in compensation for alleged radiation-induced health problems.

22 March 2013more >>

Achieving a Sustainable Food System with Organic Farming

Environmental News Network - Despite a slight decline between 2009 and 2010, since 1999 the global land area farmed organically has expanded more than threefold to 37 million hectares, according to new research conducted by the Worldwatch Institute for its Vital Signs Online service (www.worldwatch.org).

22 March 2013more >>

Google Employees Exposed to Cancer-Causing Chemical

Environmental Leader - Google employees were exposed to high levels of a cancer-causing chemical at the company%u2019s satellite campus on a Superfund toxic waste site, an EPA report says.

22 March 2013more >>

H&M Sustainability Report: 95% of Factories Revealed

Environmental Leader - H&M has published a supplier factory list alongside its 2012 sustainability report. The retailer says it is one of the first and largest fashion companies in the world to take this step.

22 March 2013more >>

Green Fleet Roundup: Cummins, Peterbilt Motors Company, Honda, Toyota, BYD

Environmental Leader - Cummins and Peterbilt Motors Company have released test results showing their demonstration SuperTruck (pictured) with a higher-efficiency engine and an aerodynamic tractor-trailer achieved a 54 percent increase in fuel economy, averaging about 10 mpg under real-world driving conditions.

22 March 2013more >>

Happy World Water Day!

Environmental News Network - All across the globe, communities are celebrating International World Water Day and according the UN's World Water Day website, over 450 events have been planned this year!

22 March 2013more >>

US Gets Tough on Arctic Oil Drilling

New Scientist - A damning government report on Shell's Arctic drilling programme set to result in stricter regulations on polar oil and gas exploration.

20 March 2013more >>

EV Charging Program For U.S. House Of Representatives Moves Forward

CleanTechnica - Last August, the U.S. government agreed to install plug-in electric vehicle charging stations in the U.S. House of Representatives' parking garages. The program is now moving forward.

18 March 2013more >>

GM crops back on the agenda at EU - video

The Guardian - Farmers and environmental campaigners call on EU politicians to block the cultivation of new GM crops

18 March 2013more >>

World's Largest Concentrated Solar Power Plant

The Guardian - At full capacity, the project will power thousands of homes in the United Arab Emirates and displace 175,000 tons of CO2 a year.

18 March 2013more >>

Teachers should be given free rein on climate change

The Guardian - The teaching of climate change in schools has long been a hot %u2013 and sometimes controversial %u2013 topic among educationalists, teachers, parents and politicians. How and when it should be taught have sometimes run up against the fundamental question of should it even be taught.

18 March 2013more >>

Manufacturers Freaked Out about Climate Guidelines

Environmental Leader - Manufacturers are %u201Cvery freaked out%u201D by new climate change standards that President Obama will reportedly issue in the coming weeks, Bloomberg reports. According to the news agency, Obama will set guidelines that requires all federal agencies to consider the effects of major projects on air, water and soil pollution. Lobbyists worry the across-the-board federal review [...]

18 March 2013more >>

Exploring the Sustainability Gold Standard

Environmental Leader - On February 7, 2013 a group of true sustainability diehards braved the onslaught of Snowmageddon Toronto 2013 to explore ideas of how to define a Gold Standard for business under a vision for Capitalism 2.0.

18 March 2013more >>

World Bike-Sharing Programs (Map)

CleanTechnica - Reposted from Bikocity: This is sweet. An excellent compilation of existing, planned, or under construction bike-sharing programs around the world.

17 March 2013more >>

Twelve Reasons Why Globalization is a Huge Problem

The Oil Drum - Globalization seems to be looked on as an unmitigated by economists. Unfortunately, economists seem to be guided by their badly flawed models; they miss real-world problems. In particular, they miss the point that the world is finite.

15 March 2013more >>

Boston Businesses Cut GHG Emissions 4%

Environmental Leader - The headquarters of Au Bon Pain, Blue Cross-Blue Shield and other Boston businesses participating in the Challenge for Sustainability in 2012 reduced their overall greenhouse gas emissions by 4 percent %u2014 or 7,000 pounds %u2014 from 2011 figures, according to the program%u2019s organizers.

13 March 2013more >>

Sustainability Reporting Slowly Increases in China, Report Finds

Environmental Leader - One-third of  companies surveyed  in China share their sustainability initiatives with the outside world, illustrating some progress in the country to promote non-financial reporting, according to a report released by The Conference Board.

13 March 2013more >>

Co-op, Nestle, Sainsbury's to Cut Supply Chain Carbon Footprint

Environmental Leader - The Co-operative Group, Nestlé and Sainsbury%u2019s have said they will improve the environmental performance of some of their products following research from the Product Sustainability Forum.

13 March 2013more >>

Making an IT Department Sustainable in 2013

Environmental Leader - In modern day society, there is nothing more positive than going green while simultaneously saving money.

13 March 2013more >>

Should we learn to love eating insects?

The Guardian - Fried grasshoppers %u2013 a Mexican delicacy %u2013 are currently on offer in one London restaurant. Is it time to get over our squeamishness and learn to savour the taste of bugs?

13 March 2013more >>

Standards; Compliance Briefing: Bonsucro, E-Waste Auditing, Water Reuse

Environmental Leader - Here's the latest standards and compliance news affecting corporate environmental and energy executives.

12 March 2013more >>

Homemade vegetable and fruit washes

Ecoki - You might be tempted to snack on some vegetables and fruit fresh out of the garden, but dirty food can harbor a fair amount of harmful bacteria.

10 March 2013more >>

Sprint Beats Rivals on Green Initiatives

Environmental Leader - Sprint has carried out more green initiatives than any competing mobile operator in the United States, according to Frost & Sullivan, which awarded the company its 2012 North American Award for Green Excellence.

8 March 2013more >>

Only 1 in 8 Insurers Has Climate Plan

Environmental Leader - Just one-eighth of US insurers surveyed by sustainability leadership advocate Ceres have comprehensive climate change strategies.

8 March 2013more >>

How To Align Profit and Sustainability

Environmental Leader - Johnson & Johnson has set up a fund for greenhouse gas reduction projects like chiller optimization and solar PV installations %u2014 just one example of how companies are allocating capital for long-term environmental performance, according to a report by the World Resources Institute.

8 March 2013more >>

Investors Demand Climate Action, Product Stewardship

Environmental Leader - Investors have filed 365 shareholder resolutions this year on environmental and social issues, with 38 percent of the proposals focusing on climate change, energy and corporate sustainability strategies, according to a preview of the 2013 proxy season by shareholder advocacy group As You Sow.

8 March 2013more >>

How Warm Was it Once Upon a Time?

Environmental News Network - How warm or cold is it on Earth as compared to earlier times? Of course, going back far enough and one can find all sorts of extremes. How about the last ten thousand years?

7 March 2013more >>

Globetrotting Sahara sand takes rain to California

New Scientist - Particles blown into the air in Africa and Asia cross the Pacific and increase rain and snow in the Sunshine State.

4 March 2013more >>

Wanted: A Bob Geldof for climate change

New Scientist - Humanitarian disasters can inspire us to change the world for the better. Can we find a hero to do the same thing for global warming?

3 March 2013more >>

Humanitarian Disaster Blamed on Climate Change

New Scientist - The failure of a rainy season, which put thousands of people at risk of starvation, was made more likely by our greenhouse gas emissions.

1 March 2013more >>

Environmentalists Still Waiting for Obama to Act on Climate Change

The Guardian - It's been 114 days since Barack Obama promised on the night of his re-election to protect future generations from %u2013 in his words %u2013 "the destructive power of a warming planet". It's been 38 days since he renewed and expanded on that promise on inauguration day, 16 days since he told Congress straight up in his State of the Union address: act on climate change or I will.

28 February 2013more >>

Public Concern for Environment Lowest in 20 years

The Guardian - Levels of public concern were lowest since 1992 in 12 countries, according to an international poll.

28 February 2013more >>

eRecycling Corps: 10 Million Cell Phone Trade-Ins Since 2009

Environmental News Network - Few press releases cause me to say, "Wow." Yesterday's press release about eRecyclingCorps (eRC) achieving 10 million cell phone trade-ins since 2009 is an exception.

27 February 2013more >>

New Smartphone Technology Reveals US Stream and River Conditions

Environmental News Network - Oh the things your smartphone can do! For the first time, data on current conditions on thousands of rivers and streams across the country, can be accessed from your smartphone, using USGS' latest system WaterNow.

27 February 2013more >>

Element Hotels - Green Traveler Friendly

Environmental News Network - Element Hotels are made to order for travelers who are conscious of the environment and who appreciate good design and lots of light.

25 February 2013more >>

Litter Discovered in One of Earth's Final Unexplored Realms

The Guardian - A glimpse into one tiny nook of the UK's vast ocean depths uncovered two drink cans, one bottle, and a rusty food tin.

25 February 2013more >>

America's Electric Vehicle Workplace Charging Challenge

Environmental News Network - Sales of plug-in Electric Vehicles (EV) in the U.S. more than tripled in 2012 and continue to grow.

25 February 2013more >>

1.5C rise in Temperature Enough to Start Permafrost Melt, Scientists Warn

The Guardian - A global temperature rise of 1.5C would be enough to start the melting of permafrost in Siberia, scientists warned on Thursday.

21 February 2013more >>

Flushed with Success: Human Manure's Fertile Future

New Scientist - We shouldn't pooh-pooh the idea of fertilising crops with our urine and faeces, says Fred Pearce %u2013 it's safer than it sounds and the benefits would be huge.

21 February 2013more >>

Low Emissions are No Justification for Kansas Scaling Back Renewables

The Guardian - To date, 29 states in the US have set standards requiring a certain percentage of electricity production to be met by renewable sources. Soon that number may fall to 28.

21 February 2013more >>

Last Congress was Most Hostile to Environmental Causes, say Activists

The Guardian - The last Congress was the most hostile to environmental causes in 40 years, the League of Conservation Voters said on Wednesday in its annual report card on members' voting patterns.

20 February 2013more >>

Food: Sustainability, Security, Self-reliance

Environmental News Network - Poor harvests and rising food costs have become a depressingly familiar news item, with unusual weather patterns affecting food production across the US, Russia and in the UK. At the same time, more and more people are struggling to feed themselves and their families.

20 February 2013more >>

Biofuel Rush is Wiping out Unique American Grasslands

New Scientist - Planting more crops to meet the biofuel demand is destroying grasslands and pastures in the central US, threatening wildlife.

18 February 2013more >>

Arctic 'needs protection from resource rush'

The Guardian - As melting ice makes exploration easier, human activity threatens wildlife and ecosystems.

18 February 2013more >>

Which Drought-hit US States Suffered the Worst Crop Damage?

The Guardian - Climate Central:Corn and soybean crops were hit hard by 2012's historic US drought, with Kentucky suffering largest overall corn crop failure.

18 February 2013more >>

Halve Meat Consumption, Scientists Urge

The Guardian - UN study says horsemeat scandal exposed dark side of cheap meat and shows how farming practices destroy natural world.

18 February 2013more >>

Climate Change Responses Need Not be All or Nothing

Environmental News Network - The dialog about climate change, man's role in causing it, and possible responses to limit it or even reverse it, takes on a crisis tone for many. Is this the best way to look at it, and is it the best way to achieve results?

16 February 2013more >>

Environmental Excellence in Racing? YES!

Environmental News Network - Vodafone McLaren Mercedes has become the world's first motor sport team to receive the FIA Institute's Environmental Award for the Achievement of Excellence.

15 February 2013more >>

French Firm Accused of Being First to Label Horse as Beef

The Guardian - A meat processing firm in the south of France was named Thursday night as having a central role in the horsemeat lasagne scandal as a convicted Dutch fraudster who supplied the meat admitted close ties with the French firm.

14 February 2013more >>

Chinese Appetite for Shark Fin Soup Devastating Mozambique Coastline

The Guardian - Mantas and hammerheads to 'disappear' from divers' paradise if plunder is unchecked.ms & Conditions | More Feeds<p style="clear:both" />

14 February 2013more >>

Obama Acting too Slowly on Climate Change Risks, US Government Audit Finds

The Guardian - For first time, climate change makes list of the Government Accountability Office's biennial review of risks facing the US.

14 February 2013more >>

Time to Eat the Ugly Ones...

Environmental News Network - Last week, MEPs (members of the European Parliament) voted overwhelmingly to end the wasteful practice of fish "discards".

13 February 2013more >>

Withering heights: Why Animals are Shrinking

New Scientist - It might sound incredible, but many animals are shrinking %u2013 and they will become ever tinier in the centuries to come.

12 February 2013more >>

Wind Power is Now Cheaper than Coal in Some Countries

New Scientist - Steady technological improvements and uncertainty over the future of fossil fuels are making wind power truly competitive.

11 February 2013more >>

Intel And WalMart Lead EPAs Green Power Partnership List

CleanTechnica - If you use a personal computer, chances are you've used an Intel product.  However, you might not know that the chip you used to surf the Internet was most likely made with 100 per cent green power.

7 February 2013more >>

Sustainable Valentine's Day Ddeas

Ecoki - Giving sweet surprises this Valentine's Day to your loved one is inevitable, but making it sustainable just makes it, well, that much better.

4 February 2013more >>

The Effect of Forests on Climate

Environmental News Network - Once there were vast forests covering North America and Europe. What happens to the climate if they were returned?

1 February 2013more >>

Shell continues spilling oil in North Sea despite efforts to improve

The Guardian - Anglo-Dutch group has been responsible for over 20 pollution accidents in British waters over a six month period.

31 January 2013more >>

China's smog continues to wreak havoc - video

The Guardian - The haze which has consumed much of China for weeks continues to cause major disruption to civilians

31 January 2013more >>

Carbon Capture Technologies that Could Help Fight Climate Change

Environmental News Network - In the wake of the hottest and driest summer in memory throughout much of North America, and Super-storm Sandy that flooded cities and ravaged large swaths of the Mid-Atlantic coast, many now recognize that the climate change isn't just real, but that it is already at our doorstep.

30 January 2013more >>

How Obama will Deliver his Climate Promise

New Scientist - The US is set to meet %u2013 and maybe exceed %u2013 Obama's pledge to cut US emissions by 17 per cent, which could give a boost to international climate talks

30 January 2013more >>

Why Flying Could Produce Less Carbon than Taking the Bus

Telegraph.co.uk - If you really want to stop climate change you would be better to give up red meat than stop taking flights, according to a new study.

30 January 2013more >>

John Kerry's confirmation as secretary of state delights climate campaigners

The Guardian - Barack Obama's key appointment raises hopes of a renewed focus on environment in domestic and foreign policy. John Kerry's confirmation as secretary of state on Tuesday installs a veteran climate champion in a pole position for Barack Obama's second term.

29 January 2013more >>

Walmart Prescribes Green Packaging, Concentrated Clorox

Environmental Leader - Walmart has launched greener packaging for select prescriptions and is now carrying a concentrated version of Clorox bleach. Earlier this month, 4,600 Walmart and Sams Club pharmacies introduced Ecoslide-RX box packaging, which is made by Keystone Folding Box Company, for select prescriptions.

29 January 2013more >>

How Profoundly Cities Affect Temperatures Both Near and Far

Environmental News Network - It has been known for a long time that cities create warmer temperatures due to heat stored in buildings, roads, and other man-made structures. They also add heat from air conditioners, boilers, and other combustion sources. This is known as the urban heat island.

28 January 2013more >>

Man-made fish at a grocers near you?

Ecoki - Are you ready for something new for your dinner plate? Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that genetically engineered (GE) salmon might be coming to a grocery store near you.

27 January 2013more >>

Get cirrus in the fight against climate change

New Scientist - Feathery cirrus clouds trap a lot of heat and help warm the planet. Getting rid of them could counteract human-caused climate change, in theory.

26 January 2013more >>

Obama faces Keystone dilemma after Senate urges pipeline approval

The Guardian - No reason to deny project, bipartisan majority says, but others in Congress press Obama to back up climate change commitment.

24 January 2013more >>

Big chill shows it really can be too cold to snow, even on a warming planet | Harry J Enten

The Guardian - Swathes of the US have been hit by arctic temperatures, but there is still relatively little snow. What does this tell us?

24 January 2013more >>

Global Warming and the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum

Environmental News Network - Hurricanes are fast becoming household names and have many people worried over the connection between extreme weather and the amount of greenhouse gases people are pumping into the atmosphere. No one can predict for sure what will happen decades or centuries from now as such gas concentrations increase. But scientists have a pretty good picture of what did happen in the past; greenhouses gases were released into the atmosphere in massive amounts at least once before, around 56 million years ago.

24 January 2013more >>

Obama under pressure after Nebraska governor signs off on Keystone XL

The Guardian - A day after promising action on climate change, president now faces crucial test of commitment to environmental causes

22 January 2013more >>

China and Australia top 'carbon bomb' list

The Guardian - China and Australia top a global list of planned oil, gas and coal projects that will act as carbon bombs and push the planet towards catastrophic climate change, a Greenpeace report warned on Tuesday.

22 January 2013more >>

Can Obama make defeating climate change his legacy? | Damian Carrington

The Guardian - As legacy issues go, saving the planet from global warming would put all others in the shade. But can US president Barack Obama do it? The question has two answers, one at home and one abroad.

22 January 2013more >>

Climate agreement tops 2013 wishlist

The Guardian - The UN chief said global warming, along with ending the Syrian crisis, were his priorities among an ambitious list of hopes.

22 January 2013more >>

Mineral dust in oceans 'could absorb carbon'

The Guardian - Geoengineering method could reduce emissions but would require huge mining effort and alter balance of the oceans.

22 January 2013more >>

Wind power delivers too much to ignore

New Scientist - Although aesthetic concerns need to be heard, qualms about wind's reliability are wide of the mark, argues an energy policy researcher.

21 January 2013more >>

Wild weather: Extreme is the new normal

New Scientist - The wild weather that greeted the new year is a taste of things to come.

18 January 2013more >>

Australian inferno previews fire-prone future

New Scientist - Climate change is ramping up fire risk around the world and the bush fires raging in Australia, could be a taste of whats to come.

17 January 2013more >>

Japan to build world's largest offshore wind farm

New Scientist - Construction starts this July on a 1-gigawatt wind farm off the coast of Fukushima, as the nation moves another step away from its nuclear dependence.

16 January 2013more >>

Record-breaking temperatures are now the norm

New Scientist - Find out how temperatures are changing in your backyard with our interactive map of NASA's historical temperature record for the whole planet.

15 January 2013more >>

What is the lifespan of a laptop?

The Guardian - I would like to know more about planned obsolescence in the computer industry. How long should a laptop or PC last? Mine has just died after five years%u2026

13 January 2013more >>

How much water is needed to produce food and how much do we waste?

The Guardian - As much as 50% of all food produced in the world ends up as waste every year according to figures from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. But how much water is needed to produce it?

10 January 2013more >>

Hottest on record: 2012 was America's warmest ever year, scientists say

The Guardian - Figures show 2012 was a full degree Fahrenheit hotter than 1998 record %u2013 and scientists say they expect more of the same.

8 January 2013more >>

Heatwave: Australia's new weather demands a new politics

The Guardian - Climate change clashes with the myth of a land where progress is limited only by the rate at which resources can be extracted.

8 January 2013more >>

Prince Charles: becoming a grandfather spurs my environmental beliefs

The Guardian - Prince says he does not want future grandchildren to ask why he did not do more to tackle climate change.

6 January 2013more >>

Robots find Barrier Reef coral at extreme depths, amazing ocean scientists

The Guardian - Robots have found living coral on the Great Barrier Reef at a depth four times greater than most scuba divers can reach and far beyond the depth at which scientists expected to find them.

6 January 2013more >>

Should I stop buying paper books and use an e-reader instead?

The Guardian - As Kindle sales continue to rise, is there really a green arguement for stopping reading "real" paper books?

6 January 2013more >>

Bushfires in Tasmania &ndash; in pictures

The Guardian - More than 100 homes destroyed and thousands of people displaced on Australian island state of Tasmania due to dozens of wildfires sparked by record high temperatures.

5 January 2013more >>

Starbucks Sells $1 Reusable Cups

Environmental Leader - Starbucks began selling $1 reusable cups to customers at all of its North American stores yesterday, in an effort to curb waste. The white plastic cup with the green Starbucks logo looks like the coffee makers traditional white paper cups, according to media reports. It holds a tall or grande-size drink and is recyclable.

4 January 2013more >>

Corporate Sustainability Plans Almost Double Year-on-Year

Environmental Leader - In 2012, 64 percent of US companies said they had a sustainability plan in place or were in the midst of drafting one, up from 38 percent in 2011, according to research by hygiene and paper company SCA.

4 January 2013more >>

Town Bans Bottled Water

Environmental Leader - Concord, Mass. has made illegal the sale of single-serving plastic water bottles under a new law that will fine stores up to $50 for violating the ban. As of January 1, it is unlawful in Concord to sell non-sparkling, unflavored drinking water in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles of 1 liter or less.

3 January 2013more >>

Sainsburys Turns Christmas Cards into FSC Cash

Environmental Leader - UK supermarket Sainsburys has opened Christmas card recycling stations at 500 stores, and is making donations to the Forest Stewardship Council for each card collected. Customers can bring their cards into the stores until January 15. They can also bring a variety of other waste left over from their holiday celebrations, including wrapping paper and cardboard.

3 January 2013more >>

Polar tech uncovers how frozen regions are changing

New Scientist - New wireless sensors, sea-gliders and robots will show how climate change is affecting the ice and glaciers of the Arctic and Antarctica.

3 January 2013more >>

Superstorm lessons for adapting to climate change

New Scientist - As the post-Sandy rebuild gets under way, coastal cities around the world will be watching.

28 December 2012more >>

Environment connected to human evolution

Ecoki - According to researchers at Penn State and Rutgers University, environmental changes in East Africa that occurred approximately 2 million years ago might be what is responsible for human evolution.

28 December 2012more >>

The Prince of Wales warns minister of 'Frankenstein food' fears

Telegraph.co.uk - Prince Charles holds private meeting with Owen Paterson, the Environment Secretary, where he is said to have voiced his fears over GM crops.

23 December 2012more >>

Green gift guide III: the greenest giving

Ecoki - Nows the time to finish up that Christmas shopping. With just ten days left until the big day, you want to make sure you get everyone done on your list and wrap up the final pieces. Thankfully, our friends at the Rainforest Alliance have put together their annual green giving guide.

15 December 2012more >>

1,500-Year Cycle Found in Arctic Atmospheric Pattern

The Epoch Times - A clear 1,500-year cycle had been found in the far North's surface atmosphere pressure pattern.

10 December 2012more >>

Living life off the grid

Ecoki - Living off the grid is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason: it brings you to a world of simplicity and survival, but in a way of comfort that those who live off-grid absolutely love.

9 December 2012more >>

Doha climate change deal clears way for damage aid to poor nations

The Guardian - EU, Australia and Norway also sign up to new carbon-cutting targets as fortnight-long conference in Qatar closes.

8 December 2012more >>

Doha climate talks stumbling towards a deal

New Scientist - As the Qatar climate summit looks set to run into the weekend, we look at some key issues, such as compensation for poor countries harmed by climate change.

7 December 2012more >>

Arctic lost record snow and ice last year as data shows changing climate

The Guardian - The Arctic lost more snow and sea ice between October 2011 and August 2012 than any year other on record, a premier US science agency reported on Wednesday, delivering the fullest picture to date of a region in the throes of rapid, system-wide change.

5 December 2012more >>

Obama urged by environmental groups to take on climate change in next term

The Guardian - Activists step up pressure on president to turn vague promises made since re-election into concrete policies for the future.

4 December 2012more >>

A low carbon future is the one we must all fight for | Michael Jacobs

The Guardian - UN negotiations in Doha are just a sideshow. The real climate change battle is being staged elsewhere.

2 December 2012more >>

America's carbon tax offers a lesson to the rest of the planet on fighting climate change | Henry Porter

The Guardian - Thanks to extreme weather events, Republicans are slowly accepting that the government has to intervene.

2 December 2012more >>

Green Gift Guide, Part 1: Eco-Charities

Ecoki - For the person who has everything, dont turn to giftcards or useless gifts to give to them this holiday season. Instead, consider donating on behalf of them to an eco-charity instead.

1 December 2012more >>

BP Banned From Federal Contracts

Environmental Leader - The EPA has temporarily suspended BP and its named affiliated companies from new contracts with the federal government. The agency is taking this action due to what it calls BPs lack of business integrity as demonstrated by the Deepwater Horizon blowout, explosion, oil spill, and response.

29 November 2012more >>

How much will you pay for a green future?

New Scientist - Money's tight, but so is time to prepare for the effects of climate change.

29 November 2012more >>

Apple, Samsung Tin Under Fire

Environmental Leader - Friends of the Earth has called on Apple and Samsung to tell consumers where they source the tin used in their mobile phones, as part of the UK-based advocacy groups Make It Better campaign.

28 November 2012more >>

Doha 2012: US claims 'enormous' efforts to cut carbon emissions

The Guardian - Two weeks of talks aim at securing a treaty by 2015 to cut greenhouse emissions.

26 November 2012more >>

Sustainability a Key Factor for Consumers, Survey Finds

Environmental Leader - Two thirds of consumers in six countries recognize the need to consume less and purchase products that are good for the environment and society, according to an online survey.

26 November 2012more >>

U.S. Special Forces In Afghanistan Give You 5 Good Reasons To Support Solar Power

CleanTechnica - U.S. Soldiers have been using solar power in the Afghanistan war for a couple of years now, with everything from solar backpack kits to large stationary arrays. One project especially worth noting is a group of ten 28-kilowatt hybrid solar/diesel generators that have been deployed for Special Forces Soldiers in remote outposts.

25 November 2012more >>

Greenland becoming more green, thanks to Global Warming

Environmental News Network - I don't want to be told that thanks to Global Warming - now accepted by the majority (77%) of Americans and so therefore, in my opinion, a new Tipping Point - strawberry plants can now survive a Greenland winter.

23 November 2012more >>

Methane leaks suggest fracking benefits exaggerated

New Scientist - High levels of methane over a large area of Australia's Tara gas field suggests the fracking process may cause gas to leak from the ground.

21 November 2012more >>

Full steam ahead for carbon trading

New Scientist - California's new emissions trading system could be the start of something much bigger a truly international carbon market.

20 November 2012more >>

Climate change predicted to hit poorest hardest

Environmental News Network - All nations will suffer the effects of a warmer world, but the world's poorest countries will suffer most from food shortages, rising sea levels, cyclones and drought, the World Banks new report on climate change says.

20 November 2012more >>

Influential investors call for action on 'serious climate danger'

The Guardian - A coalition of global investors said extreme weather was increasing investment risks and could disrupt economies.

20 November 2012more >>

GM Sustainability Update: Energy Intensity Drops 6%

Environmental Leader - General Motors has realized year-over-year gains against all of its 2020 environmental goals, including reducing its energy intensity by six percent in that time period, according to an update to the company's first sustainability report since re-organizing in 2009.

16 November 2012more >>

US Military Takes Part in Reducing Ecological Footprint

Environmental News Network - In an effort to enhance American security and address climate change, the U.S. military is diminishing its footprint. The military is producing cleaner power, reducing energy consumption, managing water and minimizing waste. Their efforts encompass vast numbers of vehicles, ships, planes, buildings, lands, and other facilities.

16 November 2012more >>

Survey finds men are more environmentally responsible car drivers than women

Environmental News Network - Male motorists are more likely to drive in a more environmentally friendly manner than females, according to the surprising results of a new survey. And more men than women say they will only use a car when cycling, public transport or walking are not an option.

15 November 2012more >>

Obama vows to take personal charge of climate change in second term

The Guardian - President acknowledges first term made only limited progress on the contentious issue that has lit up since hurricane Sandy.

14 November 2012more >>

Poles apart: satellites reveal why Antarctic sea ice grows as Arctic melts

The Guardian - US military satellite data exposes complexity of climate change and impact of changing wind patterns on polar regions.

11 November 2012more >>

Planting Forests for Carbon Sequestration

Environmental News Network - Post-Kyoto there has been strong support for global emissions to be 'capped'. Key nations, including Australia, Norway and Japan, have already started to place a price on carbon, with internal stakeholders now having a legal obligation to pay for the greenhouse gasses they emit. One strategy that has been adopted by these 'compliance' markets as well as many 'voluntary' markets includes the purchasing of carbon credits that are linked with the forestry sector.

9 November 2012more >>

How Obama can seal his climate change legacy

New Scientist - A re-elected Barack Obama says he wants an America "that isn't threatened by the destructive power of a warming planet". But how can he get it?

7 November 2012more >>

Sandy aftermath: New York City is rotting at the core

New Scientist - Beneath the destruction brought by superstorm Sandy lies a more insidious problem. Rising sea levels are corroding the very foundations of the Big Apple.

6 November 2012more >>

Yosemite's long-lost twin could be resurrected

New Scientist - A San Francisco ballot could lead to Hetch Hetchy reservoir being drained and restored to a wilderness to match its iconic neighbour.

5 November 2012more >>

New York Marathon runners deliver food and supplies to hard-hit Staten Island

The Guardian - Runners in town for the cancelled race seen jogging in the devastated New York borough with backpacks full of supplies.

4 November 2012more >>

Romney attacked over climate change as activists tap post-Sandy concerns

The Guardian - Activists run TV ads based on Romney's dismissive remarks about global warming and bid to follow him on campaign trail.

4 November 2012more >>

Climate change mitigation 'far cheaper than inaction'

Environmental News Network - Tackling the global climate crisis could reap significant economic benefits for both developed and developing countries, according to a new report.

31 October 2012more >>

Slow-moving hurricanes such as Sandy on the rise

New Scientist - Sandy will linger for days over the US east coast. Climate change means future hurricanes will be more likely to behave this way too.

29 October 2012more >>

Economic worries? It's the environment

The Guardian - No credible economic policy can ignore the fact that the fate of one is wholly dependent on the other.

29 October 2012more >>

Sustainability is Key, 42% of Companies Say

Environmental Leader - Some 42 percent of companies in 2012 more than twice as many as in 2006 say sustainability plays a key role in their business operations.

29 October 2012more >>

Hurricane Sandy: what to expect, where | Harry J Enten

The Guardian - With Hurricane Sandy striking the US east coast, population centres are bracing for storm surge, heavy rain and high winds.

29 October 2012more >>

Organizational Barriers to Sustainability

Environmental Leader - The layers of barriers organizations face to achieve sustainability.

29 October 2012more >>

Sustainability to Dominate Packaging Industry in 10 Years

Environmental Leader - Sustainability will replace cost as one of the packaging industry's major challenges within 10 years, according to a study conducted by Packaging World and DuPont.

26 October 2012more >>

Fukushima fish 'may be inedible for a decade'

The Guardian - Marine scientist finds levels of radioactivity in fish near stricken Fukushima nuclear plant are higher than expected.

25 October 2012more >>

Companies going unpunished for North Sea spills

The Guardian - Fines issued for only seven of 4,123 oil spills since 2000, with no company having to pay more than £20,000.

25 October 2012more >>

Melting Greenland

Environmental News Network - The Greenland ice sheet is a vast body of ice covering 660,235 square miles, roughly 80% of the surface of Greenland.

24 October 2012more >>

Colorado goes fracking free: we have the power | Mariel Hemingway

The Guardian - Renewable energy is real and happening and we can persuade industry to find better ways than fracking.

23 October 2012more >>

Ikea unveils plans to use 100% clean energy by 2020

The Guardian - Retailer plans 1.5bn investment in wind and solar energy through to 2015 as part of new sustainability strategy.

23 October 2012more >>

Talking beluga whale named Noc is revealed

The Guardian - Beluga whale kept at US research foundation learned how to make human sounds that fooled divers, according to study.

23 October 2012more >>

Electric Vehicles: Transitioning to a Sustainable Future

Environmental News Network - The US has a car culture. In 2010, 95% of American households owned a car and 85% of Americans drove to work each day. This is radically different from the lifestyle most Americans had after World War II, when 40% of Americans did not own cars.

22 October 2012more >>

Localised sunshade could stop Arctic melting

New Scientist - Blocking the sun's rays over specific areas of the planet might do a better job of slowing climate change, but who decides which regions to save?

21 October 2012more >>

Independent geoengineer's ocean field test condemned

New Scientist - The former CEO of a geoengineering company has dumped iron into the ocean in an attempt to lock away carbon, drawing the ire of geoengineering researchers.

17 October 2012more >>

Tidal records expose surge in hurricanes

New Scientist - An examination of historical storm surges shows that Atlantic hurricanes are worsening.

15 October 2012more >>

Disney breaks ties with paper makers over Indonesian rainforest concerns

The Guardian - Publisher pledges to use alternative sources as activist rejoices that 'The Jungle Book will no longer be destroying the jungle'.

11 October 2012more >>

Majority of Americans believe Climate Change is worsening extreme weather

Environmental News Network - According to a new poll, 74 percent of Americans agree that climate change is impacting weather in the U.S., including 73 percent who agreed, strongly or somewhat, that climate change had exacerbated record high temperatures over the summer.

11 October 2012more >>

Green Success:: Sustainable Business and Healthy Living

Environmental News Network - Good Foods Market & Cafe in Lexington, Kentucky, has set an amazing example of a commercial establishment focusing on sustainability, local, natural, organic and whole foods. Store Manager Dan Arnett and his staff have examined the store%u2019s day-to-day operations to determine ways to cut energy and water usage, use biodegradable items in the cafe, recycle and find other methods of greening the cooperative. For one project, Arnett requested that the city place seven 15-yard recycling bins next to the rain garden behind the building for store and neighborhood use.

9 October 2012more >>

Canada's ozone science group falls victim to government cuts

The Guardian - Budget cuts to the ozone monitoring department were $13.3m this year, the 25th anniversary of the Montreal protocol. Thousands of people have avoided getting skin cancer thanks to Canadian scientists who invented the UV index and the gold-standard tool for measuring the thickness of the Earth's ozone layer. But now Canada's ozone science group no longer exists, victim of government budget cuts.

9 October 2012more >>

BP Texas City sell-off boosts Deepwater Horizon fund

The Guardian - BP is close to reaching its $38bn disposals target after selling its Texas City refinery, where 15 people died and 170 were injured in an explosion in 2005, to Marathon Petroleum for $2.5bn (£1.55bn).

8 October 2012more >>

Exploitation of the Arctic must be reined in

New Scientist - Rampant economic activity in one of our last wildernesses is a disaster in the making. The world needs the Arctic and we have a responsibility to protect it.

4 October 2012more >>

Oregon volcano power project gets green light

New Scientist - The US government has issued permits to allow a Seattle-based firm to inject water into a dormant volcano to generate clean energy.

3 October 2012more >>

Farmers fight back against 'BBC bias' around badger cull

Telegraph.co.uk - Farmers have written to the BBC to complain about bias in its reporting of the planned badger cull.

2 October 2012more >>

Bolivian Tree Rings Provide Archive of Amazon Rainfall

The Epoch Times - Rings from just eight lowland cedar trees in Bolivia have produced a century-long record of rainfall patterns across the entire Amazon basin.

1 October 2012more >>

Scattering moss can restore key carbon sink

New Scientist - Peat bogs help keep carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, so a new project aims to rebuild them by scattering beads of moss.

27 September 2012more >>

Google-Funded 845 MW Wind Farm Goes Online

Environmental Leader - A Google-backed wind farm in Oregon is operational and generating up to 845 MW of wind energy. The Shepherds Flat project is one of the largest on-shore wind farms in the world, according to Oregon officials and developer Caithness Energy, and will eliminate 1.483 million metric tons of CO2 annually.

26 September 2012more >>

Green Building Benefits Need Better Documentation

Environmental Leader - Wider financial, environmental and social benefits need to be documented for green building if it is to maintain the growth seen in the past decade, according to research by McGraw-Hill Construction. For Determining the Value of Green Building Investments: A Perspective From Industry Leaders on Triple Bottom Line Decision Making.

26 September 2012more >>

Climate change already harming the global economy

New Scientist - The world's failure to tackle climate change is costing 1 per cent of global GDP every year, boosting the case for urgent action on emissions.

26 September 2012more >>

US groundwater supplies - video

The Guardian - How bad has the US drought been? Images produced by Nasa satellites show that the drought still lingers in underground water supplies. Watch the video to see which areas have been worst affected.

24 September 2012more >>

The mini parks that could transform Los Angeles

The Guardian - A simple but radical idea is set to erode LA's love affair with the car and reclaim some street space for pedestrians. The idea is simple. Choose a street lined with cars, remove two of them, ring the space with plants, install a bench, table, bike racks and, hey presto: a park. A tiny one with a distinct rectangular shape perhaps, but still a park. Or, as those who created it say: a parklet.

23 September 2012more >>

The Problem with Tree Plantations

Environmental News Network - Today, September 21, is the "International Day of Struggle against Monoculture Tree Plantations", an annual event organized by a coalition of social and environmental groups. Here, Isaac Rojas, a Costa Rican who is Friends of the Earth International coordinator of its Forest and Biodiversity Program, expresses his view point on industrial plantations.

22 September 2012more >>

Let's use evolution to turn us green

New Scientist - We say we want to save the planet, but don't change our lifestyles to do so. Is evolution an overlooked option, ask Mark van Vugt and Vladas Griskevicius

21 September 2012more >>

Solar-powered desalination will transform Navajo life

New Scientist - A scheme in Arizona using solar energy to power a water desalination plant aims to bring running water to thousands of people.

20 September 2012more >>

The Risks of Ignoring Environmental Records during Malfunction Events

Environmental Leader - It's no secret that one of the most important methods of keeping your business in compliance with regulations is to keep regular and detailed records about all your environmental aspects, including equipment parameters and production records. What many managers dont know is that these environmental records become even more important during those periods.

11 September 2012more >>

Summer Temps in the Lower 48 Are 3rd Highest on Record

Environmental News Network - Between June and August, the contiguous United States experienced its 3rd hottest summer. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the average temperature around the lower 48 states was warmer than average in June and August, and set a new heat record for July.

10 September 2012more >>

LA Schools Drop Foam Lunch Trays

Environmental Leader - The Los Angeles Unified School District has begun using recyclable and compostable paper cafeteria trays instead of the foam lunch carriers previously in use, the LA Times reports. The announcement was made last week at Thomas Starr King Middle School in the Los Feliz area of LA where, two years prior, student activism had started.

10 September 2012more >>

Will carbon capture clean up tar sands?

New Scientist - For the first time a carbon capture and storage plant will store some of the carbon dioxide produced by refining dirty oil from tar sands

6 September 2012more >>

Can Sustainability Become a Central Part of Corporate Strategy?

Environmental Leader - Sustainability. Can it become a central part of corporate strategy? According to this INSEAD video, today, the answer is it had better be.

4 September 2012more >>

Organic food study leaves health question unanswered | Flora Malein

The Guardian - Fans of organic food will be pleased it contains fewer contaminants, but health benefits have yet to be shown.

4 September 2012more >>

How Can Cities Reduce the - Heat Island - They Create?

Environmental News Network - More than 20,000 high-temperature records have been broken so far this year in the United States. And the heat is especially bad in cities, which are heating up about twice as fast as the rest of the planet.

4 September 2012more >>

US and EU must change biofuel targets to avert food crisis, says Nestle chief | John Vidal

The Guardian - Food company chief executive labels biofuels an aberration and expresses concern about potential impact of water wastage. Nestlé, the world's largest food company, has added its weight to calls by the UN and development groups for the US and EU to change their biofuel targets because of looming food shortages and price rises.

4 September 2012more >>

40 GW CHP Would Save $10bn a Year, Report Finds But Barriers Remain

Environmental Leader - Achieving 40 GW of new combined heat and power by 2020 would save energy users $10 billion a year compared to current energy use and reduce emissions by 150 million metric tons of CO2 annually, according to a report by the Department of Energy and EPA. Combined Heat and Power: A Clean Energy Solution.

31 August 2012more >>

Methane Under Antarctica Ice

Environmental News Network - There is a lot of stored Methane in the environment and numerous natural sources. Well add a sort of new one that may be bigger than previously supposed. A new study demonstrates that old organic matter in sedimentary basins located beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheet may have been converted to methane by micro-organisms living under oxygen-deprived conditions.

30 August 2012more >>

Food Waste Causes Losses Throughout the Supply Chain

Environmental Leader - Grocery stores and other retail food sellers are losing as much as $15 billion a year in unsold fruits and vegetables alone, with about half of the U.S. supply going uneaten, according to an analysis on food waste by the National Resources Defense Council.

23 August 2012more >>

Global Food Companies Should Upgrade Sustainable Supply Chain Strategies

Environmental Leader - Only four of the worlds largest food producers Danone, Heinz, PepsiCo and Unilever have invested in wide-ranging codes of conduct to guide their suppliers environmental performance, according to a new report from Verdantix. Verdantix benchmarked the sustainable supply chain strategies of the 12 largest global food firms.

21 August 2012more >>

Building sustainable global research partnerships and saving the puma

The Guardian - A UK-funded conservation project in Mexico has involved local landowners, universities and a Grammy award-winning band to achieve a triple bottom line of sustainability, reports Jon Lovett.

20 August 2012more >>

The IT Energy Bill: Do We Need a New Metric for CIOs?

Environmental Leader - I often hear that IT sustainability aka green IT initiatives dont make it into the top three priorities for a Chief Information Officer (CIO). When I ask why and if they know how much energy IT consumes and how much it costs, I am more often than not met with a muffled response.

15 August 2012more >>

Tobacco plain packaging: cigarette companies lose Australian court case

The Guardian - Victory for government will force manufacturers to remove branding and sell tobacco products in generic green packets.

15 August 2012more >>

Hardy polar bears have survived past global warming

New Scientist - Polar bears have been around for millions of years longer than previously thought and might be resilient to current climate change and habitat loss.

25 July 2012more >>

Initial Announcement Is Key to Success for Clean Energy Projects

Environmental Leader - When a clean energy project is in its early stages, there are many factors that can make or break an announcement campaign. What is your company trying to achieve? Who is the target audience? By what means will the message be conveyed? What is your plan to build public support throughout the entitlement process?

25 July 2012more >>

Melting at unprecedented rate

The Guardian - Scientists at Nasa admitted they thought satellite readings were a mistake after images showed 97% surface melt over four days.

24 July 2012more >>

US navy veterans urge Congress to fund 'critical' green fleet programme

The Guardian - Nearly 400 military members sign letter insisting research on alternative fuels for military use is vital to national security.

24 July 2012more >>

Starbucks Cup Sleeves to Cut Raw Fibers 34%

Environmental Leader - Starbucks has launched EarthSleeve, a compostable hot-cup sleeve that the coffee company says decreases raw fiber material use by 34 percent and increases post-consumer content by 25 percent, compared to similar products. Manufactured in Cicero, Ill. by LBP Manufacturing with Henkel adhesives, the EarthSleeve is being introduced at Starbucks locations across the US and Canada.

23 July 2012more >>

10 Reasons Why Sustainable/Energy Retrofits of Commercial Buildings Will Be the Next Big Thing

Environmental Leader - According to the US Department of Energy, commercial buildings account for 35 percent of US (and 40 percent of global) electricity consumption. Existing commercial buildings on average spend 30 percent of their operating budgets on operating costs and account for close to 20 percent of all global carbon emissions.

23 July 2012more >>

Plants reduce pollution more than we thought

Ecoki - We already know that plants are great for the environment, and now theres more reason to add some more greenery to our cities. A new report outlining how great they really are has been published in the ACS journal Environmental Science and Technology.

22 July 2012more >>

Apple, Colgate Among Companies Agreeing to 44 Shareholder Resolutions

Environmental Leader - Apple, Intel, Colgate, Smuckers, Crocs, and Garmin are among the companies whose investors successfully used shareholder resolutions to spur corporate action on climate change, hydraulic fracturing, supply chain and water availability risks, among other sustainability issues, during the 2012 proxy voting season.

20 July 2012more >>

Conservatives Concerned about Climate Change Stepping It Up

CleanTechnica - Former Republican Congressman Bob Inglis (who was ousted by the Tea Party) is, as far as I can tell, a true climate hawk. Some of the best speeches I've seen on climate change have come from him.

15 July 2012more >>

Apple Jumps Back on EPEAT Bandwagon

CleanTechnica - Eduitors Note: So, as Chelsea noted the other day, Apple decided this week that it no longer meshed with the eco-label EPEAT. As a response, San Francisco told Apple it was out (city officials wouldn't be buying its products).

14 July 2012more >>

Why you really DO need to properly recycle or dispose of your printer cartridges!

Environmental News Network - We live in a wasteful society. After buying products, many people are all too used to throwing them away, and haven't quite grasped the concept of recycling yet. But we are getting there slowly.

13 July 2012more >>

US Consumers Rank Last for Sustainable Behavior, National Geographic Says

Environmental Leader - Americans rank last compared to the rest of the world in sustainable behavior; as they have every year and don't feel guilty about this, according to a National Geographic survey.

13 July 2012more >>

Tesco Uses Match-Making Software to Find Green Tech Partners

Environmental Leader - UK grocery giant Tesco has announced it will use iVeridis matchmaking software to help it find suppliers for energy-efficiency projects, helping the company reach its goal of being zero carbon by 2050.

13 July 2012more >>

US drought Threatens Price of Food as Hot Weather Fries Corn

The Guardian - The worst drought to hit the United States in nearly 25 years is threatening to drive up food prices around the world.

11 July 2012more >>

The Climate of the Climate Debate is Changing

The Guardian - Quantifying how greenhouse gases contribute to extreme weather is a crucial step in calculating the cost of human influence.

11 July 2012more >>

San Francisco Plans to Ban Apple over Green Credentials

The Guardian - City officials may be banned from buying the computers after the technology company pulled out of a green scheme.

11 July 2012more >>

Spray-On Lithium-Ion Batteries Can Turn Any Surface Into a Battery

CleanTechnica - Rice University researchers have developed an unusual type of lithium-ion battery. It is a liquid that can be painted or sprayed onto any surface.

10 July 2012more >>

Soy Ink: Five Ways It's Better for the Environment

CleanTechnica - Here's an interesting story on soy ink and why it's so popular today and as we often discuss with respect to solar and wind energy, being green isn't good enough for a lot of people, but being cheap and green is.

9 July 2012more >>

Canadian Forest Industry And Environmental Groups Sign World's Largest Conservation Agreement

Environmental News Network - The 21 member companies of the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC), and nine leading environmental organizations, have endorsed an unprecedented agreement %u2013 the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement %u2013 that applies to 72 million hectares of public forests licensed to FPAC members.

9 July 2012more >>

Energy Storage Projects Continue to Increase Worldwide

CleanTechnica - The number of energy storage projects deployed on a global basis is on the rise due to the onward growth of technology towards commercial availability.

9 July 2012more >>

SolarCity: 300 Jobs Openings Across the US

CleanTechnica - SolarCity dropped us a note a few days ago that it has 300 job openings across the US, in a variety of different positions (of course).

8 July 2012more >>

New York City vs Heiden - A Solar City Comparison

CleanTechnica - Earlier this year, New York City reached a total of 8.4 MW of installed solar capacity. This meant that the most populous city of the US had accomplished its 2015 goal set by the %u201CSolar America City%u201D program back in 2008 three years early.

8 July 2012more >>

Lower Oil Prices - Not a Good Sign!

The Oil Drum - Are lower oil prices good news? Not really, if it means the world is sinking into recession.

6 July 2012more >>

Beijing Introduces Recycling Banks that Pay Subway Credits for Bottles

The Guardian - Beijing's vast army of plastic-bottle scavengers will get an automated rival later this month, when the city introduces its first reverse vending machines that pay subway credits in exchange for returned containers.

4 July 2012more >>

Ethical Fashion: 10 Summer Must-Haves

The Guardian - Big patterns and bold colours are everywhere this summer, and ethical line Fashion Conscience is no exception.

4 July 2012more >>

The Real Disappointment of the Rio 20 Conference

Environmental News Network - World leaders attending the recent Rio 20 conference agreed to promote sustainable consumption and production, but analysts say getting businesses and buyers to do just that will require far more than words on paper.

3 July 2012more >>

How Companies Measure, Manage and Communicate ESG Performance

Environmental Leader - The Changing ESG Landscape quarterly analyst call addressing the evolution of sustainability reporting (exchanges, indexes and ratings), ESG / Impact investing and sustainable development ROI.

3 July 2012more >>

Capitalism Is Alive and Well in the Green Community

Environmental Leader - Even though it may have become a dirty word in some circles and protest rallies, I am very pleased and proud to say that making a profit is no longer considered an ethics violation within the green community.

3 July 2012more >>

IBM Sustainability Report: $43M in Energy Costs Saved in 2011

Environmental Leader - IBM saved $43 million in energy expenses last year, conserving 378,000 MWh of electricity and 326,000 million BTUs of fuel oil and natural gas through hundreds of conservation projects, according to the company's 2011 corporate responsibility report.

3 July 2012more >>

'No doubt' that Climate Change is Playing a Role in U.S. Fires

Environmental News Network - A noted climate scientist says there is "no doubt" that climate change is "playing a role" in this year's series of record fires in the western U.S.

2 July 2012more >>

Humans and Nature turn American West into a Tinderbox

New Scientist - Dry, hot, windy weather and our success at putting out small, natural forest fires have created the "perfect storm" for the massive US wildfires.

2 July 2012more >>

Student finds new way of turning plastic into biofuel

Environmental News Network - A method for generating biofuel by breaking down plastics using a low-cost catalyst will be developed further in the United Kingdom next month (2 July).

29 June 2012more >>

Big clean-up begins after storms leave thousands without electricity

The Guardian - Flood alerts remain in force after streets are submerged and 'golf ball' hail stones fall.

29 June 2012more >>

Colorado wildfires visible in video from International Space Station

The Guardian - As Colorado Springs residents watch homes burn, astronauts on the space station have a different angle on the fires.

29 June 2012more >>

World's first CCS leak experiment completed in sea off Scotland

The Guardian - An investigation into the safety of carbon capture and storage has pumped four and a half tonnes of carbon dioxide into the sea.

29 June 2012more >>

Energy Efficiency Without Trying (and With)

Environmental News Network - John Lennon wrote that life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. Apparently, the same is true of energy efficiency. Energy savings happen when we're busy doing other things %u2013 Internet-based things specifically.

29 June 2012more >>

Colorado firefighters battling Waldo Canyon fire get help from US air force

The Guardian - Elite military tankers called in to stop spread of flames near Colorado Springs are considered a last resort in fighting wildfires.

27 June 2012more >>

Rio 20: Reflections on the way forward for sustainable business

The Guardian - Hundreds of new initiatives were launched at the sustainable development conference but the corporate sector still needs to do more to earn society's trust.

27 June 2012more >>

Earth Summit signals move to give nature a price tag

New Scientist - UN environmental diplomacy hit the buffers in Rio de Janeiro. In future, green action will come about through economic self-interest or not at all.

27 June 2012more >>

US court upholds EPA's greenhouse gas rules

The Guardian - The ruling upholds the underpinnings of the Obama administration's push to regulate carbon dioxide emissions.

27 June 2012more >>

Scientists warn US east coast over accelerated sea level rise

The Guardian - Study says sea level is rising far faster than elsewhere, which could increase incidence of New York flooding.

24 June 2012more >>

Sea-level Rise Accelerates Faster on US East Coast

New Scientist - The Atlantic coast of North America is a hotspot of sea level rise, suggesting that a major Atlantic current is slowing down.

24 June 2012more >>

UPS Rolls Out Lightweight Composite Trucks In a Move Towards Energy Efficiency

Environmental News Network - UPS announced the results of a year long experiment to test five pilot vehicles and gauge whether they could meet the demands of the company's operating and delivery needs. The results were an impressive reduction in fuel consumption, easier repairs and greater durability. Explained during a conference call yesterday, UPS' exploration of composite vehicles is another chapter in the company's quest to become as sustainable and responsible as possible.

22 June 2012more >>

Peak planet: Are We Starting to Consume Less?

New Scientist - Some say humanity's ever-rising environmental impact is about to go into reverse. Fact or just fantasy, asks Fred Pearce

20 June 2012more >>

IBM Supercomputer Uses 40% Less Energy, Set to Save $1.25m Annually

Environmental Leader - IBM has collaborated with the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) in Garching, Germany to develop a hot-water cooled supercomputer (pictured) that consumes 40 percent less energy than a comparable air-cooled machine and is 10 times more compact. This year state-funded institutions across Germany are required to purchase 100 percent of their electricity from sustainable sources.

19 June 2012more >>

Top Marks for EPA on 2011 Sustainability Scorecard

Environmental Leader - The EPA met all of its sustainability and energy goals for 2011 and remains on track to meet all seven future goals on its Office of Management and Budget sustainability scorecard, amid mixed results from other major federal departments and agencies. The scorecard measures the sustainability of federal departments and agencies using seven metrics.

19 June 2012more >>

Japan prepares to switch nuclear reactors back on

New Scientist - Despite the partial meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi plant, Japan looks set to restart its power stations

18 June 2012more >>

How to convince climate sceptics to be pro-environment

New Scientist - Converting climate-change sceptics is futile, but you can persuade them to take action anyway by focusing on social benefits, not environmental consequences

17 June 2012more >>

North Carolina tries to outlaw climate models

New Scientist - State senate legislators in North Carolina have passed a bill banning the use of appropriate models to forecast rising sea levels

15 June 2012more >>

All eyes on China's green leap forward

New Scientist - The west can learn from China's foray into environmental economics.

14 June 2012more >>

US fails on Happy Planet Index

New Scientist - The world looks very different when countries are measured according to quality of life and environmental sustainability.

13 June 2012more >>

Faith Leaders Tell Walmart to Match Competitors Best Buy, Staples and Office Depot&rsquo;s E-Waste Policies

Environmental Leader - Environmental activists and local clergy from all 50 states have called on Walmart to change its e-waste recycling policies. The %u201COpen Letter to Walmart on Stewardship of Electronic Waste,%u201D signed by more than 100 priests, pastors, rabbis, lay leaders, faith-based activists and theologians, asks the retail giant to match its competitors%u2019 e-waste recycling programs.

4 June 2012more >>

Energy Efficient LEDs Displace Conventional Technology and Value Shrinks Overall

Environmental News Network - Improving lighting efficiency is an investment in the future. Yet costs have been prohibiting many people from becoming early adaptors of energy efficient commercial lighting such as LED lighting. This is finally starting to change as we now have research that shows the costs of LED lighting is finally coming down.

4 June 2012more >>

Verdantix Report: 42% Senior Execs Expect to Change Energy Management by 2014

Environmental Leader - Large-scale energy systems integration has become an important component of financial performance for a number of public and private sectors, including grocery retail, telecom, real estate development, data centers, manufacturing and electricity networks, according to a six-month study conducted by independent analyst firm Verdantix.

4 June 2012more >>

Now Greece is looking at an energy crisis

Environmental News Network - Greece's debt crisis threatened to turn into an energy crunch, with the power regulator calling an emergency meeting this week to avert a collapse of the country's electricity and natural gas system.

4 June 2012more >>

IBM, Recology Drive San Francisco Toward Zero-Waste Status

Environmental Leader - IBM is collaborating with resource recovery company Recology to help San Francisco achieve zero waste by 2020. The city&#8217;s diversion rate already totals 78 percent, which Recology says is the highest in the US.

1 June 2012more >>

Bayer Healthcare Installs 295 kW Solar Carport

Environmental Leader - SolarCity has completed a 295 kW solar installation at Bayer Healthcares manufacturing facilities in Berkeley, Calif. Its the largest solar project in the city, according to the California Solar Initiatives database. Bayer expects the system to reduce its CO2 emissions by more than 100 pounds over the next 20 years.

31 May 2012more >>

Harris Poll: More 18- to 24-Year-Olds Say They&rsquo;ll Pay Extra for &lsquo;Green&rsquo; Products

Environmental Leader - Thirty-one percent of 18- to 24-year-olds say they take environmental issues into consideration when making purchases, according to Harris Interactive, a number that has risen from 24 percent in 2010 and 22 percent in 2009.

31 May 2012more >>

Switching to a green economy could mean millions of jobs, says UN

The Guardian - Tens of millions of new jobs can be created around the world in the next two decades if green policies are put in place to switch the high-carbon economy to low-carbon, the UN has said.

31 May 2012more >>

HP Unveils Net Zero-Energy Data Center Design

Environmental Leader - Hewlett-Packard has unveiled designs for a data center that requires no net energy from traditional power grids. The Net-Zero Energy Data Center architecture, designed by HPs research arm HP Labs, shows how organizations can cut total power use by 30 percent, as well as reduce dependence on grid power and costs by more than 80 percent.

31 May 2012more >>

Most Retailers Using Energy Management in Over Half Their Stores, Report Says

Environmental Leader - Some 63 percent of retailers now have an energy management system in at least 50 percent of their stores, according to a report by retail and multi-site facilities management organization the Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association.

24 May 2012more >>

Solar plane begins first flight from Europe to Africa

The Guardian - Single-seater aircraft with 207ft wingspan aims to reach Morocco via Madrid and is being seen as a trial for a round-the-world flight.

24 May 2012more >>

Los Angeles votes to ban plastic bags

The Guardian - LA becomes biggest city in America to phase plastic bags in supermarkets after pressure from environmental activists.

24 May 2012more >>

Accor Launches Carbon Footprint Calculator for Events

Environmental Leader - Accor, the European hotel group that owns the Sofitel and Adagio brands, has launched an interactive tool designed to help seminar organizers determine the carbon footprint of an upcoming event.

23 May 2012more >>

Nine out of Ten Businesses Have Energy Goals, Deloitte Says

Environmental Leader - Businesses are driving efforts to cut energy consumption even as the economy recovers, and plan to cut energy use nearly 25 percent over three to four years, according to a survey from the Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions.

22 May 2012more >>

NASCAR and EPA Partner on Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Leader - NASCAR and the EPA have signed a memorandum of understanding intended to raise racing fans awareness of environmentally friendly products and initiatives. Under the agreement, NASCAR will use products that have earned EPA%u2019s Design for the Environment (DfE) label at racing events.

22 May 2012more >>

Intel Sustainability Report: Tech Giant Commits to 10% GHG Cut

Environmental Leader - Intel has pledged to reduce its direct greenhouse gas emissions by 10 percent on a per-chip basis by 2020 compared to 2010 levels, and announced a 34 percent reduction in its total CO2 emissions last year.

18 May 2012more >>

Apple Data Center to be 100% Powered by Renewable Energy

Environmental Leader - Apple said it will power its 500,000-square-foot data center in Maiden, N.C., entirely with renewable energy by the end of the year.

18 May 2012more >>

Ericsson Sustainability Report: Direct Carbon Intensity Drops 6%

Environmental Leader - Direct emissions from telecommunications firm Ericssons in-house activities totaled around 0.84 Mtonnes during 2011. This corresponds to a six percent reduction in direct emissions intensity from Ericssons activities year-on-year, according to the companys 2011 sustainability report.

16 May 2012more >>

EU hails airline emissions tax success

The Guardian - More than 99% of major airlines comply with first step of Europe's scheme to charge them for carbon emissions.

15 May 2012more >>

Places to Look for Energy Losses in Commercial Buildings

Environmental Leader - Data from millions of businesses, institutions and manufacturers show that sustainability issues fall into four main categories: rising energy costs, growing disposal costs, limited water supply and health concerns over the quality of indoor air. Energy is often the largest line item in an operations facility management bill.

14 May 2012more >>

Integrative Corporate Sustainability Vs. Additive Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental Leader - Bas Schneiders,head of corporate sustainability and strategic sourcing, Weleda Group, discusses ethical sourcing and providing a long-term investment for suppliers Sustainable manufacturing.

14 May 2012more >>

BP engineer's arrest may force company to reveal internal estimates on Gulf spill

The Guardian - Company disputes government figures but has fought release of its own data on how much oil leaked into Gulf of Mexico in 2010. The unveiling of the first criminal charges in the Gulf of Mexico disaster could force BP to disclose a closely guarded secret %u2013 its internal estimate of how much oil actually gushed out of its stricken well.

25 April 2012more >>

Interactive: MIT researchers map energy use and building material intensity across US cities

The Guardian - Urban environment experts have produced a richly detailed interactive tool for exploring material and energy use in US cities.

25 April 2012more >>

Minnesotas LEED Buildings Join the Energy Benchmarking Trend

Environmental Leader - A initiative launched by the Minnesota Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council will collect, report and assess the energy performance of more than 150 commercial buildings throughout the state. The Performance Metrics Strategy Initiative was created to provide a benchmark for LEED-certified buildings in Minnesota.

25 April 2012more >>

Mexico Passes Climate Change Law

Environmental News Network - A law recently passed by the Mexican legislature will reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by 30 percent below business-as-usual levels by 2020, and by 50 percent below 2000 levels by 2050, reported Nature. By 2024, Mexico will also derive 35 percent of its electricity from renewable resources, according to the new law.

24 April 2012more >>

US and UK to collaborate on 'floating' turbines

The Guardian - The UK and US will work together to develop "floating" wind turbines to harness more offshore wind power at a potentially lower cost, the government said on Monday.

23 April 2012more >>

World's most endangered tribe cries for help

The Guardian - Logging companies keen to exploit Brazil's rainforest have been accused by human rights organisations of using gunmen to wipe out the Awá, a tribe of just 355. Survival International, with backing from Colin Firth, is campaigning to stop what a judge referred to as 'genocide'

21 April 2012more >>

Royal Caribbean Ships to Cut up to 20% of Energy, GHGs

Environmental Leader - Royal Caribbean has awarded more than $60 million in orders to automation technology group ABB, to provide power and propulsion systems for two energy-efficient cruise ships. The ships are scheduled for delivery in fall 2014 and spring 2015. ABB will supply complete electrical systems for the new ships.

20 April 2012more >>

Lush Cosmetics Taps the Cloud to Track Its Carbon Footprint

Environmental Leader - Lush, an international cosmetics company, has tapped cloud data management firm CloudApps to help it more accurately measure its environmental footprint. CloudApps Sustainability Suite will organize data collection and improve Lushs sustainability reporting, helping it to better manage its sustainability goals, make carbon savings and reduce operational costs, the companies say.

20 April 2012more >>

Earth Day Briefing: Coke, Pepsi, Whole Foods, Target, Caribou Coffee

Environmental Leader - Its that time of year again. In celebration of Earth Day on April 22 companies have been unveiling green initiatives all over the place. Heres a selection of those that caught our eye.

20 April 2012more >>

Apple defends green credentials

The Guardian - <p class="standfirst">Greenpeace report named Apple among worst offenders for using highly polluting coal to power their data centres Apple disclosed sensitive information about energy demand at the data centre housing its iCloud service for the first time on Tuesday, defending its green credentials in the face of a campaign by Greenpeace. In a report rating 14 companies leading the migration from local computers to cloud computing, Greenpeace gave failing grades to Apple, Amazon and Microsoft for their reliance on highly polluting coal to power their data centres.

17 April 2012more >>

Accor Hotels Target 10% Cuts in CO2, Energy Use

Environmental Leader - Hotel operator Accor has launched a set of sustainability targets for 2015 across the groups 4,400 hotels owned and leased hotels worldwide. The announcement follows a review finding that 70 percent of Accors major account customers have integrated sustainable development criteria in their supplier policies.

17 April 2012more >>

Standards &amp; Compliance Briefing: LEED Comments, ISO 50001, IEC 61646, ISO 14001

Environmental Leader - Heres the latest standards and compliance news affecting corporate environmental and energy executives. Todays briefing includes eight items. The 4th public comment period for LEED 2012, the updated version of USBGCs green building program expected to launch this fall, will run from May 1 until May 15.

17 April 2012more >>

Market Perspectives from the LP-GP Clean Energy &amp; Sustainability Forum

Environmental Leader - The most active investors in the cleantech, renewable energy and sustainability sectors share their views on the market at the fourth annual LP-GP Forum: Clean Energy & Sustainability hosted by AltAssets.

17 April 2012more >>

Mexico Emulates Neighbor California With 35% Clean Climate law

CleanTechnica - Joining world leaders in climate laws, Mexico just passed new legislation that catapults the poor neighbor to the south of the U.S. to a leadership role on a par with its northern neighbor, California. Mexicos General Law on Climate Change was just passed by an 128-10 overwhelming vote in its 500 member Chamber of Deputies.

15 April 2012more >>

Marriott Headquarters LED Retrofit to Save $120,000 Annually, Deliver 2-Year ROI

Environmental Leader - GE Lighting LED retrofits at Marriott Internationals headquarters in Bethesda, Md., will reduce electricity use by 860,000 kWh, or 66 percent, and save more than $120,000 in annual combined energy and maintenance costs, GE Lighting said.

13 April 2012more >>

Magnitude 8.6 earthquake sparks tsunami

New Scientist - A tsunami warning has been issued for the Indian Ocean, as Indonesia suffers its largest quake since 2004.

11 April 2012more >>

Study reveals mystery behind bat disease

The Guardian - Scientists finally unravel mystery behind disease that has been killing off bat colonies in US and Canada since 2006.

10 April 2012more >>

Why Are Alaska Polar Bears Losing Their Fur?

Environmental News Network - Scientists are trying to determine why some polar bears in Alaska are suffering from fur loss and skin lesions, and whether the phenomenon is related to a disease that has been killing seals in the region.

10 April 2012more >>

Building Codes: Simple Energy Savings

CleanTechnica - In energy policy, lawmakers often prefer carrots to sticks because it minimizes the opposition. But mandatory rules, like building energy codes, can save energy and pay back several times over during the useful life of buildings. The state of Illinois is poised to become a regional leader by adopting the 2012 International Energy Conservation.

9 April 2012more >>

EPA Proposes Carbon Dioxide Emissions Standards for New Fossil Fuel Power Plants

Environmental News Network - On March 27, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a rule limiting carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from new power plants fired by fossil fuels such as coal or natural gas.

9 April 2012more >>

Eco tips for a green spring clean

The Guardian - Sprucing up your home this spring? TV presenter and interior designer Julia Kendell explains how to make a house look good and still reduce its environmental impact.

3 April 2012more >>

Japanese experts warn of earthquakes that could produce 34-metre tsunamis

The Guardian - Report following disaster last March finds waves pose bigger threat than previously thought and could inundate Pacific coast.

1 April 2012more >>

Earth Hour 2012 - in pictures

The Guardian - Landmarks across the world switched off their lights for one hour in a bid to highlight global climate change.

31 March 2012more >>

Fracking could foil carbon capture plans

New Scientist - Hydraulic fracturing brings us lots of natural gas, but it could also ruin the rock formations needed to store carbon dioxide underground.

28 March 2012more >>

Footage from James Cameron's journey to the ocean's deepest point - video

The Guardian - Footage has been released from the film director's voyage to the Mariana Trench, the deepest point of the Earth's oceans.

27 March 2012more >>

Obama plan cuts emissions for future coal plants

The Guardian - New rules to cut carbon dioxide emissions will make it nearly impossible to build new coal power plants. The Obama administration effectively blocked the construction of any new coal-fired power plants on Tuesday, introducing rules to cut carbon dioxide emissions from the next generation of plants.

27 March 2012more >>

US to impose tariff on Chinese solar panels in victory for domestic makers

The Guardian - American solar panel manufactuers welcome Obama administration decision, saying it exposes unfair trade practices. The Obama administration, which regularly champions America's clean energy industry, has delivered modest support for home-grown solar panel makers complaining of unfair competition from China

20 March 2012more >>

Carbonised red mud can treat water cheaply

Environmental News Network - Red mud, a by-product of alumina industries, can be 'carbonised' for safe handling and the resulting material can be used to treat water contaminated with heavy metals, say scientists... According to their findings, after carbonisation, the capacity of red mud to remove metal contaminants, particularly lead and copper, from water improves ten-fold as compared to red mud that has been acidified, an existing method to improve the waste material.

19 March 2012more >>

Two Affiliates to sever ties with paper company linked to endangered forests

Environmental News Network - Two affiliates of Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) have announced they are severing at least some ties with the beleaguered paper giant, according to the Northern Virginia Daily and Greenpeace, an environmental group whose recent undercover investigation found ramin, a protected species, at APP's pulp mill in Sumatra.

18 March 2012more >>

Lyme Disease predicted to surge this year in Northeast US

Environmental News Network - Lyme disease is becoming more common in the Northeastern US, and is spreading more broadly across the eastern US. Commonly thought to be spread by Whitetail deer since is is carried by deer ticks, it is actually carried as well by field mice, chipmunks, and other small mammals.

17 March 2012more >>

'Bigger global killer than dirty water'

The Guardian - OECD report says pollution will become biggest cause of premature death, killing an estimated 3.6 million people a year by 2050. Urban air pollution is set to become the biggest environmental cause of premature death in the coming decades, overtaking even such mass killers as poor sanitation and a lack of clean drinking water, according to a new report.

15 March 2012more >>

On Emissions Limits, California Goes its Own Way

Environmental News Network - Earlier this year, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) completely revamped its passenger vehicle emissions control regulations. The new Advanced Clean Cars program, which covers model years 2017 to 2025, combines several regulatory schemes into the new program: the Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) program, which governs tailpipe regulations for light duty vehicles; the Clean Fuels Outlet regulation, a largely dormant effort to promote alternative fuel availability; and the most famous, or infamous, component, the ZEV mandate requiring automakers to produce vehicles with no tailpipe emissions.

15 March 2012more >>

California Nitrates

Environmental News Network - Nitrates are a common water pollutant most often associated with agricultural effluent and excess fertilizer. It is a common issue in many locations. One in 10 people living in California%u2019s most productive agricultural areas is at risk of exposure to harmful levels of nitrate contamination in their drinking water, according to a report released today by the University of California, Davis. The report was commissioned by the California State Water Resources Control Board.

14 March 2012more >>

Experts Explore the Payoffs of Investing in Sustainability

Environmental Leader - In 2012, investors may want to bet on Companies that actively manage environmental risks and take advantage of associated opportunities increasingly seem to outperform those who dont in the stock market. That could be a very good thing, both for shareholders and the planet.

13 March 2012more >>

Drought-hit England announces first wave of emergency measures

Environmental News Network - The first emergency measures to support the drought-hit south of England were announced today in an attempt to preserve dwindling water supplies. Seven firms - Southern Water, South East Water, Thames Water, Anglian Water, Sutton and East Surrey, Veolia Central and Veolia South East - jointly announced the introduction of water restrictions from April 5, just before the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. They said it was a result of two unusually dry winters which have left waters well below normal levels. The bans will forbid hosepipes and sprinklers from being used for gardening, washing cars, filling pools and for fountains.

13 March 2012more >>

Californian campaign pushes for labelling of GM food

The Guardian - Momentum gathers for ballot initiative that hopes to force labelling of genetically-modified ingredients %u2013 and could prompt a nationwide change in the US.

12 March 2012more >>

Japan marks first anniversary of earthquake and tsunami

The Guardian - Japan's emperor leads nation's mourning as Tokyo comes to halt to remember tsunami, earthquake and nuclear victims Millions of people in Japan have paid tribute to the thousands of victims of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated the country's north-east coast one year ago and sparked the world's worst nuclear crisis for 25 years.

11 March 2012more >>

Reflecting on the Winter that Never Was

Environmental News Network - In a couple weeks, the northern hemisphere will be entering the spring season, and now is a good time to reflect on this winter. For some, it feels like spring has already been here, and soon summer will be approaching. That is because for many Americans, it was the winter that never was. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), it was not the warmest winter in recent history, but it does rank pretty high. Furthermore, this winter will be marked for its amazing lack of snowfall, especially when compared with last year. The following are some highlights from around the nation.

9 March 2012more >>

BP chief Bob Dudley gets $1.6m payout for 'turning around company'

The Guardian - Chief executive gets bonus and share payout despite the oil company paying out 5bn Pounds to cover the long-running lawsuit over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

6 March 2012more >>

Fight over Yosemite's 'twin valley' restoration

The Guardian - Radical plans to remove the dam and return Hetch Hetchy Valley to its natural state has pitted conservationists against San Francisco residents and their elected representatives.

6 March 2012more >>

Diesel Exhaust linked to cancer

Environmental News Network - Heavy diesel exhaust (DE) exposure in humans may increase the risk of dying from lung cancer, according to two new studies released this week.

3 March 2012more >>

General Motors halts production of hybrid Volt as sales flatline

The Guardian - GM announces it will stop making its award-winning Chevy Volt for five weeks, but company's overall sales unlikely to slow.

2 March 2012more >>

No-waste circular economy is good business, ask China

New Scientist - Redesigning the economy to make it circular, so that all waste is reused or recycled would be good for business, say two new reports.

29 February 2012more >>

Ernst and Young: Incentives Helped Make U.S. Top for Renewable Energy Investments

Environmental Leader - Public funding helped the U.S. surpass China last year as the number one country for renewable energy investments, reversing positions held since 2009, but China maintained its position as the country with the most favorable renewable energy markets and infrastructures

29 February 2012more >>

Unusual Weather: Arctic Sea Ice Decline May Be Driving Snowy Winters Seen in Recent Years in N. Hemisphere

Environmental News Network - A new study led by the Georgia Institute of Technology provides further evidence of a relationship between melting ice in the Arctic regions and widespread cold outbreaks in the Northern Hemisphere. The study's findings could be used to improve seasonal forecasting of snow and temperature anomalies across northern continents. Since the level of Arctic sea ice set a new record low in 2007, significantly above-normal winter snow cover has been seen in large parts of the northern United States, northwestern and central Europe, and northern and central China. During the winters of 2009-2010 and 2010-2011, the Northern Hemisphere measured its second and third largest snow cover levels on record.

29 February 2012more >>

BP's US trial over Deepwater Horizon oil spill is postponed for a week

The Guardian - Multibillion dollar corporate trial is put back to allow oil giant more time to discuss possible compensation deals with plaintiffs.

26 February 2012more >>

Small Town Gets Court To Ban Fracking

Environmental News Network - This week, a New York state judge ruled that the town of Dryden, N.Y., could prohibit fracking as part of its zoning ordinance. It's one of 30 towns throughout central and southern New York that have taken the step. State environmental officials in New York placed a moratorium on fracking while they come up with new regulations to cover oil and gas drilling in the underground geological deposits.

24 February 2012more >>

New Apple HQ to be really green!

Environmental News Network - Last year, the late Steve Jobs revealed plans for Apple's new 'Spaceship' building to be located in Cupertino City, California. The futuristic structure should be completed in 2015 and will house approximately 13,000 employees. It may look like it's been plucked from the imagination of Philip K Dick, but what was previously the realm of science fiction has now become science fact. It promises to be one of the most technologically advanced offices in the world, being totally self-sufficient for power with the national grid acting only as backup.

24 February 2012more >>

Illinois Researchers Identify Promising New Biofuel

Environmental News Network - Biofuel production has ratcheted up to become a major part of America's energy and agricultural industries. Corn, or maize, is by far the most widely grown crop to be converted into ethanol. However, the dominance of maize in the biofuel industry is not without its pitfalls. Now, researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have identified a temperate-tropical maize hybrid that can potentially revolutionize biofuels in this country. The maize hybrid has the potential to increase ethanol production for each unit of plant material, and minimize the environmental cost of biofuel production.

23 February 2012more >>

Are Some Sustainable Businesses Buying Less Green?

Environmental Leader - Yes, I am quite certain some very good green companies are indeed buying fewer green products. However, despite some recent reports to the contrary, I dont believe it is because green is dying or losing steam. In fact, the people we are fortunate to work with seem every bit as committed as ever and are.

21 February 2012more >>

Hawaiian Earns Carbon Credits Through Engine-Washing

Environmental Leader - Hawaiian Airlines has earned aviation-based carbon credits under the Verified Carbon Standard, based in part on its use of Pratt 38; Whitney EcoPower engine-washing system. EcoPower reduces fuel burn by using atomized water to wash engines in a closed-loop system that both filters and reuses water. The system helped the carrier reduce CO2 emissions.

21 February 2012more >>

National Defense and President Obama's 2013 Clean Energy Budget

Environmental News Network - As far as clean energy and green jobs go, President Obama's 2013 budget includes a Christmas-in-July package of initiatives that are designed to help pull the U.S. out of recession while transitioning the economy to cleaner, safer, more reliable and less price-spikey forms of energy. Those last two items, price and reliability of supply, are especially important to the Department of Defense, which will see its rate of growth slow dramatically under the new budget.

21 February 2012more >>

Banks and investors back calls to biggest companies to cut emissions

Environmental News Network - On behalf of 92 pension funds, asset managers, insurers and banks, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), which holds the worlds largest collection of self-reported corporate environmental data, has sent letters to the CEOs of 415 of the worlds largest public companies calling for cost-effective management and reductions of their carbon emissions.

20 February 2012more >>

Leaked files expose Heartland Institute's secrets

New Scientist - The tables have been well and truly turned in "deniergate", the leak of documents from a key climate-sceptic think tank in the US, says Bob Ward

16 February 2012more >>

Japan's megaquake disturbed creatures beneath the sea

New Scientist - The 2011 earthquake triggered the release of a methane plume from the ocean crust to the east of Japan; carrying microbes that live in the crust with it.

16 February 2012more >>

Hurricanes deliver fatal blows to wind turbines

New Scientist - Nearly half of the US turbines soon to be built in the Atlantic and the Gulf are likely to be destroyed by hurricanes.

13 February 2012more >>

Earth Summit is doomed to fail, say leading ecologists

New Scientist - In the run-up to Rio, top environmental scientists bemoan two decades of political failure and say the future is in the hands of grass-roots activists.

10 February 2012more >>

India's panel price crash could spark solar revolution

New Scientist - Solar power has long had a reputation for being expensive, but the falling costs of making panels could change that.

2 February 2012more >>

Pythons hunt Florida mammals to brink of extinction

New Scientist - In just 10 years, discarded and escaped pet pythons have almost wiped out many Everglades mammals, including bobcats and possums.

31 January 2012more >>

Taking the long view on the world's energy supplies

New Scientist - Research into the impacts of clean energy technology is needed if we're to avoid repeating our mistakes.

30 January 2012more >>

Repeated drought in east Africa may prompt aid rethink

New Scientist - Rainfall patterns over east Africa have changed in a way that makes severe droughts more likely %u2013 aid agencies need to rethink the way they operate.

27 January 2012more >>

How to reduce household food waste

Ecoki - When you really think about it, how much food waste are you accumulating in your household? Do you ever clear out your fridge thinking, what is that? It can definitely be a challenge for some to reduce their household food waste. After all, we dont tend to be terribly mindful of what we are tossing.

23 January 2012more >>

Cant stand the cold? Blame the summer.

Ecoki - If you are getting sick of the cold weather, you can blame the hot summer that just passed. New research suggests that particularly hot summers cause really cold winters.

17 January 2012more >>

Study finds high risk earthquake locations

Ecoki - A new study has broken some important ground in the way we analyze the earth: how to spot high risk earthquake locations and what triggers them. Researchers at the University of Miami discovered what might be causing these, notably, triggered by hurricanes and typhoons, and other tropical cyclones.

8 January 2012more >>

Easy vegan party dips for all your guests

Ecoki - With New Years Eve tonight, we are brainstorming up ideas for quick dips that all your guests will love. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or just love some really great food, here are our top dip recipes that are easy to throw together and guaranteed to please.

31 December 2011more >>

Do Companies Need a Culture of Sustainability?

Environmental Leader - Stuart Hart, the S.C. Johnson chair in sustainable global enterprise at Cornell University, asks how necessary a strong corporate culture is for achieving sustainability objectives. Hart is founder and president of Enterprise for a Sustainable World.

12 November 2011more >>

Coke Makes 100% Recycling Pledge for 2012 Olympics

Environmental Leader - Coca-Cola has promised to recycle all clear plastic PET bottles used at the London 2012 Olympics, according to news reports.

11 November 2011more >>

Two Views of the Value of Sustainability

Environmental Leader - Sustainability is all the rage as many significantly-sized companies are evaluating it to maximize economic benefits and seeing how it can fit into company plans. We in the environmental community believe that sustainability programs almost always deliver a good return on investment (ROI) because of the long-term economic benefits of reducing waste, water and energy use.

10 November 2011more >>

Social Business Strategies as Important as Economic Ones

Environmental Leader - Building a social purpose into a business strategy is just as important in securing long-term success as building in an economic purpose, according to an article in November%u2019s Harvard Business Review. Rosabeth Moss Kanter's article How Great Companies Think Differently, is based on the theory of institutional logic.

9 November 2011more >>

Packaging Key to Sustainable Society

Environmental Leader - Packaging should be seen as an integral part of achieving a resource efficient society, according to a paper by packaging trade body EUROPEN.

7 November 2011more >>

Greenhouse Emissions Jumped 6% in 2010

Environmental Leader - Greenhouse gas emissions saw a 6 percent jump in 2010, their largest one-year rise, according to new data from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Lab. This means that emissions are now rising faster than the worst-case scenarios envisioned by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in its 2007 report, according to Brad Plumer.

7 November 2011more >>

The Three Stages of Staff Sustainability Engagement

Environmental Leader - Programs to involve staff in sustainability programs break down into three key stages, according to a report by brand consulting firm BBMG.

4 November 2011more >>

Five Ways To Make Your Fleet Greener For Less

Environmental Leader - Once, fleet owners explored green technologies as a means for a public relations bump. Consumers liked seeing green cars and trucks on the road, and they rewarded companies who made those investments. Today, greening a fleet is becoming an economic pursuit.

3 November 2011more >>

Facebook Faces Down Google for Title of Most Energy Efficient

CleanTechnica - Facebook and Google seem to be in an all-out war to see which company can come up with the best energy efficiency solutions for power-gobbling data centers. This round probably goes to Facebook, which just announced two new green data center strategies on two distinct tracks.

31 October 2011more >>

How can we make this increasingly crowded world fit for its seven billionth inhabitant?

Telegraph.co.uk - Much can be done to lessen the impact of the world's population growth, argues Geoffrey Lean.

29 October 2011more >>

International Paper Announces Green Goals

Environmental Leader - International Paper has committed to use 15 percent less energy and reduce its absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent by 2020, against a 2010 baseline. The company plans to achieve these reductions by increasing manufacturing efficiency, exploring new technologies and encouraging employee engagement.

27 October 2011more >>

Climate known: Other pollutants are cooling the planet

New Scientist - We pump all kinds of substances into the atmosphere. Some of them reflect the sun's heat back into space and so cool things down.

26 October 2011more >>

Need for Efficiency Drives Printing Industry Toward Sustainability

Environmental Leader - When someone mentions the printing industry to you, does it bring to mind images of emissions of greenhouse gases, massive paper waste and consumption of huge amounts of energy? Today%u2019s reality is very different from those stereotypical images.

25 October 2011more >>

Nestle, Nike, GSK Deserve Place in Sustainability Rankings

Environmental Leader - Campbells, Danone, General Electric, Glaxosmithkline, HP, Intel, Nestlé, Nike, Panasonic, Siemens, and Unilever are the companies most deserving of their top places within sustainability rankings, according to sustainability advisor Two Tomorrows. They all were rated Aaa in the Tomorrow%u2019s Value Rating 2011.

21 October 2011more >>

Manufacturers Jump on Board with Sustainability

Environmental Leader - The importance of sustainability to manufacturers has rocketed over the last two years, according to a study released by the American Small Manufacturers Coalition. The 2011 Next Generation Manufacturing Study, conducted by the Manufacturing Performance Institute, says that 59.2 percent of manufacturers now rate sustainability as important or highly important to there success.

21 October 2011more >>

Economizers Shave 20% off Data Center Energy Costs

Environmental Leader - Nearly half of data centers are using economizers to provide natural cooling, and they are saving an average of 20 percent off their energy costs, according to a survey by the Green Grid.

14 October 2011more >>

Hotel Sustainability: Moving Into a New Phase

Environmental Leader - Over the past decade, hotel operators have implemented programs to reduce the waste generated and the energy used in their daily operations. Many have been successful in saving both resources and money as well as attracting environmentally conscious guests; however, the industry as a whole has yet to make sustainability an integral part of its strategic plans.

12 October 2011more >>

Local Support May Be the Key to Success

Environmental Leader - When looking to gain public support for your renewable energy project, developing a grassroots campaign may be your best strategy. Many people seem to have a vague understanding of what a grassroots campaign is but very few know what exactly it entails. The most basic definition describes a grassroots campaign as one that takes place [...]

5 October 2011more >>

Patty Calkins Discusses Sustainability at Xerox

Environmental Leader - Patty Calkins, Vice President Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability, discusses Xerox's sustainability efforts.

3 October 2011more >>

Report: How Smaller Companies Profit From Sustainability

Environmental Leader - Sustainability is a growing priority among small- and medium-sized businesses and according to three national accounting bodies, more than half of surveyed businesses will have a sustainability strategy in place in two years time.

1 October 2011more >>

Nike Sets Up Green Venture Capital Arm

Environmental Leader - Nike is to set up a sustainable venture capital arm in an effort to cut costs and promote green commerce.

30 September 2011more >>

The Anatomy of Food Waste

Environmental Leader - Consider this. There is one economic sector that is essential for survival and accounts for a considerable share of our daily expenses and GHG emissions %u2013 and some 28 percent of the production in this sector (in the US) is never consumed. If you haven%u2019t guessed it already, that would be the food sector.

29 September 2011more >>

How to Engage and Convince the C-Suite about Corporate Sustainability

Environmental Leader - Corporate sustainability makes a lot of sense. Reduce your costs and risk, increase profit, strengthen reputation, protect and conserve natural resources and social value while enhancing share value%u2026what%u2019s not to love?  So why is it that so many internal sustainability champions struggle to move their initiatives forward?  Perhaps it%u2019s not the proposition at all %u2013 [...]

28 September 2011more >>

Most Chief Sustainability Officers Close to the Top, Report Finds

Environmental Leader - Nine out of ten CSOs are one or two steps removed from the CEO, according to a report by executive search and consulting firm Weinreb Group.

27 September 2011more >>

Global air pollution: what is the most polluted country and city in the world?

The Guardian - The World Health Organisation reveals pollution levels around the globe. We identify the countries with a problem.

26 September 2011more >>

Why do we need low-carbon energy?

The Guardian - The majority of the world's man-made carbon emissions are released by the burning fossil fuels to create electricity, heat or motion. This means that it will almost certainly be impossible to reduce greenhouse gas concentrations to sustainable levels unless large quantities of low-carbon energy can be brought on-stream to substitute for fossil fuels.

26 September 2011more >>

An Efficient Solar Harvest

Environmental News Network - Solar power could be harvested more efficiently and transported over longer distances using tiny molecular circuits based on quantum mechanics, according to research inspired by new insights into natural photosynthesis.

24 September 2011more >>

P&G to Advocate Coldwater Washing to 100m US Homes

Environmental Leader - Procter and Gamble Company has pledged to launch an information blitz on 100 million U.S. homes aimed at promoting coldwater clothes washing.

24 September 2011more >>

Target, McDonald and Others Save $650m through Climate Fellowship

Environmental Leader - McDonald%u2019s, Target and 76 other organizations have found $650 million in savings and 440,000 annual metric tons of CO2 reductions through this summer%u2019s EDF Climate Corps fellowship.

23 September 2011more >>

More Consumers Believe Sustainability Claims But Many Still Skeptical

Environmental Leader - Americans today are more likely to believe businesses%u2019 green claims, but 39 percent still say that companies%u2019 assertions about the environment are not accurate, according to a report from GfK Roper Consulting.

23 September 2011more >>

Current power: New tide turbines tap oceans of energy

New Scientist - The huge potential of ocean currents could at last be tapped, thanks to the latest generators now being trialled on the seabed.

20 September 2011more >>

Why Eating Organic is the Single Greenest Thing You Can Do

Environmental News Network - "If you do just one thing -- make one conscious choice -- that can change the world, go organic.... No other single choice you can make to improve the health of your family and the planet will have greater positive repercussions for our future."

19 September 2011more >>

U.K. Business Increases Sustainability

Environmental Leader - U.K. companies rapidly increased the sustainability of their business practices over the last 12 months of data collection, according to a report by sustainability non-profit Forum for the Future.

19 September 2011more >>

P.J. Simmons Discusses Corporate Sustainability Practices

Environmental Leader - P.J. Simmons is co-founder and Chairman of the Corporate Eco Forum, a network of senior Global 500 executives focused on spreading best practices in corporate sustainability and accelerating eco-innovation. He is co-author of The Green to Gold Playbook: How to Implement Sustainability Practices for Bottom-Line Results in Every Business Function,.

16 September 2011more >>

Water from trees cools the climate

Ecoki - New research hailing out of Carnegies Global Ecology department has discovered that evaporated water from trees helps cool the Earth as a whole not just a specific area.

16 September 2011more >>

12 Ways To Turn Green Intentions Into Green Actions

Environmental Leader - Eighty-two percent of consumers have good green intentions, but only 16% are dedicated to fulfilling these intentions, according to an Ogilvy study.

16 September 2011more >>

Managing Environmental Impact with a Global Framework and Local Execution

Environmental Leader - Environmental management poses both challenges and opportunities for companies with operations around the world. The challenges can seem onerous when you consider variations in local environmental issues, regulations, infrastructure capabilities, culture and other factors. 

15 September 2011more >>

Facebook, Amazon Panned on Energy Management and Transparency

Environmental Leader - Amazon, Netflix, Facebook and other major internet firms are failing to adequately disclose their carbon footprint, according to a report by independent analyst Verdantix. The report, Carbon Strategy Benchmark: Internet Sector, finds that Akamai, Apple and eBay outpace their global competitors on energy efficiency enhancements and transparent disclosure of carbon emissions.

13 September 2011more >>

Sustainability Practitioner, Subject-matter Expert or Gunslinger?

Environmental Leader - Recently I was drinking an organic fair-trade soy latte while chatting with a long-time sustainability consulting colleague of mine who asked me what I thought about the sustainability consulting shops that were popping up all over the place. The short answer %u2013 I couldn%u2019t be happier. 

13 September 2011more >>

Data Revealed: Google Uses More Power than Salt Lake City

Environmental Leader - Google has broken its silence on energy consumption, announcing that it consumed 2,259,998 MWh in 2010. In a new section on the Google Green site, called %u201CThe Big Picture,%u201D Google also said that it generated 1.46 million metric tons of carbon dioxide last year. Average annual carbon footprint per user was about 1.46 kg CO2

9 September 2011more >>

City Makes Recycling Compulsory for Businesses

Environmental Leader - The city of Minneapolis has introduced mandatory recycling for all businesses, workplaces and houses of worship, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. The rule, which came into effect on Sept. 1, requires recycling collection at least twice a month.

7 September 2011more >>

Sustainability Is a Brand

Environmental Leader - In order to develop true sustainability policies, companies need to understand the nexus between energy, water, bio-diversity, and green house gas emissions, as well as the wider societal impacts of their company, and then combine them into one coherent policy and reporting framework.

7 September 2011more >>

Report: Insurers Not Ready for Climate Change

Environmental Leader - Despite broad consensus among major insurers that climate change will affect extreme weather events, only an eighth of such companies have formal policies in place to deal with growing climate change risks, according to a report issued today by business sustainability coalition Ceres.

3 September 2011more >>

Volkswagen Investing One Billion Euros in Wind Energy

Environmental News Network - In an attempt to hedge against future rising energy prices, Volkswagen announced last week that it will invest up to one billion Euros (US$1.45 billion) in renewable energy. The announcement follows the company%u2019s decisions earlier this year to invest in other clean energy projects as well as to launch new electric vehicles.

2 September 2011more >>

2109: a life of equality but no polar bears

The Guardian - It is going to take 98 years for there to be pay parity between men and women. But what other predictions can be made for the year 2109?

1 September 2011more >>

Giant pipe to pump water into the sky

The Guardian - Field test by British academics marks first step towards recreating an artificial volcano that would inject particles into the stratosphere and cool the planet. It sounds barmy, audacious or sci-fi: a tethered balloon the size of Wembley stadium suspended 20km above Earth, linked to the ground by a giant garden hose pumping hundreds of tonnes of minute chemical particles a day into the thin stratospheric air to reflect sunlight and cool the planet.

1 September 2011more >>

The ethical price of groceries

The Guardian - Is it deemed OK to use plastic bags again? Plastic bag use is on the increase and that's very disappointing. After a dip in individual bag use from 2002 to 2009, last year we were back up to getting through 475m a month.

28 August 2011more >>

Sustainable fish logos: not all they're made out to be

New Scientist - Some fish that the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) have certified as sustainable come from unsustainable fisheries

27 August 2011more >>

Achieving Water Conservation: Dilution Isn't the Solution!

Environmental Leader - To conserve and better manage their water use, more and more businesses are opting for closed water systems, where every drop of water taken is reused internally.

26 August 2011more >>

Death by fashion: is your wardrobe poisoning the world's water supply?

Environmental News Network - A Greenpeace investigation has discovered the toxic chemical nonylphenol ethoxylate (NPE) in clothing made by 14 major brands, including Adidas, H&M, Converse and Abercrombie and Fitch. NPE breaks down to form nonylphenol in water, which disrupts hormone levels and has been known to cause fish to change gender. Due to its persistence, nonylphenol builds up in each level in the food chain, meaning humans receive the highest dosage and can suffer from hormone imbalances as a result of eating contaminated fish and water. The chemical is banned from use in textile production in the EU but in China and other Asian countries such as Vietnam, where many global clothing brands source their products from, lax restrictions mean that NPE is widely used in the dyeing process.

26 August 2011more >>

First link between climate patterns and civil conflict

New Scientist - The first study to link global climate patterns to the onset of civil wars places El Niño on a par with factors like poverty and social exclusion

25 August 2011more >>

Cloud-making: Another human effect on the climate

New Scientist - Compounds released by living organisms such as trees, marine bacteria and livestock have an effect on cloud formation ­%u2013 and we might be changing it

25 August 2011more >>

2010 Saw Largest CO2 Rise for 22 Years

Environmental Leader - Energy-related carbon dioxide emissions rebounded in 2010 but still remained six percent below 2005 levels, according to an analysis by the Energy Information Administration. Energy-related CO2 underwent a historic decline in 2009. That year the economy as measured by the real gross domestic product (GDP) fell by 3.5 percent compared to the previous year

19 August 2011more >>

World's forests absorb almost 40 per cent of man made CO2

Telegraph.co.uk - The world's forests are much more important than previously thought in absorbing CO2, according to a paper published in Science.

18 August 2011more >>

Air Products Fuels Cars with Hydrogen from Wastewater

Environmental Leader - Specialty gas company Air Products has opened a hydrogen fueling station (pictured) that draws feedstock from municipal wastewater.

18 August 2011more >>

Why We Should Put a Price Tag on Ecosystem Services

Environmental News Network - A recent article in the New York Times about the work Stanford University biology professor Gretchen Daily is doing in Africa and Costa Rica highlights the importance of ecosystem services, or putting a value on ecosystems.

17 August 2011more >>

The women bringing solar power to Sierra Leone

The Guardian - An Indian college has trained 12 Sierra Leonean women to become solar engineers as part of a drive to bring electricity to rural communities.

17 August 2011more >>

Future funerals: What a way to go

New Scientist - Ashes to ashes, gloop to frost: undertakers are devising ingenious new ways to solve an age-old problem. Helen Knight reports

17 August 2011more >>

Obama Announces $510m for Biofuels

Environmental Leader - The Departments of Agriculture, Energy and Navy will invest up to $510 million over the next three years to produce advanced drop-in aviation and marine biofuels to power military and commercial transportation, President Obama announced yesterday.

17 August 2011more >>

Biggest UK oil spill for 10 years

New Scientist - The Gannet Alpha oil rig has spilled 216 tonnes of oil into the North Sea, but the slick may disperse before it reaches the shore

17 August 2011more >>

There Are Only 14 Different Kinds Of Noses, Study Says

Environmental News Network - How many different shapes of human noses are there? Ten? Fifty? Hundreds? The correct answer is 14, according to Abraham Tamir, an Israeli scientist. And while the study has its limitations, it is the first-of-its-kind survey detailing the shapes of schnozes.

17 August 2011more >>

Triple Bottom Line investing 101

Ecoki - Are you looking to balance financial, social, and environmental returns in your investing? Then Triple Bottom Line investing might be the choice for you.Investors are becoming increasingly socially conscious, putting the environment at a forefront in their financial planning.

16 August 2011more >>

Africa famine: soaring food prices intensifying crisis, report warns

The Guardian - World Bank says shortages and near-historic prices for staple crops have contributed to the crisis in the Horn of Africa.

16 August 2011more >>

Your faeces, my furry friend, are blowin' in the wind

New Scientist - Go for a bracing winter's stroll in a major US city and you may be inhaling more than vehicle fumes in the air

12 August 2011more >>

Sustainability Software Briefing: C3, Cisco, Sensus, 1E

Environmental Leader - C3, a fledgling vendor of energy management software, says that its customers and partners now include Adobe, Constellation Energy, Dow Chemical, GE, HP and Siemens.

12 August 2011more >>

Black gold holds a charge for green cars

New Scientist - The next generation of electric-car batteries may thrive on a secret sauce that looks like crude oil.

9 August 2011more >>

Coca-Cola: A Case Study In Sustainability

Environmental Leader - How does Coca-Cola integrate sustainability into their operations? For several years its facility in Brampton, Ontario, one of its largest in North America, has been transforming its manufacturing and distribution to save energy, reduce carbon footprint, water usage, and material usage. In this case study we look at the goals, implementation, and progress.

9 August 2011more >>

Is climate change to blame for famine in the Horn of Africa? | Duncan Green

The Guardian - So is famine in the Horn of Africa linked to climate change or not? The question arises whenever "extreme weather events" hurricanes, floods, droughts hit our TV screens. It's impossible to answer with a simple yes or no but here's what we think we know so far.

8 August 2011more >>

Prized sashimi tuna bred in captivity for first time

New Scientist - The world's biggest supplier of tuna for sashimi says it has successfully bred the endangered northern bluefin in captivity.

6 August 2011more >>

Sellafield Mox nuclear fuel plant to close

The Guardian - The mixed-oxide fuel plant will be shut as a consequence of the Fukushima incident, with the loss of about 600 jobs The Mox nuclear fuel plant at Sellafield was closed on Wednesday , with the loss of around 600 jobs.

3 August 2011more >>

The carbon cost of Germany's nuclear 'Nein danke!'

New Scientist - Europe's energy consumers will find themselves paying a high price for Germany's decision to get out of nuclear power, says David Strahan.

2 August 2011more >>

OK, climate sceptics: here's the raw data you wanted

New Scientist - Climate researchers accused of hoarding temperature data have today made almost the whole lot available to dispel charges of secrecy.

28 July 2011more >>

Don't throw these away! Recycle them instead.

Ecoki - Although we know generally what to recycle: paper, plastic, cans, and glass, there are many things we are probably throwing away that we shouldn't! Indeed, there are household items that, when they are no longer of use to us, can be recycled to help our environment.

27 July 2011more >>

How to keep your house cool this summer

Ecoki - Here are our top tips for staying cool indoors when the weather gets a little too warm.

22 July 2011more >>

Shipping industry agrees CO2 emission standards

New Scientist - <p>The shipping industry has become the first to set global mandatory carbon dioxide standards but they will apply only from 2019</p>

19 July 2011more >>

Fukushima Cleanup Recruits 'Nuclear Gypsies' from Across Japan

The Guardian - Thousands of engineers and labourers have been lured by higher wages and a sense of duty. The sun has only just risen in Iwaki-Yumoto when groups of men in white T-shirts and light blue cargo pants emerge blinking into the sunlight, swapping the comfort of their air-conditioned rooms for the fierce humidity of a Japanese summer.

14 July 2011more >>

Best Practices: The Business Case for Sustainability Disclosure

Environmental Leader - Join Environmental Leader for a webinar on Wednesday, July 20, 2011 at 8am PDT/11am EDT, discussing best practices for sustainability disclosure. Many organizations find that financial reporting alone no longer satisfies the needs of investors, governments, supply-chain partners, and other stakeholders for information about overall organizational performance.

14 July 2011more >>

CO2 to Hold Steady This Year, But Rise Coming in 2012

Environmental Leader - The Energy Information Administration expects fossil-fuel CO2 emissions to remain flat in 2011, as higher petroleum and natural gas consumption is offset by a decline in coal, according to the agency%u2019s latest Short-Term Energy

14 July 2011more >>

Hungary Introduces 'fat tax' to Boost Nation's Health

Environmental News Network - Food considered to be unhealthy, including crisps, soft drinks and chocolate bars, are now subject to a new tax in Hungary. The new law, introduced on 11 July, is aimed at "improving the health of the nation". Initially called 'the hamburger tax', the measure was dubbed 'crisps tax' or 'fat tax' after the Hungarian government decided that it would not affect fast food restaurants.

13 July 2011more >>

Mosquitoes Lured to their Deaths by Synthetic Odour of Smelly Feet

The Guardian - Scientists in Tanzania win funding to develop attraction traps to kill insects and combat spread of malaria in open air. Scientists have recreated the powerful whiff of smelly feet to lure mosquitoes into traps and slow the spread of malaria and other lethal diseases.

13 July 2011more >>

Greenpeace Report Links Western Firms to Chinese River Polluters

The Guardian - Supplier to Nike, Adidas, Puma, H&M and Lacoste accused of discharging dangerous chemicals into Chinese water systems  Video: The toxic path of electronic waste. In pictures: China blighted by industrial pollution.

13 July 2011more >>

The best eco-apps for iPad and iPad2

Ecoki - Whether you want to simply reduce your carbon footprint, or get a whole lot greener, these apps are for you.

13 July 2011more >>

Al Gore Returns with New Climate Campaign

The Guardian - Climate Reality Project aims to expose reality of global warming crisis and kicks off with a 24-hour live streamed event.

13 July 2011more >>

6 Ways to Save at the Grocery Store

Ecoki - When you're making your way throughout the grocery store, are you really thinking about what you're buying? The cashier tells you the number, and you pay it mindlessly with a wad of cash or a swipe of the card.

10 July 2011more >>

Germany will use Fossil Fuels to Plug Nuclear Gap

New Scientist - Germany plans to be nuclear-free by 2022 but renewables alone won't be able to make up the power deficit.

8 July 2011more >>

The Low-Flow Toilet

Ecoki - Toilets use a lot water to get the dirty work done. However, with the advent of low-flow toilets, we can save loads, making it more efficient and saving energy, too.

6 July 2011more >>

Sustainability Profits Companies

Environmental Leader - For most companies, that which drives up their stock values is what ultimately matters and adopting sustainability practices can do that.

1 July 2011more >>

Supervalu to Go Zero Waste at 40 Stores

Environmental Leader - Supervalu Inc. and its Albertsons brand of supermarkets have announced that they will move 40 stores to be zero waste by the end of next February

30 June 2011more >>

Seasonal produce 101

Ecoki - Buying in season: do you do it? You should. If you're at the grocery store picking up peaches from Peru instead of honing in on the local goodness, keep reading.

29 June 2011more >>

Global water stress

The Guardian - Click on each country (interactive map) to see its water stress ranking, and its water consumption as a percentage of its renewable supply

28 June 2011more >>

UK's biggest solar energy farm connects to national grid

The Guardian - Solar panels at Howbery business park in Oxfordshire to generate up to 682MWh a year

27 June 2011more >>

Tips for greener laundry

Ecoki - Laundry. We don't really love it; but we have to do it. Each day, we use clothing, towels, bedding and, inevitably, we have to clean it. But how can we do this in the greenest way possible?

27 June 2011more >>

California Ships 100% Solar Powered Rice to Japan

CleanTechnica - The U.S. agricultural sector is beginning to take on a leadership role in the transition to renewable energy.

27 June 2011more >>

Hertz Now Offers Electric Bicycle Rentals

CleanTechnica - Rental car agencies like Hertz have started offering electric bicycle rental instead of cars, trying to develop and show a green side lately.

26 June 2011more >>

Electric cars: kiss petrol stations goodbye

The Guardian - British Gas and npower are vying to offer home charging services for electric cars offering a green way to get around, with the chance to bypass petrol stations.

25 June 2011more >>

Change career by going green

The Guardian - 'Green-collar' jobs in the environmental sector are growing %u2013 and increasingly attracting professionals from other areas in search of a fresh start.

25 June 2011more >>

The secret to becoming a green office champion

The Guardian - To turn your office eco, recycling, investment in energy-saving equipment and a practical approach can deliver ethical and beneficial results

25 June 2011more >>

Electric Buses that Charge at Each Stop

CleanTechnica - Proterra developed an electric bus that avoids the high cost of long range batteries by using short range batteries and charging them at each stop.

25 June 2011more >>

Serengeti highway cancelled

Environmental News Network - In what is being hailed as a victory for conservationists and the wildlife of the Serengeti, the Tanzanian government has cancelled plans for a controversial highway that would have dissected the Serengeti National Park.

24 June 2011more >>

Dozens of Countries Queue up to go Nuclear

New Scientist - While Germany, Italy and Japan reject nuclear power, developing countries and Middle Eastern oil economies are forging ahead with it

24 June 2011more >>

New refill scheme for wine lovers

The Guardian - A refill scheme has proved a runaway success, accounting for around half of the wine sold in a shop of one corner of Dalston, offering red, white and rosé wines that if you bring your own bottle and fill it up from the barrels in the corner of the shop you get a saving of more than 50%.

24 June 2011more >>

Jail Time for Clean Air Act Violator

Environmental News Network - The Clean Air Act is an environmental law but it is a law nonetheless. Breaking it will subject the violator to punishment by the courts.

24 June 2011more >>

New Nissan Ads Shift the Way Car Buyers Evaluate Options

Environmental News Network - Many new green brands have been introduced over the years with green marketing pitches, only to realize the opportunity to link environmental product attributes with the primary reasons why consumers buy (all) products in the first place.

23 June 2011more >>

Attracting Backyard Wildlife

Ecoki - Take a look outside the windows into the backyard. If all you see is a manicured lawn, growing garden, and well-kept foliage, you're missing out on one key thing: wildlife. Bringing birds, bees, bunnies, and other wildlife into our backyard is a mutual benefit.

23 June 2011more >>

Earth's oceans on course for mass extinction

New Scientist - It is all thanks to a deadly combination of climate change, overexploitation, pollution and habitat loss

22 June 2011more >>

World's oceans move into 'extinction phase'

Telegraph.co.uk - The next generation may lose the opportunity to swim over coral reefs or eat certain species of fish, scientists have warned, as the world's oceans move into a 'phase of extinction' due to human impacts such as over-fishing and climate change.

21 June 2011more >>

Earth's Energy Lessons from Space

The Epoch Times - Technologies developed for satellites can help citizens and national authorities find solutions to some of our planet's energy problems.

16 June 2011more >>

Solar Power Boosts the Sales Price of Homes

CleanTechnica - The addition of solar panels on homes increases the resale value.

16 June 2011more >>

New microchip could prevent 'standby' energy loss

The Guardian - Japanese scientists have developed a new micro-processing chip which they claim could do away with the energy loss caused by appliances while on "standby".

15 June 2011more >>

Obama-How Energy Efficiency Creates Green Jobs

CleanTechnica - President Obama discussed the job creation benefits of energy efficiency policies putting a strong emphasis on the young pursuing degrees in the "hard sciences" leading us forward in the cleantech industry.

15 June 2011more >>

White House Pledges Smart Grid Data Access, $250m in Loans

Environmental Leader - The Obama administration yesterday announced $250 million in loans for smart-grid deployment and launched new initiatives to ensure customers access to their energy usage information.

15 June 2011more >>

Compliance and Standards

Environmental Leader - The world first ISO-accredited certification for carbon management professionals has been launched by the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute and Eco-Canada.

15 June 2011more >>

Black carbon cut would bring dramatic benefits

The Guardian - Global warming could be slowed down if governments cleaned up what's known as black carbon from industry and cooking fires, 50 of the world's leading atmospheric scientists said on Tuesday.

15 June 2011more >>

Google Invests in Solar Energy

CleanTechnica - Google announced today that it is investing $280 million in a rooftop solar power company.

15 June 2011more >>

Rewards for households that produce less waste

Telegraph.co.uk - Households will be rewarded for the first time for putting out less rubbish to significantly boost recycling, especially of valuable materials like glass.

14 June 2011more >>

Supermarkets bid to get shoppers to switch to sustainable fish

The Guardian - UK supermarkets are stepping up their efforts to encourage shoppers to buy fish from sustainable sources in a fresh attempt to alleviate pressure on threatened stocks.

13 June 2011more >>

Google Earth Explores Ocean Depths

The Epoch Times - Google Earth has released new topographical imagery to allow users to see ocean floors in high-resolution, timed to celebrate World Oceans Day on June 8.

10 June 2011more >>

IBM Launch to Cut Energy Use

Environmental Leader - IBM today launched its Intelligent Building Management software, which the IT company estimates can reduce maintenance costs

10 June 2011more >>

World Oceans Day is today, June 8th

Environmental News Network - The 8th of June is World Oceans Day, our annual chance to celebrate all things marine! World Oceans Day encourages us to consider everything that the oceans provide us.

8 June 2011more >>

The Green Home Shopping List

Ecoki - Looking to make your home a little greener? Look no further than a few average items to add to your shopping list! Here are our top must-buys for keeping your home green, and how to use them.

7 June 2011more >>

Krispy Kreme Switches to Cage-Free Eggs

Environmental News Network - Fans of Krispy Kreme can enjoy their favorite guilty pleasure a little more.

7 June 2011more >>

Blue skies and green footprint

The Guardian - This summer's festival season looks set to have a greener footprint as well as bluer skies. The Isle of Wight festival, which kicks off the season this weekend, has revealed that it cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 22% last year, while July's Lovebox in London slashed 38% from its environmental impact.

6 June 2011more >>

Belgian rail network gets solar boost

The Guardian - A two-mile-long Belgian rail tunnel, built to shelter trains from falling trees, will from Monday provide a double environmental benefit by hosting a unique solar power project.

6 June 2011more >>

Energy efficient lighting introduced on roadways

CleanTechnica - For those ready to step into the world of energy-efficient LED lighting, a light has been introduced that delivers brighter and more energy-efficient illumination for enhanced visibility on local, collector and major roadways.

3 June 2011more >>

Congo-Brazzaville to ban plastic bags

The Guardian - Congo-Brazzaville is to ban the production, import, sale and use of plastic bags in a move to fight environmental pollution in the central African nation, the government has said.

3 June 2011more >>

Our green spaces are priceless

The Guardian - The government's attempt to put a monetary value on nature threatens the existence of our remaining parks and playing fields. That is because local authorities, planners and governments will always attach a higher economic importance to providing services and building houses or roads than conserving green spaces or wildlife habitats.

3 June 2011more >>

BP among founding members of World Bank carbon fund

The Guardian - The Forest fund is designed to pay developing countries for reducing emissions caused by the destruction of their forests. BP, responsible for the loss of around 5m barrels of oil in the Gulf of Mexico last year and annual carbon emissions greater than more than 120 developing countries put together, has become the world's first company to try to profit from a new World Bank carbon fund.

1 June 2011more >>

Carbon levels hit new peak, research shows

The Guardian - Preliminary data from the US government shows that carbon dioxide levels peaked last week at the highest levels on record. Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have reached a new peak despite the economic recession in western countries and assurances from politicians that they intend to cut emissions, new research has shown.

1 June 2011more >>

Atlantic bluefin tuna put on U.S. environmental watchlist

Environmental News Network - The U.S. government put the Atlantic bluefin tuna on an environmental watchlist as a "species of concern" on Friday, and will keep checking for any impact on these fish from the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

28 May 2011more >>

Dramatic Increase in Amazon Deforestation

Environmental News Network - Deforestation in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil has risen six-fold. Comparing data from March-April 2010 to the same period this year shows deforestation has increased from 103 square kilometers in 2010 to 593 square kilometers just one year later.

28 May 2011more >>

Wind Power Generation in 2011

Environmental News Network - The AWEA (American Wind Energy Association) indicated that the first quarter of 2011 saw over 1,100 megawatts (MW) of wind power capacity installed -- more than double the capacity installed in the first quarter of 2010.

28 May 2011more >>

Facebook founder's meat challenge

The Guardian - Facebook's founder and CEO sets himself a challenge to 'basically become a vegetarian' by slaughtering his own meat. Earlier this month, he surprised his 847 friends on his private Facebook page when he posted: "I just killed a pig and a goat."

28 May 2011more >>

UK pledges to halve emissions by 2025

The Guardian - The UK announces the most ambitious targets on greenhouse gases of any developed country, after a week of cabinet rifts. The UK is to put in place the most ambitious targets on greenhouse gases of any developed country, by halving carbon dioxide emissions by 2025, after a tumultuous week of cabinet rifts on the issue.

18 May 2011more >>

GM soy: the high cost of the quest for 'green gold'

Telegraph.co.uk - Scientists and villagers in rural Paraguay are questioning the health and environmental impact of GM soy. Louise Gray reports.

17 May 2011more >>

Ethical shoppers don't care what's in their sandwiches - RSPCA

Telegraph.co.uk - So-called 'ethical shoppers', who insist on organic chicken for dinner parties, are quite happy to buy sandwiches with meat raised in cruel conditions, according to a new survey.

16 May 2011more >>

US fighting machine going green

New Scientist - From biofuelled fighter jets to roll-up solar blankets, the US navy is on a mission to stop using fossil fuels.

13 May 2011more >>

DNA chip test will track down illegal fish

New Scientist - Relatively cheap, reliable genetic tests could soon give the authorities the means to identify fish caught from unsustainable sources.

13 May 2011more >>

Prince Charles warns of fisheries collapse

Telegraph.co.uk - The Prince of Wales has called on consumers to only eat sustainable seafood to avoid a collapse in the world's fisheries.

12 May 2011more >>

Ben Fogle swims through plastic to save oceans

Telegraph.co.uk - Ben Fogle has described "swimming through a horrible slick of plastic" in the feeding grounds of the endangered blue whale.

12 May 2011more >>

Renewables may supply 80 per cent of our energy by 2050

New Scientist - A bullish report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change suggests an optimistic vision of the future and with the right government support . . .

12 May 2011more >>

Huhne announces crackdown to force landlords to install green measures

Telegraph.co.uk - Thousands of landlords will face fines if they fail to install insulation under new legislation to make every home in Britain as energy efficient as possible.

11 May 2011more >>

Fighting ocean acidification the fish tank way

New Scientist - People use quicklime to balance the pH of their fish tanks. Could governments do something similar to correct the pH of our acidifying oceans?

10 May 2011more >>

Unnatural selection: Fish growing up fast

New Scientist - As we vacuum up stupendous numbers of fish, the nature of the ones that get away is changing at an astonishing rate, says Michael Le Page

9 May 2011more >>

New eco-inspired iPad app for kids!

Ecoki - We sure love our technology, and when it comes to saving the environment,it's even better when they go hand-in-hand. That's why we are pretty excited when our friend at the Rainforest Alliance told us about an awesome new app for kids, designed to teach them important information about the rainforest in a really fun way!

8 May 2011more >>

Unnatural selection: Spreading sickness

New Scientist - From fish in a British lake to lions and corals, many plants and animals have suffered devastating disease outbreaks because of human activity, says Michael Le Page.

7 May 2011more >>

The Battery That Keeps on Going?

CleanTechnica - Now Cui and his team of researchers have calculated a way to alternate the flow of river water and salty seawater through a battery to produce electricity that can be used for charging purposes. It might also be possible this same process can be reversed to remove salt from seawater to produce drinking water.

7 May 2011more >>

Letters: Love-hate affair with supermarkets

The Guardian - Food security will soon be an issue for all nations. In a period of diminishing supply and increasing demand, four food retailers enjoy an increasingly powerful position. A credit crunch can be relieved in the short term by printing money; we cannot print food, it has to be grown, but why should farmers bother when the big four supermarkets have such a stranglehold on price?

6 May 2011more >>

Food prices driven up by global warming, study shows

The Guardian - Scientists warn that farming practices must be adapted to a warmer world and rises in global population Global warming has already harmed the world's food production and has driven up food prices by as much as 20% over recent decades, new research has revealed.

6 May 2011more >>

Farmer wins compensation after Red Nose Day balloon kills cow

Telegraph.co.uk - A farmer has won compensation after a Red Nose Day balloon released by school pupils killed his cow.

5 May 2011more >>

Evolutionary push could help crops self-fertilise

New Scientist - Agriculture would be transformed if crops could produce fertiliser as legumes do. New research suggests it might be easier than we thought.

5 May 2011more >>

Why have so many tornadoes hit the US this month?

New Scientist - April has been a deadly month for the US tornado states. New Scientist explains how severe the outbreak has been, and what has caused it.

29 April 2011more >>

The Rainforest Alliance launches the SmartLodge

Ecoki - Interested in learning how sustainable travel and tourism benefits local communities? The Rainforest Alliance is giving us the details, along with how to respect cultural diversity and enhance environmental conservation.

27 April 2011more >>

What is the carbon footprint of the royal wedding?

Telegraph.co.uk - The royal wedding will generate more than ten times as much greenhouse gases than Buckingham Palace in a whole year, according to the first analysis of the carbon footprint of the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

26 April 2011more >>

42 ways to help the environment

Ecoki - Trying to figure out some easy ways to help the environment? Look no further.

25 April 2011more >>

Donating Surplus PCs Protects Environment and Closes Digital Divide

Environmental Leader - The drive for newer, faster, better technology is generating dramatic gains in productivity 2013 but serious environmental impacts as well.

21 April 2011more >>

Environmental Software News: Verdiem, Ecotality, Volvo

Environmental Leader - Verdiem has extended its computer power management platform to cover Macs as well as PCs. The latest version of the software, Surveyor 5.5 includes support for Mac desktops and laptops, and improved integration with Windows 7 power management capabilities, Verdiem says.

21 April 2011more >>

Intel Plans $25bn Efficiency Savings

Environmental Leader - Intel plans to save $25 billion by 2015 through energy-efficient IT initiatives, a company representative has said. Allyson Klein, Intel%u2019s data center group leadership marketing director, told the Express Tribune in Karachi that efficiency gains will allow the company to eliminate or prevent huge amounts of power consumption.

20 April 2011more >>

Renewed energy for renewable energy

The Guardian - A new wave of activists is gearing up to combat the millions the US Chamber of Commerce invests in boosting fossil fuels.

20 April 2011more >>

Dell Closing in on Recycling Goal

Environmental Leader - Electronics manufacturer Dell is two-thirds of the way toward its goal of recycling 1 billion pounds of e-waste by 2014, the company has announced.

20 April 2011more >>

Breathing Polluted Air Can Disrupt Immune System

Environmental News Network - Negative health effects from the chronic inhalation of polluted air are well known to cause cardio-respiratory disease. It can be particularly damaging to seniors, children, and people with asthma. Now according to a study from Ohio State University, breathing polluted air can also cause widespread inflammation by triggering the release of white blood cells from bone marrow into the blood stream. The influx of white blood cells can alter the integrity of the blood vessels. The white blood cells are then absorbed into fat tissues where chemicals are released that cause inflammation.

20 April 2011more >>

Electric Cars

Environmental News Network - Will electric cars ever become the common way to drive?

19 April 2011more >>

Growing sugarcane could help cool Brazil

New Scientist - Converting Brazil's existing farmland to sugarcane for biofuel could slightly cool the local climate.

19 April 2011more >>

Acidic ocean robs coral of vital building material

New Scientist - Carbon dioxide dissolved in water has pillaged the Great Barrier Reef of a compound that corals need to grow.

15 April 2011more >>

Hot solar cells are the cool way to water and power

New Scientist - Techniques designed for cooling computer chips make for more efficient photovoltaic cells and provide cheap energy for desalination.

14 April 2011more >>

Has BP really cleaned up the Gulf oil spill?

The Guardian - Officially, marine life is returning to normal in the Gulf of Mexico, but dead animals are still washing up on beaches and one scientist believes the damage runs much deeper.

13 April 2011more >>

Safeway Leads Greenpeace Seafood Rankings

Environmental Leader - Safeway has surged into first place in Greenpeace's rankings of major seafood retailers, surpassing last year's winner Target.

13 April 2011more >>

Study: Most Companies Now Measure Green Savings

Environmental Leader - Three out of five employers (60 percent) are measuring their cost savings from environmental programs, up from 39 percent last year, according to a survey by Buck Consultants.

13 April 2011more >>

Water Innovation and Investment for a Sustainable Future

Environmental Leader - According to the World Health Organization, nearly a billion individuals worldwide currently do not have access to safe water and close to 3.6 million people die each year from water-related causes.

12 April 2011more >>

Nuclear crises: How do Fukushima and Chernobyl compare?

The Guardian - Japan has raised the severity level of its nuclear crisis from five to the maximum seven, putting the emergency at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant on a par with that at Chernobyl in 1986. Mark Tran looks at the differences between the two disasters.

12 April 2011more >>

China's green progress leaves US red-faced

The Guardian - China pushes ahead with an emissions trading scheme, while American initiatives remain sunk in Congressional quicksand.

12 April 2011more >>

Unilever Leads Sustainability Rankings

Environmental Leader - Unilever has topped rankings of the companies most committed to sustainability, in a poll carried out by consultants SustainAbility and researchers GlobeScan.

12 April 2011more >>

Japan upgrades crisis to Chernobyl level

The Guardian - Nuclear and industrial safety agency raises severity rating to maximum on international nuclear and radiological event scale.

12 April 2011more >>

Earth Day 2011: what to know

Ecoki - Coming soon. April 22nd. Earth Day 2011. Earth Day 2011 is focused on the recognition of the power of millions of individual actions. Dubbed as A Billion Acts of Green, with a goal to highlight personal, organizational and corporate pledges to live and act sustainably.

11 April 2011more >>

Ten years to save Australia's Great Barrier Reef

New Scientist - Carbon dioxide emissions must be cut within a decade to give the reef system a fighting chance of survival.

8 April 2011more >>

Garbage-sorting robot gets its hands dirty

New Scientist - A robot that automatically categorises waste from construction and demolition projects could save valuable raw materials from landfill.

6 April 2011more >>

Population expert: The 11-billion-person planet

New Scientist - This year will see the world's 7-billionth person. If only population growth forecasts were as definite, says demographer John Bongaarts.

6 April 2011more >>

Where should the US store its nuclear waste?

New Scientist - Underground deposits of salt, shale and granite are among the options - New Scientist weighs the pros and cons of each.

6 April 2011more >>

Eco-friendly earphones by thinksound

Ecoki - We sure love our music. iPods and MP3 players are quite constantly plugged into our ears. Unfortunately, they aren't exactly made of 100% eco-friendly materials.

5 April 2011more >>

Japan fears radioactive contamination of marine life

The Guardian - Fukushima coastal waters sees high levels of radioactive iodine, which could build up in seaweed commonly eaten in Japan

31 March 2011more >>

Spain's financial crisis claims another victim: the solar power industry

The Guardian - The Spanish government has slashed its solar power subsidies . Spain had one of the world's most ambitious and generous plans to boost the amount of electricity it generates from the sun. That dream, for the solar industry at least, has turned sour.

31 March 2011more >>

Wind and wave energies are not renewable after all

New Scientist - Build enough wind farms to replace fossil fuels and we could do as much damage to the climate as greenhouse global warming.

31 March 2011more >>

Wind and wave farms could affect Earth's energy balance

New Scientist - The idea that we can draw endless supplies of clean energy from the wind and waves just doesn't add up.

31 March 2011more >>

Greenpeace targets Facebook employees

The Guardian - Greenpeace says it is targeting Facebook employees in a renewed campaignthat is urging the world's most successful social networking site to lead an energy revolution.

31 March 2011more >>

What is Green?

Environmental News Network - With more and more environmentally conscious consumers trying to choose green products, American Chemical Society scientists reported today that the first reality check has revealed that the ingredients in those products may come from a surprising source petroleum, rather than natural plant-based sources.

31 March 2011more >>

Senate vote may end Obama's climate change ambitions

The Guardian - Four proposals seek to ban or limit US government's authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. The US Senate is due to vote as early as Wednesday on measures that would strip the Obama administration of its powers to act on climate change.

30 March 2011more >>

The race for clean Olympic air | H&eacute;l&egrave;ne Mulholland

The Guardian - After the smog problems of Beijing, London has still to reach agreed air quality standards ahead of 2012.

30 March 2011more >>

Paper Companies to Cut GHGs 15% by 2020, Raise Recycling to 70%

Environmental Leader - The American Forest and Paper Association has announced goals to increase the paper recycling rate to over 70 percent and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 15 percent by 2020, in what the group calls the most extensive set of goals of any manufacturing industry in the U.S.

30 March 2011more >>

BP loses laptop containing personal data of oil spill claimants

The Guardian - A BP employee has lost a laptop containing personal data belonging to thousands of Louisiana residents who filed claims for compensation after the Gulf oil spill.

30 March 2011more >>

Changing animals' diet can reduce emissions

The Guardian - A change of diet could help flatulent farm animals reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, a study has said.

30 March 2011more >>

Earth Hour alert!

Ecoki - So, what did you do for Earth Hour 2011?

26 March 2011more >>

Food waste increases UK's water footprint

New Scientist - The British waste more water than they use at home by throwing away food, a problem that is probably also true of other western nations.

24 March 2011more >>

Lammas: The eco-village that lives off the grid - video

The Guardian - Heydon Prowse visits the pioneering off-grid Lammas project in Pembrokeshire to learn how they blend green building technology and perma-culture economics to fuel a thriving community

22 March 2011more >>

World Water Day: A global inundation of funds is not enough

The Guardian - One billion people lack basic water supplies and 2.6 billion lack access to sanitation. But we must invest wisely and locally.

22 March 2011more >>

Japan fears food contamination as battle to cool nuclear plant continues

The Guardian - Abnormal radiation levels reported in tap water, vegetables and milk with concerns that fish may also be affected.

22 March 2011more >>

Why Fukushima made me love nuclear power

The Guardian - You will not be surprised to hear that the events in Japan have changed my view of nuclear power. You will be surprised to hear how they have changed it. As a result of the disaster at Fukushima, I am no longer nuclear-neutral. I now support the technology.

22 March 2011more >>

Google funds company producing biofuel from grass

The Guardian - Business Green: Biofuel technology is an "innovative solution to one of the world's biggest problems", says Google.

22 March 2011more >>

8 things that really do help

Ecoki - We're constantly told ways that we can be greener and help the environment. That's great and all, but which ones really do help? These eight changes really do help our planet. And here's why:

19 March 2011more >>

How not to change a climate sceptic's mind

New Scientist - Even the soundest evidence is not enough if it comes from a source we suspect.

19 March 2011more >>

The megaquake connection: Are huge earthquakes linked?

New Scientist - The recent cluster of huge quakes around the Pacific Ocean has fuelled speculation that they are seismically linked. New Scientist examines the evidence.

17 March 2011more >>

Why earthquakes are hard to predict

New Scientist - Friday's magnitude-9.0 earthquake near Japan was one of the largest ever recorded, but it struck with no warning. Why are such quakes so hard to predict?

15 March 2011more >>

Killing weeds the natural way

Ecoki - The warmer weather is tempting us, with more mild days and no chance of a deep freeze in the near future (we hope). And if you're a gardener, this is bliss.

10 March 2011more >>

Seven must-do cooking methods

Ecoki - These healthy eating cooking methods are guaranteed to make your meals more nutritious, and expand your expertise, too.

7 March 2011more >>

A country with no time for climate change scepticism

New Scientist - The attitude of those at the sharp end of climate change has important lessons for us all, says Adam Corner.

3 March 2011more >>

Commercial buildings must disclose their energy ratings

The Guardian - Commercial buildings contribute 17% of the UK's emissions, yet have no obligation to improve efficiency, hopefully the Ecobuild exhibition will encourage businesses to make the first move.

3 March 2011more >>

'Air hybrid' cars would be cheaper than electric hybrids, claims researcher

The Guardian - Storing energy as compressed air rather than in batteries would reduce the cost of green hybrid cars, say researchers in Sweden.

2 March 2011more >>

Discard this common fisheries policy and stop this waste

The Guardian - The EU has finally proposed a ban on the senseless practice of 'discard'. Now it must talk to fishermen to work out how to do this.

2 March 2011more >>

Homebuyers ignore efficiency labels

The Guardian - A Consumer Focus report found 79% of prospective buyers did not act on recommendations of energy performance certificates.

2 March 2011more >>

When did we discover man-made climate change?

The Guardian - This question and answer is part of the Guardian's ultimate climate change FAQ.

2 March 2011more >>

Winter woodland: Your Green shoots photographs

The Guardian - We asked for your pictures of woodland in winter, when the low sun makes for some great angles for photographers

2 March 2011more >>

Biofuel boom could follow oil price spike | Damian Carrington

The Guardian - When biofuels match oil on price, production could boom in the developing countries that also have the greatest need to boost food supply.

2 March 2011more >>

What's the most eco-friendly alternative to a garden patio?

The Guardian - Decking, concrete slabs and limestone all come with environmental problems - so what's the best option?

1 March 2011more >>

China's take on the current issues in climate talks

Environmental News Network - China, the world's biggest greenhouse gas emitter, wants rich nations to vow bigger cuts to emissions as part of a new international deal on fighting global warming, Beijing's top climate negotiator said on Tuesday.

1 March 2011more >>

Mobile phones boost brain activity

New Scientist - Brain activity near a phone's antenna increases during a call, but whether this is harmful is not known.

23 February 2011more >>

UN sets out blueprint for greening the world's economy

The Guardian - A UN report outlines path to kickstart economic growth after the recession, without generating a rise in emissions

22 February 2011more >>

What are the main man-made greenhouse gases?

The Guardian - The strength of the Earth's greenhouse effect is determined by the concentration in the atmosphere of a handful of greenhouse gases. The one that causes the most warming overall is water vapour as human activity affects it indirectly rather than directly.

22 February 2011more >>

Fewer Big Fish in the Sea

Environmental News Network - Fewer big, predatory fish are swimming in the world's oceans because of overfishing by humans, leaving smaller fish to thrive and double in force over the past 100 years, scientists said Friday. Big fish such as cod, tuna, and groupers have declined worldwide by two-thirds while the number of anchovies, sardines and capelin has surged in their absence, said University of British Columbia researchers.

21 February 2011more >>

Climate change no problem, says futurist Ray Kurzweil

The Guardian - Futurist Ray Kurzweil says "we have plenty of time" to replace fossil fuels with renewables. Author, inventor, and futurist Ray Kurzweil famously and accurately predicted that a computer would beat a man at chess by 1998, that technologies that help spread information would accelerate the collapse of the Soviet Union, and that a worldwide communications network would emerge in the mid 1990s (i.e. the internet).

21 February 2011more >>

EU to ban six toxic chemicals in household plastics

Environmental News Network - The European Union will ban six toxic chemicals within three to five years, three of which are commonly used in plastic household items, the European Commission said on this week.

20 February 2011more >>

The dirty history of corporate spying

The Guardian - Private spying by large corporations into the affairs of environmental groups, as revealed by the Guardian, is nothing new in the US. Last November, as Mother Jones reported, Greenpeace went into federal district court in Washington, seeking an injunction against Dow Chemical Company and Sasol North America for meddling in its internal affairs. (Sasol is the big South African energy company with operations, including chemicals, in the US.)

16 February 2011more >>

World Bank warns of soaring food price dangers

The Guardian - The World Bank has given a stark warning of the impact of the rising cost of food, saying an estimated 44 million people had been pushed into poverty since last summer by soaring commodity prices.

16 February 2011more >>

How much oil does Saudi Arabia actually have?

The Guardian - Does anyone know how much oil Saudi Arabia has left? Last week a series of US diplomatic cables from 2007-2009 and released by WikiLeaks suggested that senior US embassy staff were warning Washington that reserves could be 40% less than stated and that "peak oil" might be imminent.

16 February 2011more >>

I eat out of bins too. So what?

The Guardian - Sasha Hall must have thought she was in luck when she found a bin outside Tesco overflowing with food. She helped herself to packets of potato waffles, pies and ham %u2013 a small fraction of the goods that had been abandoned after the store's freezers broke down. But when police arrived at the 21-year-old's home in Essex to arrest her for "theft by finding", those waffles must have looked less lucky.

15 February 2011more >>

Eyewitness: Population explosion

The Guardian - Photographs from the Guardian Eyewitness series

15 February 2011more >>

Green kitchen renovation

Ecoki - The new year often brings about two things: (1) Resolutions that we (always/sometimes/never) keep for our (health/body/mind/life). And (2) house organization and renovations. The best kind? Making the latter more eco-friendly.The benefits will include a cheaper electricity bill, a more stylish home, and, of course, some love to our awesome planet.

15 February 2011more >>

Barack Obama 2012 budget provides $8bn for clean energy

The Guardian - President Barack Obama proposed on Monday to boost funds for clean energy research and deployment in his 2012 budget by slashing subsidies for fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal.

15 February 2011more >>

Are Anti-oxidants Keeping You Young and Infertile?

Environmental News Network - It's a tale with two endings, a conundrum for consumers of antioxidant-rich foods, drinks and facial products. What has been touted as a natural way to slow the aging process by minimizing cell damage via oxidation may be one culprit in female infertility. So suggests Professor Nava Dekel of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel.

15 February 2011more >>

Earth economist: The food bubble is about to burst

New Scientist - We're fast draining the fresh water resources our farms rely on, warns Lester Brown, president of the Earth Policy Institute.

11 February 2011more >>

Will intensified farming save the rainforests?

New Scientist - The idea that you can save the natural world by increasing the efficiency of agriculture is very appealing. But Fred Pearce is far from convinced

10 February 2011more >>

BP, Other Oil Companies Update Transparency Guidelines

Environmental Leader - Oil and gas companies including BP, Chevron and ExxonMobil have contributed to updated guidance on improving transparency in environmental reporting.

9 February 2011more >>

What is Sustainability? Discussion by Gale Tedhams

Environmental Leader - Director, Sustainability, Green Products and Communications, Owens Corning, talks about the factors that are driving the conversation about sustainability in manufacturing.

9 February 2011more >>

Environmental Lessons Learned from 2010

Environmental Leader - As we enter 2011, we join much of the Western world in reflecting on the past year and making resolutions for the New Year.

9 February 2011more >>

Whaling in Japan is on the verge of collapse

The Guardian - The tide of public opinion in Japan has finally begun to turn against the whalers.

9 February 2011more >>

Spain's salad growers are modern-day slaves, say charities

The Guardian - Investigation uncovers plight of migrant workers who live in appalling conditions and are paid half of legal minimum wage.

8 February 2011more >>

Polluted perfume could put pollinators off the scent

New Scientist - Insect pollinators are more responsive to scent than previously realised, offering a new reason for their decline and new hope to reverse the trend.

8 February 2011more >>

Observer Ethical Awards 2011: judge Guy Watson

The Guardian - Observer Ethical Awards 2011

7 February 2011more >>

Forestry shows us what is wrong with UK politics

The Guardian - The majority of people want to see forests protected but instead of action, they get rhetoric, spin and broken promises.

5 February 2011more >>

After the birds vanish, plants are next to go

New Scientist - The first evidence is in to confirm that plunging bird populations could lead to the slow decline of plant species.

4 February 2011more >>

Making life, but not as we know it

New Scientist - Can you create life from scratch using different chemical building blocks to ours? An ambitious new experiment aims to find out, says Katharine Sanderson.

1 February 2011more >>

The Livewell diet: it's cheap, it's nutritious and it could help save the planet

The Guardian - Can you save the planet over lunch? Can the amount of chicken in your curry or milk in your coffee make a difference? Researchers now claim it can: in fact, they say, if we all switched to eating what they would like to see on our plates, we could cut Britain's greenhouse gas emissions by a quarter and be a lot healthier too.

30 January 2011more >>

BP to cut production amid impact of Deepwater Horizon spill

The Guardian - Bob Dudley, BP's chief executive, will scrap the company's production targets when he lays out his vision this week for a smaller, more exploration-focused company after last April's Gulf of Mexico disaster.

30 January 2011more >>

Can I ditch my computer and be green?

The Guardian - There is a disheartening moment when your computer makes weird noises and enforces Moore's law %u2013 which decrees that the computing power bought for a certain amount of money doubles every 18 months %u2013 by signalling its own obsolescence.

30 January 2011more >>

Vegetarian secret weapons

Ecoki - In the last few years, there has become a trend to label some types of food as %u201Csuperfoods%u201D.

29 January 2011more >>

Efficiency could cut world energy use over 70 per cent

New Scientist - Clean coal? Solar power? No need, according to a new study: massive energy savings can be realised simply by using less.

27 January 2011more >>

Bank of China Branch Cuts Paper 95%

Environmental Leader - Bank of China's London operations have reduced paper consumption by 95 percent with help from IBM, the companies have announced.

27 January 2011more >>

Does Your Green Company Buy Green?

Environmental Leader - It may seem like a silly question but after working with some of the oldest and greenest companies in the country, as well as some of the smallest and newest, I have noticed some great discrepancies between what a green company says or in many cases what they sell and what they do or buy.

27 January 2011more >>

What is the greenhouse effect?

The Guardian - One of the main factors determining the temperature of a planet, whereby gases in the atmosphere trap heat. See all questions and answers. Read about the project

27 January 2011more >>

Who owns which ethical brand?

The Guardian - A survey published tomorrow shows consumers are largely ignorant of the companies behind ethical brands. Test your knowledge with our quiz. Which parent company is linked to which brand?

26 January 2011more >>

Can you put a price on nature?

The Guardian - The idea of conservation credits is now being pushed hard by government. Can it work?

26 January 2011more >>

Making Smart cars smarter - video

The Guardian - Scientists at Newcastle University are working on a Smart car battery that will allow the electric cars to travel the same distance as petrol and diesel cars without re-charging

26 January 2011more >>

Green Patriot Posters

The Guardian - Green Patriot Posters is a new book of posters on the theme of sustainability by some of the world's most prominent graphic designers and artists.

25 January 2011more >>

Going green on Valentine's Day

Ecoki - It's right around the bend. That quintessential love-filled day. You know the one, Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, all those useless red, pink and white cards can do a little damage to the environment, too. Luckily, our friends at Rainforest Alliance have put together a Green Guide to Valentine's Day.

23 January 2011more >>

Chinese megacities foster unlikely green citizens

New Scientist - A survey shows that, in China, the urban elite is most likely to get environmental gold stars.

19 January 2011more >>

We can feed 9 billion people in 2050

New Scientist - Future humans need not starve in order to preserve the environment, according to a major report on sustainability.

12 January 2011more >>

CES 2011: Ford charges into electric car market with app-enabled car

The Guardian - When the range a car can drive might be limited by how charged its battery is, you need some smart technology to help you out - and that's what Ford is showing off.

10 January 2011more >>

Lessons on environment as important as the three Rs, says Attenborough

The Guardian - Veteran presenter says nature classes should be on a par with maths and English for children 'estranged' from the natural world Classes on the environment are just as important as lessons in maths and English for today's children, veteran natural history presenter Sir David Attenborough has told the Guardian.

10 January 2011more >>

Your coffee and the environment

Ecoki - Your delicious, smooth morning coffee. Can't imagine waking up without it, right? Well, do you know the impact that your coffee makes to the environment? And what about the workers producing those beans? Enter: SealYourCup.org, a website launched by our friends at the Rainforest Alliance.

9 January 2011more >>

Which is the bigger eco-villain: plastic or paper?

The Guardian - Plastic is held up as a symbol of the environmental damage of disposable culture. But does it deserve its bad reputation?

8 January 2011more >>

Financial problems could wipe out commercial whaling

Environmental News Network - Commercial whaling by many nations continues despite an international ban and widescale condemnation. What may end the practice, argues Peter Nolan-Smith, is that the financial incentives are starting to dry up.

8 January 2011more >>

How to judge the 'greenest government ever'

The Guardian - How should we assess David Cameron's ambitious green pledge? Is it all about climate change, energy security and jobs? What about forests, national parks and badgers?

5 January 2011more >>

La Nina and monsoonal winds flood northern Australia

New Scientist - A strong La Nina and an active monsoonal trough are responsible for the devastating floods in Queensland.

4 January 2011more >>

WikiLeaks: US targets EU over GM crops

The Guardian - US embassy cable recommends drawing up list of countries for 'retaliation' over opposition to genetic modification. The US embassy in Paris advised Washington to start a military-style trade war against any European Union country which opposed genetically modified (GM) crops, newly released WikiLeaks cables show.

4 January 2011more >>

Can Italy carry off its plastic bag ban?

The Guardian - Environmentalists may welcome the government's decision, but many Italians say they're unprepared for such a 'cultural change' The plastic bags ban in Italy has provoked a mixed reaction, but Stefania Prestigiacomo, the environment minister, has said there is no going back on the government's decision: "Sustainability is made of little changes to our lifestyle that don't cost us anything and can save the planet."

4 January 2011more >>

Most Read Environmental Management and Sustainable Business Stories of 2010

Environmental Leader - With 2010 in the books, it's a good time to look back at the environmental and sustainability management stories that struck a cord with our executive readership.

3 January 2011more >>

20 predictions for the next 25 years

The Guardian - From the web to wildlife, the economy to nanotechnology, politics to sport, the Observer's team of experts prophesy how the world will change for good or bad in the next quarter of a century.

2 January 2011more >>

2010: The year in environment

The Guardian - The BP oil spill, climate science under the spotlight, soaring global temperatures and UN climate talks - the stories of 2010 in pictures

1 January 2011more >>

Christmas trees could make a great green fuel

New Scientist - An air-free roasting process readies trees and other biomass to replace coal as fuel for power plants.

28 December 2010more >>

Smoked jellyfish: The roast of Christmas future

New Scientist - Tomorrow's festive fare will be very different from today's, says gastronaut Stefan Gates, but there'll be no shortage of tasty treats on offer.

25 December 2010more >>

2011 preview: Charge of the electric car

New Scientist - At long last, major car companies will offer electric cars as part of their regular product line.

23 December 2010more >>

Fox News chief enforced climate change scepticism - leaked email

The Guardian - Email obtained by Media Matters reveals reporters were under orders to cast doubt on any mention of climate change

16 December 2010more >>

Report: Calculations put millions at risk

The Guardian - Emissions cuts of 16% by 2030 needed to have at least 70% chance of avoiding climate catastrophe, says Friends of the Earth Governments are gambling recklessly with human lives by wilfully underestimating the depth of the emission cuts they must makein the next 40 years, a new study has found.

16 December 2010more >>

Tidal Power

Environmental News Network - Tidal power, also called tidal energy, is a form of hydropower that converts the energy of tides into electricity or other useful forms of power. The first large-scale tidal power plant (the Rance Tidal Power Station) started operation in 1966. Harnessing the power of ocean tides has long been imagined, but countries are only now putting it into practice.

15 December 2010more >>

Salty solar plant stores sun's heat

New Scientist - The plentiful sunshine of southern Spain is being harvested to generate electricity day and night

15 December 2010more >>

2010: probably the hottest year ever recorded

The Guardian - Temperature records tumbled in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Burma and Pakistan, causing heatwaves and devastated harvests. 2010 was the year of the heatwave, with record temperatures set in 17 countries. Two leading groups of scientists say it was the warmest since records began in 1850; another suggests it was the second-warmest.

15 December 2010more >>

How to Save Money in 11 Easy Ways

Ecoki - It's always the little things that help move us in the right direction. Perhaps we lower the thermostat a couple degrees and see our energy bill drop. Maybe we cut out out mindless snacking and our pants fit a little better.

14 December 2010more >>

Shaking off the Dominance of Energy Giants

The Guardian - Any move to a sustainable future is unlikely while it is not in the interests of the energy companies to deliver more efficiently After more than 25 years working on energy issues, I have recently come to an extraordinary personal realisation: there is very little need to have heating bills at all.

13 December 2010more >>

A muted cheer for the Cancun agreement | Observer editorial

The Guardian - Too many issues were left unresolved for the talks to be deemed an unqualified success. But progress was undoubtedly made.

12 December 2010more >>

Can I buy a Christmas tree and be green?

The Guardian - Christmas trees come at a high human price, so branch out into the fairtrade option and have yourself a guilt-free Christmas.

12 December 2010more >>

The Deal - Reaction LIVE

The Guardian - Negotiators have reached a deal at the UN climate talks in Cancun. Read the full reaction here.

11 December 2010more >>

What exactly is the climate?

The Guardian - The first and most fundamental question in the Guardian's Ultimate climate change FAQ's.

10 December 2010more >>

Report an error in the ultimate cliamte change FAQ

The Guardian - We are working with various partners to ensure that The ultimate climate change FAQ is as accurate as possible. But if you are an expert in one of the topics discussed and would like to report an error or make a suggestion then please do get in touch using the form below. If you'd like to suggest a question that you would like to see the FAQ answer, please use the separate form on this page.

10 December 2010more >>

Green Diet

Environmental News Network - More than 7 out of 10 said it was good for restaurants to protect the environment. The only problem is that very few restaurants market themselves as green or environmentally friendly, said Jay Kandampully, co-author of the study and professor of consumer sciences at Ohio State University.

10 December 2010more >>

Cancun Climate Change Talks: Richard Branson Calls for Global Carbon Taxes

The Guardian - Global industry should be able to remove 17bn tons of emissions by 2020, Virgin chief tells Cancun climate change summit. If governments fail to reach agreement on tackling climate change, global industry should be able to remove 17bn tons of projected CO2e emissions by 2020 and stabilise the climate, Virgin chief Richard Branson has said at the UN climate talks in Cancun. But he tempered his optimism that the world's entrepreneurs could slash emissions better than states by saying that governments had to set the framework for business to go green.

7 December 2010more >>

The Melt: Himalayan glaciers disappear

The Guardian - Video: Glacial melt in the Himalayas will affect over 2 billion people unless we act now to cut emissions, say the Asia Society, who made this film.

7 December 2010more >>

Your Questions Answered

The Guardian - The world's most respected scientific bodies have stated that there is strong evidence that humans are driving the warming.

6 December 2010more >>

The Ultimate Climate Change FAQ: Keep Your Questions Coming

The Guardian - We hope to produce the definitive and most accessible guide to climate change, covering science, politics and economics.

6 December 2010more >>

New Google Earth Technology Allows Tracking of Environmental Changes

Environmental News Network - Google has unveiled an online technology that allows scientists and researchers to track and measure changes to the environment using 25 years worth of satellite data. Google Earth Engine, introduced during climate talks in Cancun, utilizes "trillions of scientific measurements" collected by NASA's LANDSAT satellite, the company said. Google is already working on applications for tracking deforestation and mapping land use trends, including the creation of the most comprehensive scale map of Mexico's forest and water resources ever made.

6 December 2010more >>

Exorcising the Ghosts of Copenhagen

The Guardian - UN offers assurances that rich countries will not attempt to force agreements with developing nations at the talks

6 December 2010more >>

Great Green Gift Guide (Part I)

Ecoki - Giving gifts is one of the greatest part of the holidays; who can deny how great it is to see someone you love opening up a carefully chosen gift just for them?Lucky for us, the Rainforest Alliance let us know about their top gifts for everyone on your list!

4 December 2010more >>

Reflective Crops Could Cool the Planet

Environmental News Network - Planting more reflective versions of crops could cool regional temperatures in summertime, reducing the impact of increasing global temperatures in these areas, according to ongoing research. Increasing the reflectivity of crop plants by 20 percent could decrease temperatures in a given area by about one degree Celsius (1.8 degrees Fahrenheit), said Joy Singarayer of the University of Bristol, United Kingdom.

4 December 2010more >>

Use the profit motive to fight climate change

The Guardian - The British prime minister argues that there are huge gains to be made from a green economy.

28 November 2010more >>

Climate talks: what you need to know

New Scientist - The talks that are meant to fix the world's climate resume on Monday in Cancun, Mexico. New Scientist explains what's at stake and the likely outcome.

28 November 2010more >>

Polar Bears get a Thanksgiving present this year

Environmental News Network - More than 187,000 square miles (approximately 120 million acres) along the north coast of Alaska were designated today as "critical habitat" for the polar bear as a result of a partial settlement in an ongoing lawsuit brought by the Center for Biological Diversity, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Greenpeace against the Department of the Interior. This designation under the Endangered Species Act is intended to safeguard those coastal lands and waters under U.S. jurisdiction that are vital to the polar bears%u2019 survival and recovery.

26 November 2010more >>

Most wanted list of climate change culprits rewritten

New Scientist - Is China or the US the number one cause of global warming? It all depends how you look at the numbers, says a new analysis.

26 November 2010more >>

Glowing trees could light up city streets

New Scientist - A new genetic toolkit should make it easy to give bacteria and even plants the ability to glow %u2013 they'll make great street lights

26 November 2010more >>

Environmental Mission Statements: Winning Ways

Environmental Leader - An environmental mission statement is the foundation of a company%u2019s sustainability efforts. It provides the organization and its stakeholders with an understanding of why protecting the natural world is important to the business. It also establishes environmental goals and describes how the company will look when their sustainability objectives are achieved.

25 November 2010more >>

Marks and Spence Makes Progress on 2015 Eco Goals

Environmental Leader - UK retailer Marks and Spencer says it's on track to become the world's most sustainable major retailer by 2015, reports Energy Efficiency News. The retailer expects to meet half of its 180 sustainability targets by April, well ahead of schedule, according to the company's latest progress report.

24 November 2010more >>

China bucks recession trend to keep emissions high

New Scientist - The global financial crisis caused carbon emissions to drop in 2009, but not by as much as expected as China and India kept growing

23 November 2010more >>

Row erupts over number of big fish in the sea

New Scientist - Fisheries scientists are at odds over whether fishing fleets are depleting the oceans of large species.

18 November 2010more >>

HP Pledges to Use 100M lbs of Recycled Plastic by 2011

Environmental Leader - HP has produced more than 1 billion ink cartridges manufactured with recycled plastic, according to the company's latest environmental update on reducing waste, materials reuse and recycling. HP also has pledged to use a total of 100 million pounds of recycled plastic in printing products by 2011 (cumulatively, since 2007).

17 November 2010more >>

Plan Sustainability Communications, Not Green Marketing, for 2011

Environmental Leader - I hear from lots of companies that they don't do much to promote their sustainability initiatives, citing either fear of being accused of greenwashing or the fact that they are doing it for the right reason, not for the publicity.

17 November 2010more >>

Troposphere is warming too, decades of data show

Environmental News Network - Not only is Earth's surface warming, but the troposphere -- the lowest level of the atmosphere, where weather occurs -- is heating up too, U.S. and British meteorologists reported on Monday.

16 November 2010more >>

The year climate science was redefined | Mike Hulme

The Guardian - The 12 months since the leaking of emails written by climate change scientists have seen major shifts in environmental debate.

16 November 2010more >>

EPA is Seeking New Standards for Home Efficiency Retrofits

Environmental News Network - In seeking to establish new standards for home improvements that would increase energy efficiency, the EPA is asking for comments from the public. They have released a draft protocol which contains a series of best practice tools that would protect indoor air quality during a home energy retrofit. The goal is to devise a set of standards that would ultimately ensure health standards of building occupants during and after such a renovation.

16 November 2010more >>

Xerox Employees' Green Ideas Save Company $10.2 Million

Environmental News Network - One way to dismiss sustainability and any smidgen of corporate social responsibility is to shout the antiquated argument that we only have a choice between the economy and the environment. Xerox has shown that is not the case. Last year the company announced it was working on carbon neutrality; to that end, in the push to make the company more "green," Xerox encouraged its employees to share ideas on how the organization could become more efficient. Green can be lean, and the environment can lend itself to economy, to tweak the word a tad.

16 November 2010more >>

Green machine: Markets hint at 100-year energy gap

New Scientist - A study of share prices suggests investors don't expect alternative-energy technology to take off until 2140, a century after we run out of oil.

12 November 2010more >>

Country vs city: Green spaces are better for you

New Scientist - Country-dwellers miss out on the bustle and bright lights %u2013 but getting back to nature is good for everything from diabetes to depression.

9 November 2010more >>

City vs country: The concrete jungle is greener

New Scientist - They may not have so many trees to hug, but city slickers lead more environmentally friendly lives than their country cousins.

8 November 2010more >>

Natural, homemade Christmas ornaments

Ecoki - The eco-friendliest Christmas ornaments and decorations are usually made within your own home and the experts on creating holiday Christmas ornaments are about ages 4-10.

2 November 2010more >>

Space tourism could have big impact on climate

New Scientist - Soot from suborbital spaceships could melt ice at the poles, suggest the first detailed simulations of the climatic effects of space tourism.

26 October 2010more >>

Halloween Costumes for Greenies [PHOTOS]

Planetsave - Halloween is coming up,  and if you haven't decided on a costume yet, it's probably a good time to start thinking about one.

26 October 2010more >>

Industrial farming puts ecosystems at risk of collapse, warns Prince Charles

The Guardian - Farming methods must be low-impact, organic and low-carbon to protect natural resources for the long term Prince Charles has warned that the world's ecosystems face collapse because of a dangerous over-reliance on industrial farming systems that work against nature rather than with it.

26 October 2010more >>

Global food crisis: prices reach record high

The Guardian - Soaring cost of staple foods such as meat, sugar, rice and wheat could cause instability in many countries

26 October 2010more >>

Costa Rica recognised for biodiversity protection

The Guardian - Central American nation wins 2010 Future Policy award for pioneering legal protection of natural wealth. Costa Rica was today named as the winner of the 2010 Future Policy award at a global summit on biodiversity in Nagoya, Japan. The Central American country aims to be the first developing nation to meet UN biodiversity commitments. The prize, issued by the World Future Council, was given in recognition of the country's 1998 biodiversity law, which was held up as a model for other nations to follow.

26 October 2010more >>

BP 'not quitting America', despite Gulf oil spill, Bob Dudley tells CBI

The Guardian - BP is rebuilding US trust after Deepwater Horizon oil spill, its chief executive tells the Confederation of British Industry. Bob Dudley, chief executive of BP, said emphatically today that the oil firm "will not be quitting America" in the wake of the devastating explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rig that caused an environmental crisis in the Gulf of Mexico and left 11 workers dead.

26 October 2010more >>

Compostable tray heralds new era for chocolate boxes

The Guardian - Marks & Spencer launches packaging for chocolate range that can break down on the compost heap. It is perhaps the ultimate guilt-free invention for die-hard chocoholics looking to destroy the evidence of their crime. After the chocolates have been devoured, the empty tray %u2013 scourge of recyclers %u2013 can not only be put on the compost heap, but will also disappear completely if placed under a running tap.

25 October 2010more >>

Air Pollution Control by Trees

Environmental News Network - Trees and other vegetation must use what is in their environment. So it is not surprising to find that they absorb pollutants (natural or man made) which may be absorbed successfully or may cause the vegetation to die.

23 October 2010more >>

Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010 winners

Telegraph.co.uk - Winning images from this year's Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

21 October 2010more >>

Climate change battle moves to courtrooms

New Scientist - The little guys are suing energy giants for the effects of climate change %u2013 could they succeed in changing US legislation where Congress has failed?

21 October 2010more >>

Green machine: Trees may spell trouble for wind power

New Scientist - Burgeoning forests not only keep CO2 levels in check, they also cut wind speeds , with unfortunate effects for energy generation.

21 October 2010more >>

Asia tops climate change's 'most vulnerable' list

New Scientist - Ten of the 16 countries most vulnerable to climate change are in Asia; to escape the worst, move to Scandinavia, Ireland or Iceland.

21 October 2010more >>

Green machine: Where do solar cells go when they die?

New Scientist - The first generation of solar panels is about to expire and their disposal risks tarnishing the industry's green credentials.

13 October 2010more >>

How much would you pay for planet Earth?

New Scientist - Putting a cash value on nature may give officials heading to a biodiversity summit the jolt they need.

13 October 2010more >>

Veganism and the Planet

Ecoki - Believe it or not, I don%u2019t have long, unbrushed hair. I don&#8217;t don Birkenstocks through summer, sleet and snow.  I prefer hotels to camping, am not keen on picketing outside of fast food joints, and do not particularly enjoy having a pet. I do, however, eat a plant-based foods diet.

8 October 2010more >>

Nuclear Power and GM food is Needed to Prevent Global Warming says Stewart Brand

The Guardian - 'Techno-hippy' and lifelong green Stewart Brand says a shift to nuclear power and GM food is needed to prevent global warming.

3 October 2010more >>

Can I Buy Bread and be Green?

The Guardian - Don't buy industrially processed bread %u2013 take matters into your own hands%u2026

3 October 2010more >>

Mice, Men and Exercise

Environmental News Network - To exercise or not to exercise, that is the question. Perhaps it is not a question. Working on mice in the lab, researchers have found that activity level can be enhanced with "selective breeding" - the process of breeding plants and animals for particular genetic traits. Their experiments showed that mice that were bred to be good runners produced good running offspring, indicating that the offspring had inherited the trait for that activity which may be called exercise.

1 October 2010more >>

A New Earth?

Environmental News Network - Astronomers have found a new, potentially habitable Earth-sized planet. It is one of two new planets discovered around the star Gliese 581, some 20 light years away from our own. The planet, Gliese 581g, is located in a "habitable zone"%u2014a distance from the star where the planet receives just the right amount of stellar energy to maintain liquid water at or near the planet's surface.

1 October 2010more >>

More than 4 million barrels of oil entered Gulf

New Scientist - First independent study shows US government got their sums right with estimate of 4.1 million barrels of oil.

24 September 2010more >>

Pollution not to blame for rapid ocean cooling, says Phil Jones paper

The Guardian - Scientists studying a rapid cooling of the oceans around four decades ago have found that the traditional explanation for the phenomenon, which involved pollution in the atmosphere, does not stack up.

23 September 2010more >>

Talks may not reach a deal but there are still reasons for optimism | Andy Atkins

The Guardian - There is time to agree a new commitment period of the Kyoto protocol from 2012 if rich countries face their responsibilities. When it comes to tackling climate change, the UN climate talks are the only show in town %u2013 but based only on previous performances, the chance of any future standing ovation is looking pretty dire. The main act %u2013 Copenhagen %u2013 fell flat on its face; sideshows such as the Major Economies Forum and G20 conferences are pulling in more punters and the behemoth of climate change is already running amok %u2013 with rich and poor arguing on the sidelines over who should be more responsible for taming it.

23 September 2010more >>

Are the climate change deniers with no evidence just naturally gullible? | George Monbiot

The Guardian - I've often been struck by the way in which people who subscribe to one set of baseless beliefs are susceptible to others, in fields that are not obviously related. The internet is awash with sites that explain how the US government destroyed the twin towers %u2013 and how alien landings have been covered up by the authorities. Many of those who insist that Barack Obama is a Muslim also believe that sex education raises the incidence of unwanted pregnancies. A rich collection of unfounded beliefs is a common characteristic of those who deny %u2013 despite the overwhelming scientific evidence %u2013 that man-made global warming is taking place. I've listed a few examples before, but I'll jog your memories.

22 September 2010more >>

Ernst & Young Cuts Americas Carbon Footprint 15%

Environmental Leader - Ernst &; Young has achieved a 15 percent reduction in the overall carbon footprint of its member firms in the Americas from 2008 to 2009 fiscal year. The company also reported a 12 percent reduction in intensity, or carbon footprint per person, for the 41, 487 employees in the Americas.

15 September 2010more >>

5 Reasons Why Green Marketing Is a New World

Environmental Leader - To succeed in making green marketing a reputable undertaking, boldly going where no marketer has gone before is not only a prerogative, but an obligation.

14 September 2010more >>

Turning Teenagers on to the Benefits of Being Green

The Guardian - A new project aims to convince teenagers of the benefits of being environmentally friendly by 2013 by making it cool!

14 September 2010more >>

Who Are Your Green Heroes?

The Guardian - Faced with the mind-numbing bad news about the environment over recent months, a couple of us at the Guardian decided to try to cheer ourselves up by finding examples of the right kind of environmental change. We set out to find 50 green pioneers, people who are making a practical difference but whose work is not yet widely known.

10 September 2010more >>

Cane Toads Aren't Quite the Bad Guys We Thought

New Scientist - It's invaded Australia, but the cane toad has not triggered the ecological catastrophe that some predicted.

10 September 2010more >>

BP's Deepwater Horizon report doesn't really spill the beans

The Guardian - Even if BP's finding of 'multiple causes' of the Gulf of Mexico disaster is accepted, it is still unclear whether the company will be found grossly negligent.

9 September 2010more >>

Deepwater Horizon's final moments

The Guardian - BP report highlights failures leading to biggest offshore oil spill in history.

9 September 2010more >>

Refurbished Rivers Bring Salmon and Trout Flooding Back

The Guardian - Numbers of fish hit record highs thanks to improved habitats and action to clean polluted waterways.

9 September 2010more >>

Global Insurers Want a Role in UN Climate Negotiations

Environmental Leader - Four associations on climate change initiatives, which represent more than 100 insurance companies, are urging world leaders and governments to use insurance-linked products and risk management mechanisms to help developing countries deal with the impact of climate change, reports Reuters.

9 September 2010more >>

PepsiCo Water Report: Water Efficiency Improves 15 %

Environmental Leader - PepsiCo has achieved a more than 15 percent improvement in water use efficiency as compared to the company's 2006 baseline, according to the company's inaugural water report .

9 September 2010more >>

How e-Invoicing Can Save a Small Forest

Environmental Leader - At many companies, accounts payable (AP) departments are responsible for processing invoices and interacting with suppliers, ranging from small %u201Cmom and pop%u201D businesses to large multinational organizations. For some global organizations, their invoice totals can easily top thousands of sheets of paper each week.

8 September 2010more >>

How to Save the Reefs

Environmental News Network - The world should safeguard coral reefs with networks of small no-fishing zones to confront threats such as climate change, and shift from favoring single, big protected areas, a U.N. study showed.

8 September 2010more >>

Life as a Climate-Mum isn't Straightforward but it is Interesting | Gail Whiteman

The Guardian - I'm torn. Between work and family, between trying to make a difference in the world and at the same time do the dishes.

8 September 2010more >>

BP spreads blame for explosion

The Guardian - BP releases its report into the oil spill which followed the Deepwater Horizon explosion in the Gulf of Mexico.

8 September 2010more >>

Bees Stung by 'Climate Change-Linked' Early Pollination

The Guardian - Climate change may be causing flowers to open before bees emerge from hibernation leading to declines in pollination, new research suggests.

8 September 2010more >>

Forest Carbon Stores May be Massively Overestimated

New Scientist - We may have to dramatically revise our estimates of how much carbon rainforests contain %u2013 apparently similar forests hold vastly different amounts.

7 September 2010more >>

Conservation and Compassion: First Do No Harm.

New Scientist - In putting conservation into practice, we often cause great suffering to animals. Marc Bekoff argues that we need a new ethical perspective.

1 September 2010more >>

Australian Capital Territory to pass tough carbon cutting laws

The Guardian - ACT's climate change and greenhouse gas reduction bill aims to cut carbon emissions by 40% by 2020 from 1990 levels.

26 August 2010more >>

Letters: Apple turns off the green pathway

The Guardian - Apple's decision to opt out of the UK's green ranking scheme for mobile phones (Apple bars iPhones from green ranking scheme, 25 August) illustrates neatly the challenges facing businesses and government in finding workable, universally agreed methods to reduce the "product shadows" of a huge range of consumer goods.

26 August 2010more >>

GM Salmon May Go on Sale in US After Public Consultation

The Guardian - Food and Drug administration begins 60-day process to approve animal critics call a 'frankenfish' Artificial meat? Food for thought by 2050.

26 August 2010more >>

Could a Superbee from Swindon Save the World?

The Guardian - A honeybee bred in the town could kill the mite that has wiped out billions of bees around the world.

26 August 2010more >>

BP frozen out of Arctic oil drilling race

The Guardian - British energy giant BP forced to abandon hopes of Greenland exploration owing to tarnished reputation from Gulf oil spill.

26 August 2010more >>

Time to Blame Climate Change for Extreme Weather?

New Scientist - Climate researchers are starting to put figures on how much climate change is to blame for weather events, opening the door to claims for compensation.

26 August 2010more >>

Are Genetically Modified Foods an Eco-Friendly Choice?

Ecoki - Is it possible to go green and eat genetically modified foods? Does eco-friendly cuisine correspond with cross-contaminated organisms? Let's get the facts straight.

26 August 2010more >>

Pee is for Power: Your Electrifying Excretions

New Scientist - Why let your waste go to waste when it could be powering your mobile phone %u2013 or even your car?

24 August 2010more >>

Non Chemical Cleaning Aids That are Normally Found in the Kitchen

Ecoki - Everyday ingredients can do double duty in cleaning your home. By utilizing foods found in the pantry, you not only help out the environment, but also your health and your wallet.

24 August 2010more >>

There will be no nuclear renaissance

The Guardian - Nuclear energy is not on the rise %u2013 the hard facts point to a continuing, slow phase-out around the world. Repeatedly in recent years there have been calls for a revival of nuclear power. Yet that renaissance never seems to come.

17 August 2010more >>

We Can Cut Emissions While Conserving our Landscapes and Ecosystems | Dustin Benton

The Guardian - Fighting climate change is not only about energy %u2013 it's about how we want our landscapes to look, work and be worked.

16 August 2010more >>

Pakistan Flood Aid Pledged, Country by Country - Visualised Data

The Guardian - Pakistan will need millions in aid following the floods. Find out which countries have donated what so far - and where the funding gaps are.

16 August 2010more >>

The New Breeds of Cars

Environmental News Network - Decades ago the only type of car was the internal combustion (gasoline)type. Other varieties have arrived such as Hybrid and electric. With the new choices are other decisions such as which one reduces most the carbon footprint (or is the most green)and which one is the most cost effective. No more is "the miles per gallon" a standard that can be applied across the board as a specification.

14 August 2010more >>

Meat-Free Monday Are You In?

Ecoki - Paul McCartney has recently launched Meat Free Monday, an environmental campaign to raise awareness of the impact of meat production and consumption has on climate change.

3 August 2010more >>

Another false dawn? BP faces delay in shutting off new well cap

The Guardian - BP has suffered yet another setback in its efforts to stem the flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, announcing it has been forced to postpone planned tests on turning off valves on a new tighter-fitting cap over the leak. The gradual shut-off was seen as the first real chance to stop the leak since the start of the environmental disaster almost three months ago.

14 July 2010more >>

Six Ways to Drive a Little Greener

Ecoki - Driving green doesn't mean investing in a smaller, fuel-efficient car or opting for a hybrid. You can easily start driving green with what you already have. Here are six tips to help you get started:

11 July 2010more >>

Eco warrior's Pacific journey shows how 'dumb plastic' is killing our seas

The Guardian - "After 100 days at sea," David de Rothschild suggests, "you realise that it should be called planet Ocean rather than planet Earth." De Rothschild is speaking from the island of New Caledonia "an odd little bit of France in the South Seas" the night before his boat, the Plastiki, embarks on the final leg of a voyage that should finish in Sydney harbour in a fortnight.

11 July 2010more >>

Redd not working? United Nations warned that corruption is undermining grants to stop logging

The Guardian - Human rights and environment groups yesterday called for a radical rethink of the United Nations scheme, known as Redd (Reduced emissions from deforestation and degradation), after it emerged that many countries were trying to cheat the system.

4 July 2010more >>

Major Dilemma: Can I fill up the tank and be green?

The Guardian - Now that we've all seen the pelicans smothered in crude oil courtesy of BP's deepwater drilling project in the Gulf of Mexico - a visceral depiction of the reality of humankind's addiction to hydrocarbons - the forecourt becomes a moral maze. "Ethical petrol" is an oxymoron of some magnitude. From the small-scale: Esso's pet tiger Tessa apparently died in a bare concrete enclosure in a shopping mall to the large-scale, including ExxonMobil's funding of climate-change denial and Total's links to the Burmese regime, there's plenty of fuel for criticism. If you are interested in more than profits, there are a few ways to rate oil and gas companies by something other than profit.

4 July 2010more >>

Time-Lapse Video of BP Oil Spill, Courtesy of NASA [VIDEO]

Planetsave - NASA recently released a time-lapse video of the BP oil spill using excellent satellite images.

3 July 2010more >>

Why do they earn so much when "they didn't know"? Flat British excuses from Hayward and Sullivan

The Guardian - It's been a humbling fortnight for top British businessmen on Capitol Hill. First BP's Tony Hayward wriggled his way through a seven-hour examination on the Gulf oil spill. Then another tarnished export, the former AIG boss Martin Sullivan, delivered a cringe-inducing performance under fire over the insurance company's implosion. Both men offered essentially the same message - critical decisions were taken at levels far below their watch. They didn't know, and couldn't have been expected to know, the details of everything that was happening in their global organisations. And when pressed on specifics, their memories proved to be faulty.

1 July 2010more >>

And the bad news keeps on coming: Biologists find 'dead zones' around BP oil spill in Gulf

The Guardian - Methane at 100,000 times normal levels have been creating oxygen-depleted areas devoid of life near BP's Deepwater Horizon spill, according to two independent scientists.

1 July 2010more >>

Mandatory viewing for all BP executives: BP oil spill: live video stream

The Guardian - Watch a live video stream of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, courtesy of PBS Newshour.

30 June 2010more >>

Moving Forestry to the Forefront of the Carbon Market

Environmental Leader - An estimated 16% of the total global GHG emissions are directly attributed to the destruction of tropical forests.

29 June 2010more >>

Almost unbelievable: Oil firms challenge U.S. deepwater drilling ban

Environmental News Network - Oil services companies were waiting on Tuesday to see if their legal bid would succeed in overturning a six-month ban on deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico as more fishing areas were closed in response to the worst oil spill in U.S. history.

22 June 2010more >>

Don't cry for investors burned by BP

The Guardian - As ethical shareholders steered clear, other fund managers kept endorsing the oil firm's ecologically disastrous risk-taking.

22 June 2010more >>

When is this barbaric act going to stop? Norwegian boat uses exploding harpoons to hunt whales

The Guardian - Footage from the World Society of Protection of Animals showing a minke whale suffer harpoon wounds for potentially two hours before dying

15 June 2010more >>

Is the oil spill like 9/11? | Poll

The Guardian - Barack Obama has compared the impact the oil spill will have on environment and energy policy to the way the terror attacks of September 11 have influenced US foreign policy. Is it a fair comparison?

15 June 2010more >>

Impact of B2B Green Marketing in an Increasingly Environmentally Conscious World

Environmental Leader - One could make the point that marketing is often about answering the question: %u201CWhy would someone buy your product?%u201D In B2B (business-to-business) product marketing, that question is most often answered based on one or more of the following three variables: Cheaper, Faster, Better.

15 June 2010more >>

EPA Plans to Ban Insecticide Endosulfan Based on New Data

Environmental Leader - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) plans to ban the use of the insecticide endosulfan, which is used on vegetables, fruits, and cotton as well as on ornamental shrubs, trees, and herbaceous plants. The federal agency says the chemical can pose neurological and reproductive risks to farmworkers and wildlife and can persist in the environment.

11 June 2010more >>

Peak Oil: Politicians have 'heads in the sand'?

The Guardian - Britain's former chief scientist has attacked politicians and industry experts who have their "heads in the sand" over dwindling oil supplies. Sir David King said governments, including the UK's, were too eager to believe the optimistic predictions of economists who tell them that "oil will be squeezed out of the ground pretty much forever".

10 June 2010more >>

Top 9 Eco-friendly Book Picks

Ecoki - Eco-friendly book titles are now readily available. Here are our top 9 picks.

9 June 2010more >>

Monckton's climate denial is a gift

The Guardian - The longer this goes on, the better it will be for all those who take science seriously. Lord Monckton is digging his hole ever deeper, and dragging down into it everyone stupid enough to follow him. Those of us who do battle with climate change deniers can't inflict one tenth as much damage to their cause that Monckton wreaks every time he opens his mouth.

9 June 2010more >>

10 Crazy Statements about the BP Oil Spill from CEO Tony Hayward, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and Don Young

Planetsave - Unfortunately, the BP oil spill in the Gulf isn't helping everybody to learn from their mistakes (or the mistakes of those who they support). Tony Hayward, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and Representative Don Young have a host of ridiculously sad statements so far.

8 June 2010more >>

The oil firms' profits ignore the real costs

The Guardian - Has BP ever made a profit? The question looks daft. The oil company posted profits of $26bn last year. There's no doubt that BP has been pumping money into the pockets of its shareholders. The question is whether this money is what the company says it is. BP calls it profit. I call it the provision the firm should be making against future liabilities. Despite an angry letter from two US senators and a warning from Barack Obama about spending big money on their shareholders while nickel-and-diming coastal people, despite the fact that it has no idea what its total liabilities in the Gulf of Mexico will be, BP seems to be planning to pay a dividend this year. It's likely to amount to more than $10bn. As the two senators noted, by moving money "off the company's books and into investors' pockets", BP "will make it much more difficult to repay the US government and American communities".

8 June 2010more >>

Downloads Cut Software Industry's Global Carbon Footprint by 80%

Environmental Leader - Software downloads can cut the software industry's global carbon footprint by 80 percent.

8 June 2010more >>

Fears grow over oil spill's long-term effects on food chain

The Guardian - As oil continues gushing from the ocean floor into the Gulf of Mexico, with no sign of stopping until a new well is finished this August, scientists, environmentalists and local residents are beginning to reckon with the reality of a massive annihilation of sea creatures and wildlife.

2 June 2010more >>

Who do you believe? BP clashes with scientists over deep sea oil pollution

The Guardian - BP has challenged widespread scientific claims that vast plumes of oil are spreading underwater from its blown-out rig in the Gulf of Mexico. The denial comes as the oil giant prepares for a new operation to put an end to the worst oil spill in US history %u2013 which could see the leak get worse before it gets better. The company's challenge to several scientific studies is likely to put it further at odds with an increasingly angry Obama administration, which has accused it of playing down the size of the leak in an effort to limit possible fines.

1 June 2010more >>

The answer: BP hit by avalanche of compensation claims over US oil spill

The Guardian - Business owners claim company ignored evidence of broken seal on Deepwater Horizon well While work continues to try to staunch the flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, an avalanche of class action lawsuits is descending upon BP in courthouses from Texas to Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida.

1 June 2010more >>

Gulf Coast warned oil may leak until August

Environmental News Network - U.S. government and BP officials are warning that the blown-out oil well causing an environmental disaster on the Gulf Coast may not be stopped until August as the company begins preparations on a new attempt to capture the leaking crude.

31 May 2010more >>

Big Business Getting Serious: 6,000 U.S. Companies Support Climate Legislation

CleanTechnica - They employ about 3.5 million workers and produced about $3.5 trillion in revenue last year, they include 21 Fortune 100 companies, and all 6,000 of them support energy and climate legislation.  We are talking about the number of U.S. businesses that have joined coalitions and initiatives in support of federal legislation to improve energy efficiency and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

27 May 2010more >>

Biofuels learn to eat less

New Scientist - Production of bioethanol has attracted global controversy because it uses important food crops. That could be about to change.

27 May 2010more >>

Three Stages of Sustainability Leadership

Environmental Leader - There are three stages to implementing sustainability initiatives in an organization, each requiring different organizational capabilities and leadership skills.

26 May 2010more >>

More Wind Farms Mean Cheaper Energy

CleanTechnica - Just as we Americans are finally really and truly internalizing the real cost of sticking with fossil fuels, due to the Gulf sea floor gusher, a timely NREL study finds wind power makes electricity that's not just cleaner, but it's also much cheaper.

26 May 2010more >>

Obama urged to save marine life from oil

The Guardian - The Obama adminstration came under growing pressure today to save the bluefin tuna and other rare species from becoming extinct, as concern grew about the long-term environmental consequences of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

25 May 2010more >>

India to Launch Renewable Energy Certificates Program to Stimulate Clean Energy Growth

CleanTechnica - New regulations announced by the Indian government reward the renewable energy producers not only for the generating power but also for preventing emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

24 May 2010more >>

Greenland Rising as Ice Continues to Melt

Planetsave - If the current speed with which Greenland is rising continues, the figure could be as much as two inches per year by 2025 and see Greenland become the world%u2019s largest contributor to sea level rise.

19 May 2010more >>

Atlantic coast now under threat as current spreads Gulf oil slick

The Guardian - There was mounting evidence last night that the scale of the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has grown beyond all the initial worst-case scenarios, as thousands of gallons of oil continued to gush from the sea floor.

19 May 2010more >>

Nestle Quits Sinar Mas after Greenpeace Campaign

Environmental Leader - Nestle announced it will cease buying palm oil from suppliers linked to deforestation after a two month campaign by Greenpeace. The campaign highlighted Nestle%u2019s relationship with the Sinar Mas Group, an Indonesian chemical and lumber products conglomerate which Greenpeace has accused of illegal deforestation practices.

19 May 2010more >>

How to Make 25% of the World's Electricity from Solar Energy by 2050

CleanTechnica - The International Energy Agency (IEA) presented two new solar energy analyses in Valencia, Spain this week, a Solar Photovoltaic Energy Technology Roadmap and a Concentrating Solar Power Technology Roadmap. The key finding from these is that 20-25% of global electricity production could be from solar energy by 2050.

14 May 2010more >>

There's no right and wrong to tackling climate change

The Guardian - Mike Hulme says we need to stop looking for climate change scapegoats and start engaging in honest discussion.

14 May 2010more >>

No Surprise here: It is worse than BP admits: Bleeding Gulf Appears Unquenchable in Leaked Video

CleanTechnica - An amateur video made by a private citizen who had himself flown over the scene, shows clear evidence that the gushing volcano of oil from the sea floor is much, much worse than BP admits. He describes, and you can see, that the booms from the many tiny boats in this vast wrecked sea are "like teacups" in the ocean.

13 May 2010more >>

What a weird world they live in: "We had a contingency plan for Louisiana spill, and it's working"

The Guardian - BP insisted last night that its contingency plan had worked, despite coming under fire in Congress for minimising the risks of offshore drilling and trying to shirk blame for the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. With an estimated 4m gallons of oil polluting the gulf from the ruptured well, Lamar McKay, the chief executive of BP America, said the company had adequately anticipated the potential scale of any spill and that its clean-up operation had gone according to plan.

12 May 2010more >>

Lighter and more efficient: Flexible solar power is on its way

New Scientist - Stick-on solar cells about to flop off the production line could revolutionise the business of generating electricity from sunlight.

13 April 2010more >>

Save Thousands By Switching Printer Fonts

Environmental Leader - Large companies might save tens of thousands of dollars a year by switching to a less ink-intensive font such as Century Gothic, instead of the more common Arial.

7 April 2010more >>

Sustainability is good for the bottom line: Environmental Initiatives Save RSC Nearly $26M in 2009

Environmental Leader - RSC Equipment Rental saved approximately $25.8 million in 2009 by implementing several environmental initiatives ranging from an equipment refurbishment program to a tire pressure equalization system, according to the company's first CSR report.

3 April 2010more >>

U.S. Consumers Still Willing to Pay More for Green Products

Environmental Leader - More than one-third (35%) of U.S. consumers say they would pay more for environmentally-friendly products, according to a survey on green; living from market research firm Mintel.

30 March 2010more >>

It is that easy! Ford Saves $1.2M by Shutting Down PCs

Environmental Leader - Ford Motor Company's new PC Power Management program is expected to save the automaker $1.2 million and reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 16,000 to 25,000 metric tons annually.

24 March 2010more >>

World Water Day Roundup: Coke, Pepsi, Nestle, Nalco, EPA & More

Environmental Leader - Global corporations, as well as the EPA, have timed major water-related initiatives with World Water Day, March 22. Here is a look at some of the announcements.

23 March 2010more >>

Top 10 Benefits of Commercial LED Lighting

Environmental Leader - This short promotional video from Catalyst Commercial, a UK lighting firm, highlights 10 benefits for a business that switches to commercial-scale LED lighting.

22 March 2010more >>

Simple Steps To Reducing U.S. Emissions by a Billion Tons

Environmental Leader - In an effort to get households and businesses to reduce their environmental impact, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Garrison Institute have instituted an education campaign called Simple Steps.

17 March 2010more >>

Litter: our legacy to future generations

The Guardian - Our grandchildren will know us by our discarded cans of Coca-Cola and packets of Walkers crisps. An organisation called "Litter Heroes" (surely the most unglamorous club in Britain?) has done something rather useful. They have traced where the crud that morons in cars chuck out of their windows originally comes from. No surprise to discover that the worst-offending brand is Coca-Cola (4.9% of all litter), followed by Walkers Crisps (4.1%) and McDonald's (3.6%).

25 February 2010more >>

Greenpeace Criticizes Facebook for Data Center Not Using Renewable Energy

Environmental Leader - Greenpeace is leading a campaign to get Facebook to change its strategy to power its planned data center in Prineville, Oregon, with renewable energy instead of coal by rallying support from Facebook users. Facebook plans to build its highly energy-efficient data center on a cloud computing platform that is expected to lower energy consumption.

23 February 2010more >>

World's Biggest Companies Cause $2.2 Trillion in Environmental Damage

Environmental Leader - The estimated cost of environmental damage by 3,000 of the world's biggest companies is about $2.2 trillion in 2008, according to a report to be released this summer, reports The Guardian.

23 February 2010more >>

Global warming: Undeniable evidence

The Guardian - The unwillingness of scientists at the University of East Anglia to release climate data to people who choose not to believe in climate change was a mistake. Science advances through openness, through the ability of others to replicate the same findings or demonstrate error in discovery and interpretation. The hacked email exchanges were an embarrassment, and the refusal to disclose data was a bad call, but neither episode casts much doubt upon the science of global warming. The evidence for climate change driven by man-made discharges of greenhouse gases is now decades old, has been independently confirmed by researchers all over the world, and is - as the energy secretary, Ed Miliband, said yesterday - overwhelming.

1 February 2010more >>

Obama Orders Government To Slash GHG Emissions 28%

Environmental Leader - President Obama has ordered the government, the largest consumer of energy in the U.S., to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions 28 percent by 2020.

30 January 2010more >>

Ford, Coke Among 60 Firms Testing Greenhouse Gas Protocol Standards

Environmental Leader - Sixty corporations are now measuring the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of their products and supply chains by testing a new global framework that is part of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative.

22 January 2010more >>

US cult of greed is now a global environmental threat

The Guardian - The average American consumes more than his or her weight in products each day, fuelling a global culture of excess that is emerging as the biggest threat to the planet, according to a report published today. In its annual report, Worldwatch Institute says the cult of consumption and greed could wipe out any gains from government action on climate change or a shift to a clean energy economy.

13 January 2010more >>

Low-carbon future: We can afford to go green

New Scientist - An exclusive study for New Scientist shows that westerners can radically cut carbon emissions and keep their lifestyles.

3 December 2009more >>

Climategate: Environmentalists versus climate-change deniers

Environmental Leader - There are two sides to every story as evidenced by the various opinions across the Web about the recent release of hacked emails and documents from the top climate research organization in the UK.

1 December 2009more >>

China sets first carbon emissions targets

The Guardian - China plans to slow emissions growth by up to 45%. PM Wen Jiabao to attend Copenhagen climate talks. The Chinese prime minister, Wen Jiabao, will attend the Copenhagen climate talks next month, the government said today, as it unveiled firm targets for curbing the world's biggest carbon footprint for the first time.

26 November 2009more >>

World's last bastion of stable ice now thawing

New Scientist - The East Antarctica ice sheet, which was thought to be stable, is losing billions of tonnes of ice a year.

25 November 2009more >>

Govts. to blame for catastrophes? Katrina court win paves way for billion-dollar payouts

New Scientist - A judge has ruled that the US federal government was to blame for much of the flooding caused by hurricane Katrina in 2005.

24 November 2009more >>

Climate change sceptics and lobbyists put world at risk, says UK top adviser

The Guardian - Climate change sceptics and fossil fuel companies that have lobbied against action on greenhouse gas emissions have squandered the world's chance to avoid dangerous global warming, a key adviser to the government has said. Professor Bob Watson, chief scientist at the department for environment and rural affairs, said a decade of inaction on climate change meant it was now virtually impossible to limit global temperature rise to 2C. He said the delay meant the world would now do well to stabilise warming between 3C and 4C.

23 November 2009more >>

Some good news at last? Scientists hope to turn coal into clean energy

The Guardian - Millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide could be prevented from entering the atmosphere following the discovery of a way to turn coal, grass or municipal waste more efficiently into clean fuels.

15 November 2009more >>

Is it possible to avoid unsustainable palm oil?

The Guardian - Palm oil is decimating the world's forests, yet producers are shirking their responsibility to move to sustainable sources.

15 November 2009more >>

Green Building Sector to Contribute $554B to GDP from 2009-13

Environmental Leader - While the green building industry added $173 billion to the U.S. gross domestic product from 2000-08, that's just the beginning. From 2009 to 2013, that amount will more than triple to $554 billion, according to a new report from the U.S. Green Building Council and Booz Allen Hamilton.

12 November 2009more >>

You should never leave it to the politicians...Copenhagen to be a talk-fest!

The Guardian - A global treaty to fight climate change will be postponed by at least six months and possibly a year or more, senior negotiators and politicians conceded today. In a day of gloomy statements, the world's key industrialised nations said they had abandoned hope of a legally binding treaty at the Copenhagen summit next month and had begun to plan only for a meeting of world leaders.

6 November 2009more >>

Climate change could cause more problems than two world wars Brown warns

Telegraph.co.uk - Climate change could cause an economic crisis that would be worse than the Great Depression and the two World Wars combined says Gordon Brown the Prime Minister.

20 October 2009more >>

World has less than five years to stop uncontrollable climate change - WWF

Telegraph.co.uk - The world has less than five years to get carbon emissions under control or runaway climate change will become inevitable the World Wildlife Fund WWF has warned.

19 October 2009more >>

Soros Throws $1B into Cleantech

Environmental Leader - Influential investor George Soros is a big believer in the future of clean tech and energy efficiency; so much so that he has decided to invest $1 billion into the sectors. He also is creating a new organization to influence policy makers on the environment.

12 October 2009more >>

Norway 1st Rich Nation to Commit to 40% Reductions

CleanTechnica - Norway committed to cut their greenhouse gas emissions 40% by 2020 this week. This is the most ambitious goal of any rich nation to date. Norway's prime minister Jens Stoltenberg (just re-elected) is meeting the requests of many developing nations and environmental NGOs with this commitment.

10 October 2009more >>

Surprising New Survey Says 92% of Americans Want Solar Power

CleanTechnica - A new survey shows that 92% of Americans think developing and using solar power is important. The results cross political boundaries and favour solar over all other energy sources.

10 October 2009more >>

Well done Apple! Withdrawal from U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Environmental Leader - Becoming the first major consumer brand to make a big statement against the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's position on climate change, Apple has decided to leave the organization. In contrast to PMN and Exelon, the utilities that in recent weeks announced their intention not to renew their chamber memberships, Apple is making its exit with immediate effect.

6 October 2009more >>

No rainforest, no monsoon: get ready for a warmer world

New Scientist - The world could become 4 degrees Celsius warmer in our lifetime bringing hunger, deforestation, drought and floods.

1 October 2009more >>

$3 Billion For Energy Efficiency in California

CleanTechnica - The CPUC has just approved the largest energy efficiency program in U.S. history, authorizing $3.1 billion in consumer rebates and efficiency programs over the next three years, bringing the state closer to implementing AB32, according to Lara Ettenson, director of California Energy Efficiency Policy at the NRDC.

28 September 2009more >>

Antarctica, Greenland endure runaway melt

Ecoki - A new study has found runaway melt at many coastal glaciers, including ones along the coastlines of Antarctica and Greenland.

28 September 2009more >>

Better world: Consume sceptically

New Scientist - Does your money end up in the pockets of farmers, or factory owners who use slave labour?

22 September 2009more >>

US and Europe clash over Copenhagen deal

The Guardian - Exclusive: Key differences between the US and Europe could undermine a new worldwide treaty on global warming to replace Kyoto.

16 September 2009more >>

An unenviable record: Australia is New World Leader in Global Warming Emissions

CleanTechnica - Australia has passed the US as the new world leader in CO2 emissions per capita. That is not the only climate change problem in Australia, though.

15 September 2009more >>

Pot plants could purify office air

Telegraph.co.uk - Pot plants could eliminate dangerous indoor air pollution caused by photocopiers printers and air conditioning units research claims.

10 September 2009more >>

'Contraception cheapest way to combat climate change'

Telegraph.co.uk - Here's a slightly controversial one: Contraception is almost five times cheaper as a means of preventing climate change than conventional green technologies according to research by the London School of Economics.

9 September 2009more >>

Climate change: melting ice will trigger wave of natural disasters

The Guardian - Scientists at a London conference next week will warn of earthquakes, avalanches and volcanic eruptions as the atmosphere heats up and geology is altered. Even Britain could face being struck by tsunamis. Scientists are to outline dramatic evidence that global warming threatens the planet in a new and unexpected way %u2013 by triggering earthquakes, tsunamis, avalanches and volcanic eruptions.

6 September 2009more >>

Consumers Backlash Against Ban on Incandescent Light Bulbs

Environmental News Network - A monumental ban on incandescent bulbs went into effect today throughout the European Union, marking a significant milestone in policy regarding consumer habits as a way to combat our collective impact on climate change. What is notable, however, isn't the potentially huge environmental impact this ban will have, but the large amount of resistance it is receiving.

3 September 2009more >>

Major Firms Going Half-speed on CO2 Reduction

Environmental Leader - The world's largest companies' carbon-cutting targets are too modest to avoid dangerous climate change, according to a report from the Carbon Disclosure Project.

25 August 2009more >>

Greenpeace Exposes Oil Industry's Really Dirty Face

Planetsave - We can't expect much from the oil industry, but Greenpeace's newest finding is as ugly as it gets.

20 August 2009more >>

UN chief warns of Copenhagen failure

The Guardian - Yvo de Boer says process too slow to reach deal at close of meeting in Bonn aimed at trimming 200-page draft treaty

15 August 2009more >>

Global Emissions Up 2%

Environmental Leader - Despite worldwide efforts to cut CO2 emissions, nations spewed 1.94 percent more CO2 emissions in 2008 than in 2007, according to new analysis by German-based renewable energy industry institute IWR, or the Institute for Renewable Energy.

12 August 2009more >>

Consumerism is 'eating the future'

New Scientist - The main cause of the current environmental crisis is human nature, and advertising isn't helping.

8 August 2009more >>

Video: Aftermath of a Japanese whale hunt

New Scientist - Even Japan says the Baird's beaked whale is rare, but that doesn't stop the nation hunting the cetacean for its meat as newly released footage shows

8 August 2009more >>

Alaska Glaciers Shrinking Fast

Environmental News Network - Three major glaciers in Alaska and Washington state have thinned and shrunk dramatically, clear signs of a warming climate, according to a study released Thursday by the U.S. Geological Survey. The three glaciers -- Gulkana and Wolverine in Alaska and South Cascade in Washington -- are considered benchmarks for those in alpine and maritime climates because they closely parallel other glaciers in their regions. They have also been the subject of close scientific scrutiny since 1957.

8 August 2009more >>

California must prepare for climate change, official report warns

The Guardian - Communities should rethink development, reinforce levees and conserve water, says the California Natural Resources Agency Even if the world is successful in cutting carbon emissions in the future, California needs to start preparing for rising sea levels, hotter weather and other effects of climate change, a new state report recommends. It encourages local communities to rethink future development in low-lying coastal areas, reinforce levees that protect flood-prone areas and conserve already strapped water supplies in the most populous US state.

3 August 2009more >>

3.3 billion litres of water lost from pipes daily

Telegraph.co.uk - A "mind boggling" 3.3 billion litres of water is being lost every day from pipes across Britain new figures reveal.

1 August 2009more >>

Human activity is driving Earth's 'sixth great extinction'

The Guardian - Population growth, pollution and invasive species are having a disastrous effect on species in the southern hemisphere, a major review by conservationists warns Earth is experiencing its "sixth great extinction event" with disease and human activity taking a devastating toll on vulnerable species, according to a major review by conservationists. Much of the southern hemisphere is suffering particularly badly, and Australia, New Zealand and neighbouring Pacific islands may become the extinction hot spots of the world, the report warns.

29 July 2009more >>

Greenpeace Says Big Brands Destroying Rainforest

Environmental Leader - A three-year investigation by Greenpeace into Brazil's cattle industry shows that the expansion of the cattle sector is driving the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest and threatens to undermine Brazil's pledge to cut deforestation by 72 percent by 2018.

24 June 2009more >>

53% of Consumers Would Buck Up for Solar

Environmental Leader - Electricity consumers think that solar energy should play a greater role in the US's electricity mix, and by and large they are prepared to pay more for it. Indeed, just 41 percent of those surveyed said they would not pay more for solar energy from their utility provider.

23 June 2009more >>

Who is the Greenest PC Maker in the World?

Environmental Leader - Analysts say going green has become a business plan for some of the biggest personal computer (PC) makers as a way to differentiate themselves from their competition, reports Reuters. The 'green' talk is going over the top as computer makers spar with one another over who has the most 'green' platform.

23 June 2009more >>

Earth's coastlines after sea-level rise, 4000 AD

New Scientist - Even if we could freeze-frame the atmosphere as it is today, sea levels would still rise by 25 metres, says the latest study into the effects of climate change on melting ice sheets

22 June 2009more >>

Nissan to make electric cars in U.S.

Environmental News Network - Nissan Motor Co plans to launch production of electric vehicles and their batteries in the United States to tap low-interest loans for green vehicles, the Nikkei business daily said. The overall investment is estimated at 50 billion yen ($516.4 million) and may rise to 100 billion yen, it said.

20 June 2009more >>

Explore how climate change might affect the US

New Scientist - The US government has released a detailed report on how climate change could affect the nation - interactive map available.

20 June 2009more >>

Why Japan's whaling activities are not research

New Scientist - Japan has long claimed that it catches whales to further science, but this is nonsense, say Nichola Raihani and Tim Clutton-Brock

18 June 2009more >>

Carbon Management Drives Need for New Business Solution

Environmental Leader - A new information systems category, Carbon Management Solutions (CMS), is rapidly emerging as businesses try to understand their carbon footprint and the importance of carbon as an asset or liability, according to a new report by AltaTerra Research, Palo Alto, Calif.

18 June 2009more >>

Methanol challenges hydrogen to be fuel of the future

New Scientist - Despite intense research, the hydrogen economy remains an elusive dream, but a greener way to manufacture methanol is a reminder there are other options

3 June 2009more >>

The Most Destructive Project on Earth: Chevron Escapes Tar Oil Accountability

Planetsave - San Ramon, CA - Much will be said at the Chevron Corporation's shareholder conference this week; the agenda is full. However, there will be little said about Chevron's involvement in controversial projects concerning tar sand. Despite the requests of shareholders owning $31.4 billion dollars, Chevron will remain quiet, keeping the Alberta tar sand projects off the agenda.

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CO2 levels may cause underwater catastrophe

Telegraph.co.uk - Changes to the ocean caused by carbon dioxide emissions could lead to an "underwater catastrophe" damaging wildlife food production and livelihoods scientists are warning.

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Alcohol makes autos more climate-friendly

New Scientist - A slug of the hard stuff can make gasoline engines as fuel efficient as a petrol-electric hybrid, says Ford

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Companies Boost Recycling Efforts Despite Slow Economy

Environmental Leader - Organisations are increasingly putting more effort into their recycling programs for all types of materials such as aluminium cans, fluorescent lamps, wood waste and scrap metal. Along with saving the environment, some companies are also turning a profit.

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Chrysler, Ford Seek Green Advances in Vehicles

Environmental Leader - Chrysler, which has operated from bankruptcy since April 30, is seeking another lifeline from the [US] government, as it submits a $448 million plan to accelerate development of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids by 2010. The plan calls for $83 million toward construction of a new technology and manufacturing center in Michigan.

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Growing biofuel without razing the rainforest

New Scientist - You can't cultivate biofuel crops without cutting down trees, right? Not so, says Marcos Buckeridge, who tells Jan Rocha how Brazil can supply the world with green ethanol

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Epic cycle ride to search for solutions to climate change throughout the Americas

Telegraph.co.uk - Environmentalists are to cycle the length of the Americas from Alaska to Argentina in search of solutions to global warming.

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Global warming of 7C 'could kill billions this century'

Telegraph.co.uk - Global temperatures could rise by more than 7C this century killing billions of people and leaving the world on the brink of total collapse according to new research.

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Australia to Build World's Largest Solar Power Station

Environmental Leader - Australia plans to build the world's largest solar power station with an output of 1000 megawatts, said Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, at a press conference at the Liddell Power Station, reports Reuters. The A$1.4 billion ($1.05 billion) investment in solar energy is part of Australia's wider A$4.65 billion clean energy initiative by the government.

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Land clearances turned up the heat on Australian climate

New Scientist - Thanks to deforestation by European settlers, Australia's droughts are more extreme than they would be otherwise, models suggest

16 May 2009more >>

Climate change diagnosed as biggest global health threat

New Scientist - Doctors warn that global warming will worsen virtually every health problem we know of over the coming century

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Cost of solar energy will match fossil fuels by 2013

The Guardian - Solar energy will fall in price to match the cost of conventional fossil fuel electricity far sooner than previously expected, the UK's largest solar company has claimed in a new report.

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Toxic Dolphins Found in Miami

Planetsave - Scientists found unusually high levels of flame retardant in dolphin blubber. The closer the dolphins lived to downtown Miami, the more of the chemical was concentrated in them. The flame retardant can cause sterility in dolphins. Brominated flame retardants are applied to furniture, clothes and electronics to prevent them from burning. They also help slow the ignition of items that are in a burning room.

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China Outpaces U.S. in Cleaner Coal-Fired Plants

Environmental News Network - China's frenetic construction of coal-fired power plants has raised worries around the world about the effect on climate change. China now uses more coal than the United States, Europe and Japan combined, making it the world's largest emitter of gases that are warming the planet.

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Brazil's other big forest in dire straits

New Scientist - Often obscured by the glare of publicity that surrounds the Amazon rainforest, the Atlantic forest is a biodiversity hotspot - and it's in very bad shape

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Obama's Final Budget Calls for 100% Auction of Carbon Permits

Environmental Leader - President Obama's final $3.6 trillion budget blueprint, released May 7, retains the controversial provision that all permits for carbon emissions will be auctioned. Many in Congress are pushing for at least half of the permits to be given away.

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E-Waste to Peak in 2015

Environmental Leader - The e-waste crisis will worsen over the next several years until 2015, when volume will peak at 73 million metric tons, according to a new report from Pike Research. However, the firm forecasts that global volumes will decline in 2016 and beyond, as a number of key e-waste initiatives begin to turn the tide.

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Electric City Bus Exceeds 21 MPG Equivalent

Environmental Leader - For a vehicle weighing more than 36,000 pounds (with passengers), a new electric city bus delivered an impressive equivalent of more than 21 miles per gallon. The FCBE 35 Proterra electric bus, currently going through tests in Altoona, Penn., delivers 400 percent better performance than comparable conventional and hybrid bus options, reports AutoBlogGreen.

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Australia delays carbon trading scheme

The Guardian - Australia's government has postponed taxing polluting industries by a year until 2011 because of the economic slowdown and concerns it would hurt business, the prime minister said today.

6 May 2009more >>

Australia's carbon emissions trading scheme falls victim to recession

Telegraph.co.uk - Australia will delay a planned carbon emissions trading scheme by one year bowing to pressure from the opposition and major polluters to put off the project while the country fights to recover from the global recession.

4 May 2009more >>

Humanity's carbon budget set at one trillion tonnes

New Scientist - To avoid dangerous climate change, we must burn no more than 25% of remaining fossil fuel reserves, two comprehensive new studies show

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How to turn greenhouse gas into a clean fuel

New Scientist - A new process converts carbon dioxide into methanol, without the need for extreme temperatures and pressures

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Swine flu: Is intensive farming to blame?

The Guardian - Finger pointing towards intensive farming is spreading like the H1N1 virus itself; it's time for an urgent inquiry to find out the facts.

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Oceans becoming acidic 'at fastest rate for 65 million years'

Telegraph.co.uk - The oceans are becoming more acidic at a faster rate than for 65 million years as a result of climate change a report warns.

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Arctic CO2 levels growing at an 'unprecedented rate'

The Guardian - Figures from a measuring station in northern Norway show that CO2 levels are increasing by 2-3 parts per million every year. The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has reached a record high, according to the latest figures released by an internationally regarded measuring station in the Arctic.

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25% of North American Firms Say No to Offsets Thru 2012

Environmental Leader - A new survey indicates that more and more companies are purchasing carbon offsets. The trend is bigger in Europe than North America and elsewhere in the world, according to the Forest Carbon Offsetting Survey 2009. The survey, by EcoSecurities, sampled 120 global, multinational and regional organisations, along with 21 carbon companies, according to a press release.

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The truth about climate change

The Guardian - Vested interests have tried to spread misinformation about global warming, but scientific evidence shows urgent action is needed. Many people ask how sure we are about the science of climate change. The most definitive examination of the scientific evidence is to be found in the work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and its last major report published in 2007.

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USDA launches first survey for organic farmers

Ecoki - The USDA is set to launch it's first-ever survey of organic farming across the United States to explore organic farming and its relationship with U.S. agriculture. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced on Thursday that it's a direct response to the increasing interest in organics - from consumers to farmers, as well as businesses.

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Drowning in plastic: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is twice the size of France

Telegraph.co.uk - There are now 46000 pieces of plastic per square kilometre of the world's oceans killing a million seabirds and 100000 marine mammals each year. Worse still there seems to be nothing we can do to clean it up. So how do we turn the tide?

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Younger Generation Passes on 'Green' to Save Cash

Environmental Leader - Though conventional wisdom suggests that the Millennial generation (ages 13-29) is leading the charge to make Earth a better place, a survey from Generate Insight finds that despite being the most environmentally educated, younger members of this generation are not taking action on what they know because they are often confused about green products.

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Microsoft Cutting CSR PR Budget

Environmental Leader - Microsoft is cutting its European PR budget for corporate social responsibility activities, instead applying funds to promoting products like Windows 7, Office and Xbox, reports PRWeek. PRWeek reports that similar cuts are in the works in Asia and that they are "imminent" in the United States.

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Climate change could speed up as pollution decreases

Telegraph.co.uk - Global warming could speed up as the world becomes cleaner scientists have warned after new research found plants absorb more greenhouse gases when the air is polluted.

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Why Antarctic ice is growing despite global warming

Environmental News Network - It's the southern ozone hole whatdunit. That's why Antarctic sea ice is growing while at the other pole, Arctic ice is shrinking at record rates. It seems CFCs and other ozone-depleting chemicals have given the South Pole respite from global warming.

22 April 2009more >>

EPA to Begin Energy Star Ratings for Data Centers

Environmental Leader - The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is developing an energy performance rating system for data centers, tentatively planned for early 2010, according to a ComputerWorld article written by Michael Zatz, manager of Energy Star commercial buildings at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. With the rating system, data center operators will be able to assess the energy use

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Prince Charles to publish attack on big business in eco book and documentary

The Guardian - The Prince of Wales is to make a scathing attack on big business' environmental impact with the launch of a new book and documentary film. The book, called Harmony, is due to be published in 2010 by HarperCollins and the prince is reportedly waiving his author's fee, although royalties will go to his charitable foundation, The Prince's Trust.

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Green and mean: The downside of clean energy

New Scientist - How do you choose between a wilderness and a power station? The tough choices associated with large-scale renewable energy projects are dividing the green movement

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UK set to miss climate change targets

Telegraph.co.uk - The UK is set to miss climate change targets despite a reduction in greenhouse emissions caused by the recession analysts have warned.

21 April 2009more >>

White House and Congress dither over climate

New Scientist - A bill to restrict carbon emissions in the US will be debated in a few days, but there may not be the political will to push it through.

20 April 2009more >>

Prince calls for emergency forest funds

The Guardian - Prince Charles today urged world leaders to support an "emergency package" to save rainforests by diverting billions of pounds every year to tropical nations such as Brazil and Indonesia.

2 April 2009more >>

Rainforests may pump winds worldwide

New Scientist - Without forests to pump moisture around the planet, would the continents turn to desert? A new theory suggests they might

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French energy company executive charged with spying on Greenpeace

The Guardian - A senior executive of the French state energy giant EDF, which now owns the main UK nuclear power operator British Energy, has been charged on suspicion of spying on the environmental group Greenpeace.

2 April 2009more >>

Green Technology Investments Plummet

Environmental Leader - Private-sector investments in green or sustainable technologies declined 48 percent for the first quarter of 2009, according to a new report from the Cleantech Group and Deloitte.

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