Waikato Chamber of Commerce Demonstrates Practical Actions to Become More Sustainable

May 31, 2011

A strong commitment to environmental sustainability has earned Waikato Chamber of Commerce Silver status with the EcoBizCheck program.

"Enrolling your staff in practices that reduce the impact on the environment is not only good for the environment but gives your staff a sense of care and commitment. Working through an audit like the Chamber has done with EcoBizCheck, can provide a sense of pride for you and your team.", said CEO Wayne Walford.

"With an amazing team effort, that included our landlords, we used the EcoBizCheck's process to enable us to demonstrate practical and effective measurements. The more businesses we can encourage to use a practical measuring tool to understand how they can reduce waste and cost, the more sustainable our commercial sector will be, and the better off our environment and people will be," said Mr Walford.

"There are a variety of tools for this type of environmental measurement, we used EcoBizCheck because it works for us,"he said.

Click here to view the Chambers report.

By Carolyn Wall, EcoBizCheck


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